Meme: Chris Colfer Is a Dog, Stop Trashing Macklemore and James Franco’s Sausage Party

Wikipedia preserved Stephen Fry, James Franco’s Sausage Party, coming out of the closet like a boss

RobodogChris Colfer has signed on to voice Robodog, a well, robot dog in a new animated feature, also starring Ron Perlman. “The family adventure revolves around a bright, energetic but over-zealous robotic dog and his grumpy old “real” dog friend who is set in his ways and has little patience for anything new.” How many hours are in one of Chris Colfer’s days?

Is anyone surprised that James Franco has signed on to a movie called Sausage Party? Anyone?

What is the name of your soul mate? It turns out I’m looking for a guy named Isaac. Does anyone know him?

MacklemoreI’m basically sick of all the hate I’m seeing online for Macklemore, saying he’s hijacked the gay rights movement for his own gain. And Dan Savage feels the same way. “Damned if they do, damned if they don’t—we’ve heard this song before. The queers complaining about Macklemore & Ryan Lewis now remind me of the queers who used to bitch and bitch and bitch about how big beer companies didn’t advertise in queer publications or sponsor pride parades. (‘Queer people drink a lot of beer! They want us to support them and buy their beer but they don’t want to support us and our community!’) But when big beer companies began advertising in queer publications and sponsoring pride parades… the exact same queers who had been complaining about how big beer companies weren’t advertising in queer publications or sponsoring pride parades immediately started bitching about how the beer companies were trying to profit off our sexuality. (‘The pride parade is not for sale! We are a community, not a commodity!’) Blah blah bitchy blah. [SNIP] Attacking people who are on our side and having a huge impact isn’t going to get us to equality any faster. And if sane queers say nothing when our ‘imperfect allies’ are swarmed by ingrates and idiots—and no one is perfect, ally or otherwise—then we’re pretty quickly going to run out of allies.”

People are wondering if Joss Whedon’s Twitter response to a question about writing female characters is feminist or transphobic. Personally, I don’t think that transgender people even crossed Joss’ mind when he responded, and he’s been a great ally to our community, so when we react, well, see above.Keahu Kahuanui

As you know, I watch what I eat, I work out six days/week, all in hopes of turning my 42-year-old body into something that could be seen on Teen Wolf (yeah, high hopes). Could the Werewolf Diet get me Keahu Kahuanui’s body? Either as my own body, or maybe just make me hot enough to get to cuddle Keahu? I’d be happy with either one.

The Indiana House has passed the anti-equality amendment, sending it to the Senate for a vote. The version that passed was the amended version, which would bump it from the ballot for two years. In my mind, this was a deliberate, face saving move by Republicans, allowing them to feed their base with action while recognizing the sea of change on the issue and keeping them from being on the wrong side of history so late in the game.

Gigi ChaoYou’ve probably been reading about Gigi Chao, whose billionaire Hong Kong father has been offering staggering sums of money for a man to marry his daughter. Of course, Gigi is already in a committed relationship with a woman who makes her very happy. With her father in the news again for upping the payout, she’s written him an incredibly touching yet forceful message about how she’s happier now than any point in her life.

ENDA has picked up a new Republican co-sponsor in the House. Rep. Michael Grimm of New York has become the 201st sponsor of the bill. 218 votes would make it law, if only Speaker Boehner would bring it to a vote, and many Congressmen have signaled that while they won’t sponsor the bill, they would vote for it if it came up.

Wikipedia wonders if in 50 years we’ll remember the voices that are so familiar today (YouTube probably means that we will). So they’ve begun recording and preserving distinct voices on their bio pages. First up is Stephen Fry.Stephen Fry

CBS is denying that any deliberate decision was made not to air the kisses from couples married on the Grammy Awards. “CBS reacted defensively to the suggestion, and said that there had not been a decision to avoid showing same-sex kisses or any others. ‘It was a groundbreaking and inclusive moment on television and for all who were in the room last night. It’s hard to believe that this is BuzzFeed’s takeaway from this event,’ said Phil Gonzales, senior vice president of commuEllie Gouldingnications. When asked separately if a decision was made in the control room at the show to not include the kisses — or if any such decision was made — Gonzales simply said, ‘No there wasn’t.’” Again, see the thing about trashing our imperfect allies above.

Texts from a homophobic parent. Ouch.

Ellie Goulding says that she won’t play in Russia due to their anti-gay laws.

Carson City Clerk Alan Glover, who is a defendant in the Nevada marriage equality case says that he is no longer opposing equality in the state in light of the ruling that heightened scrutiny applies. “Because the court now considers sexual orientation to be a ‘quasi-suspect’ classification warranting more judicial scrutiny, the letter suggests, the clerk is less concerned about the broad reach of any eventual decision: it would be tied to sexual orientation claims and wouldn’t reach polygamy claims.”

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This ad for the lottery in Norway is pretty awesome. I can’t imagine a lottery in the U.S. going to a gay place like this. But I guess if you’re going to come out, do it with style if you have the means.

For a different take on coming out, why not meet Ivan and Thor, and see how one cute pup helped his human come out to his family.

There are a lot of Super Bowl ads hitting the web, and I think that kind of sucks. They’re often the main reason I watch the game, and this is like SPOILERS! for me. But I seldom get to see anything that’s not spoiled, being in the business that I’m in. Here we have Terry Crews and the Muppets (some of my favorite Muppets) for the Toyota Highlander, and it’s pretty fun.

Bill Hader did some memorable characters when he was on Saturday Night Live, and people out on the street sometimes react to him as if he were one of those characters, in this case Stefon, in the most inappropriate ways.

I really expected snicks to run this Delta Safety video with the 80s theme, but he decided to skip it. It’s possible he just fainted with all the references, fashion, and hair. I couldn’t let it pass though, because it’s been far too long since we saw Alf.

Jaguar wants to know why Hollywood always makes the villains in the movies British. Of course with the help of Tom Hiddleston and Sir Ben Kingsley, they kind of make the case for typecasting themselves.

I want a Doberhuahua. As long as Sarah McLachlan doesn’t sing. I just can’t take that.

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