Meme: Clay Aiken Calls Political Opponent “Condescending Old Snatch,” John Cameron Mitchell To Receive Tony, What Jonathan Groff Learned From “Looking”

Marco Rubio calls constitutional right to marriage absurd, #PaintYourNailsForBruce, who is the bully in the marriage equality argument?

Clay AikenClay Aiken joined Howard stern to promote The Runner Up, the docu-series about his failed campaign for Congress. During the interview, he managed to call his opponent, Congresswoman Renee Ellmers a “bitch,” “an “idiot, and a “condescending old snatch.” He said that it’s sometimes difficult for men to run against female opponents without seeming too aggressive. “We talked about that this year during my campaign, because there was concern during the debate that I would come across as condescending which, if you watched the debate, couldn’t be further from the truth. She was a condescending old snatch.” I’m assuming he has no further political aspirations.

Wansky is the name of a street artist going around Manchester drawing chalk dicks around potholes in hopes of garnering the attention of the government to come and actually fix them. He’s a modern day hero.

#PaintYourNailsForBruceIn what’s a charming, if odd campaign, men around the world are painting their nails to show support for Bruce Jenner. It seems to have originated with the DJ in Australia, but has gone global with the hashtag #PaintYourNailsForBruce. It seems to be based off a line in his Diane Sawyer interview where he says he hopes for the day when he can “have my nail polish on long enough that it actually chips off.”

Apple destroyed financial projections when they released earnings for the quarter showing revenue of $58 billion, two billion above estimates. The giant is also sitting on a pile of cash amounting to $194 billion, which seems to be growing faster than they can spend it on fancy new headquarters or by returning dividends to shareholders.

If you thought Lifetime’s unauthorized Saved By the Bell movie was bad, wait until you see their new unauthorized Full House movie.

I’m sure gay marriage is to blame for this.

Jonathan Groff is happy that Looking had so much controversy, because at least it got the gay community to discuss the differences in gay men of different ages and backgrounds who wanted to see themselves represented on television. “It also taught me something I didn’t know about the gay community: We’ve reached a point now where the gay communityJonathan Groff is so broad, in its ages, its feelings and its stories. It’s now a teenage boy bringing his boyfriend to the prom, as much as it is a 55-year-old man. Literally, a 55-year-old man came up to me at the stage door three weeks ago to tell me that Looking is saving his life and he’s thinking now about coming out of the closet. There’s such a broad range of experiences, and the gay community is in such an interesting place, where we’re so multifaceted and multidimensional. To me, the response to the show demonstrated that there’s so little gay programming and so many gay stories, so a lot of people wanted it to be their story. Hopefully one thing that’ll come from the show is that more people will feel inspired to share their stories.”

An Israeli football club is under fire for replacing their corner flags with Pride flags for a recent match. A lawyer wants them to be punished for bringing politics into sports. As for the team, they’re sticking to their guns. “We at Hapoel Katamon Jerusalem oppose racism and violence since we were established, we are happy to show that in soccer too there is room for everyone, regardless of their background and without irrelevant questions. All are welcome to celebrate our ascent to the national league this Friday at Teddy (Stadium).”

Who are the bullies in the debate on marriage equality? In an op ed piece for CNN, Tim Holbrook writes, “The suggestion that opposition to same-sex marriage has been silenced due to bullying rings untrue. Instead, the opposition wants to speak without having to encounter a response. That isn’t free speech. Free speech is not speech without consequence or response. Free speech does not provide a platform from which others must only listen.”

John Cameron MitchellThe Northern Irish Assembly has again rejected marriage equality, now for the fourth time. 47 voted in favor of equality, with 49 opposed, but thanks to a “petition of concern” from the DUP, even if it had passed, it would not have become law. Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK without marriage equality.

John Cameron Mitchell has been unable to claim a Tony Award for Hedwig and the Angry Inch due to arcane rulings about the show that made him ineligible. But next year he will receive a special Tony Award for the show for humanitarian and charitable organizations.

I’d like to think I’d be honored and remembered this way when I die. I wonder if I can specify this in my will?

What really saves Sesame Street: The Aveggies: Age of Bon Bon is the fact that even in puppet form, Hawkeye still gets no respect from anyone. That, and the names they gave The Avengers, which are pretty clever. Other than that, it’s basically just an extended joke about Cookie Monster’s appetite.

Senator Marco Rubio says that any reading of the Constitution that gives a right to same sex marriage is absurd. And he might be right. I don’t think there’s a right to same-sex marriage in the Constitution. There’s a right to equal protection that extends to marriage, and that’s all we want. As for him claiming we call opponents haters, I think he’s just catching backsplash from his own hate, like when you piss in the wind. Which is all the opponents of equality are doing at this point.

I’m mostly tired of Pat Robertson, but this one is just too funny. A woman writes in to say that her husband of eleven years has cheated on her with a man from church. He says it was just the one time, and they were drunk. She wants to know if she should forgive him. Getting beyond the “I was so drunk I fell down on his penis and bounced. Repeatedly” excuse, Pat thinks she should keep her eleven year marriage if it’s just the one time. As long as he’s not a habitual homosexual. For that he’d have to do it 66 days, which is a lot of Bible study with the guy from church.

I’d been fascinated for months by the idea of Disney Descendants, where the children of classic villains go off to school with the children of Disney heroines. It was an interesting concept, and had people like Kristen Chenoweth attached to star, so it had hope. Then I saw the trailer. And it just looks awful, like so awful I’m going to try and have snicks livetweet it. I will say that Kristen chews through scenery like Cookie Monster chews through a box of Samoas, but that’s about all I can say.

Yeah, there’s proof that my chance to attend the White Party has passed

Hey! That’s not Sonny OR Will. Is this a love quadrangle now?

Please tell me that we don’t have to wear transparent shirts for summer. I already lived through the 70s

It takes work, true. But I don’t work this hard

Or even this hard

Matt heads out to Seattle and gets shirtless. Spring has finally arrived

I think various gay boys worldwide just fainted, though not all for the same reasons

Is that you, Gaston?

Just a normal bloke at the pub for trivia

Can somebody deflate Matt, please?

Even for awards night, his collar doesn’t fit. Clothes and that boy hate each other

This could actually be a scene from the show. Just get Will up for an award for his story about Paul

The actual gays know how to rock an awards show

The End

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