Meme: David Beckham Didn’t Stuff His Trunks, Richard Simmons Celebrates Tuna, UN Criticizes the Vatican

Bill Nye crushes creationist in debate, Jared Leto invites heckler for a chat, skater Ashley thinks rainbow theme for Sochi is funny

David BeckhamStar says that David Beckham stuffed his crotch for his H&M Underwear ad. Which seems fairly ridiculous, because it wasn’t that impressive of a bulge (Andrew Christian ads have ruined me).  A stylist supposedly told the magazine that “In order to make the bulge look so pronounced in the photos, David’s underwear has to be carefully stuffed and padded to create the illusion.” Of course, David’s rep says “It’s all natural.”

A poll taken at Christian Today says that 92% of people believe that Bill Nye annihilated the Creationism Museum’s Ken Ham in the debate about evolution and science the other night.

As snicks predicted, playwright David Bar Katz is suing the National Enquirer for saying he and Phillip Seymour Hoffman had a gay relationship. This could go badly for the Enquirer because they presented it as an interview, and no such interview took place.

U.S. Olympic Committee sponsors DeVry University and Chobani Greek Yogurt have both come out in opposition to Russia’s anti-gay laws, following suit with AT&T. Now if just one of the global sponsors would realize how bad their PR is getting.

Michael J FoxNBC has pulled the Michael J. Fox Show after fifteen episodes, replacing it and Sean Saves the World with Hollywood Game Night, hosted by Jane Lynch and produced by Sean Hayes, so there’s that. My understanding is that Fox had a guarantee of one season of his show, so it’s likely that NBC will burn off the remaining 22 episodes in the order at some point.

A new report from U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child is sharply critical of the Vatican for their failure to prevent sexual abuse of minors, and their record on GLBT rights. “The committee also urges the Holy See to make full use of its moral authority to condemn all forms of harassment, discrimination or violence against children based on their sexual orientation or the sexual orientation of their parents and to support efforts at international level for the decriminalization of homosexuality.”

Several NFL players sat down to chat with NFL Gameday on racism, sexism, and homophobia in the league. One player in particular, Jonathan Jonathan VilmaVilma, seems overly concerned about the showers. “If he’s the guy next to me, and you know I get naked…taking a shower, the whole nine, and it just so happens he looks at me, how am I supposed to respond?” The same way you respond when a straight teammate checks out your junk in the shower, or how they respond when you do it. Because guys check it out, straight or gay. Everybody.

Figure Skater Ashley Wagner has arrived in Sochi, and has no plans for shutting up her support of the gay community. “It doesn’t really matter where I am, it’s still my opinion. It’s a very colorful venue, though. I think it’s funny.” She’s referring to the Sochi Games rainbow colored logo.

We had talked a bit about Amazon licensing certain intellectual property to allow people to write fan fiction in that universe and sell it via Kindle Worlds. They’ve now added the worlds of Veronica Mars and GI Joe to the properties. I don’t think they realize just how gay the stories boys made Ryan Eichenauerup about GI Joe were. This could be fun.

Minnesota high school student Ryan Eichenauer recently came out as bisexual on Facebook, and found his friends and family immediately supportive of him and his boyfriend. But at school, he found written death threats in two classrooms. Now police investigations are open, and while Ryan says he feels reasonably safe, this isn’t how your senior year is supposed to end.

Skinny Puppy is a band that pops up in my life every few years for reasons I never expect. The band recently found out that their music was being used to torture inmates at Guantanamo Bay. So they did the only logical thing – they invoiced the U.S. government for the public performance of their music.

The Ninth Circuit has delayed implementation of the ban in California of reparative therapy for minors while the Liberty Council appeals their decision to the Supreme Court. I do understand the idea of a stay, but not when doing so will bring harm to children.Jared Leto

Evidently iPhone users have more sex than Android users, but Android users have better sex. Which brings up an interesting question: Would you rather have more sex, or better sex? I mean, even bad sex is still decent.

Jared Leto was heckled by a transgender woman who yelled “You don’t deserve an award! Trans misogyny does not deserve an award! You’re a man! You shouldn’t play a transgendered role!” Leto responded by inviting the woman backstage to discuss it, which was actually pretty classy.

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Because you never know what Richard Simmons is going to do, you just have to wait for the surprise, like the news that he’s now a spokesman for Bumblebee Tuna. And he shows that off in the most spectacular way possible.

The Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion wants you to know that the Olympics have always been a little gay (make it gayer by going back to nude events!). And while diving has proven the gayest sport lately, one must never forget Luge.

In case you missed it, Tuesday Night Bill Nye debated the head of the Creationism Museum on evolution and the age of the earth and other basic facts that, let’s face it, aren’t up for debate. Even Pat Robertson thinks that the age of the earth isn’t up for debate, and when you lose crazy old dude from your cause, you really should hang it up.

This is, in theory, an ad for Scotch. But it’s so much more than that. The whole thing is such an emotional punch in the gut. Stick with it, and if you ugly cry all over your keyboard, well, I’m not responsible.

Lance Bass proves that no matter how badly he scares Michael, no food will ever be dropped. Or shirts worn.

Pussy Riot appeared on The Colbert Report and talked about Russia, Putin, their arrest, and what’s happening now and in the future for GLBT people in Russia. It’s a really funny interview, and I want to give props to the interpreter for managing to keep it fun, even with the craziness of Colbert, and making the interview quite human.

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