Meme: Scout Leaders Reprimanded For Pride March, Rachel Maddow Says Republicans Can’t Hide Anti-Gay Words Any More, Chris Colfer Handcuffed!

President Obama includes gay dads in Father’s Day, Tony Danza is a creepy dad in Don Jon, Pam’s House Blend closing

LokiWell, it’s sad news for Tom Hiddleston fans, because it looks like Joss Whedon has confirmed that Loki won’t be making an appearance in The Avengers 2. “Everyone is going to be looking for the Loki-Hulk smash moment and you’ll be looking for [a quim moment]. First of all, imitating what I did before is the surest way to do it not as well. Second of all, Loki’s not there to say those terrible things. Although I do think we should bring the word back, not as an insult, it’s just a nice word.”

Gay parents today are open and out in the world, and a kid telling his classmates he has two moms isn’t that big of a deal. But gay parents have been raising children throughout history, even back when they just posed as two divorced women sharing expenses because they feared losing their children.

Pam SpauldingIt’s a sad day for the GLBT blogosphere, because Pam Spaulding has announced that Pam’s House Blend is shutting down. “My decision to close the blog is just as reality-based as its content has been. If I cannot produce material at the frequency or with the same level of quality, enthusiasm and effectiveness, it’s really time to close the doors to this coffeehouse — and work to ensure it continues to have a life as an archive, a snapshot in our digital political history. will redirect to archives.” We’ve lost a great voice, and a unique perspective of a southern lesbian of color, and we wish Pam the best with her health struggles.This Is the End

This Is the End is full of homoerotic moments, but somehow never seems to make it about male-male bonding being gross. “Later, after the end of the world has started, Rogen snuggles up in his underwear next to Baruchel for the night to feel safer. When Hill promptly plops between the two old friends, he sparks an extended conversation about how to arrange their bodies for the night. In another movie, this could have devolved into a gay panic scene — I don’t want your giblets near my buns!, and so forth. Instead, it’s about how much Baruchel can’t stand being around Hill, and wants as little contact with him as possible. Rogen and Hill don’t really care where their giblets and buns end up.” Why can’t more films get this stuff right?

In honor of Father’s Day, here are ten great dads who did ordinary, extraordinary things for their gay kids.

Man of SteelMan of Steel easily won the box office with $113.1 million for the three day weekend, unseating Toy Story 3 as the top June release ever, and $125 million since release. This Is the End finished second, raking in $32.8 million since its Wednesday release, and returning the entire budget already.

On paper, South Africa is a beacon of tolerance, protecting the GLBTI population in the constitution, and providing marriage equality. But in practice, homosexuality isn’t well accepted, and rapes of lesbians are common. It’s a contrast between intent and reality that’s hard to grasp.

Boy ScoutsThe scout leaders who marched in the Salt Lake City Pride Parade in uniform have been formally reprimanded after they refused to apologize. The council leaders told the scout masters “We were very disappointed that you used Scouting to advance the gay agenda at the Utah Pride Parade. You and others are welcome to participate in the parade as supportive citizens but not as uniformed members of the BSA.” The scout masters contend they weren’t making a political statement, but attending a cultural event, much like scouts march in parades for veterans or civic events.

If there’s a “gay lobby” inside the Vatican as the Pope was quoted as saying this week, Frank Bruni wants to know why they’re so bad at their job. “You wouldn’t last a minute on K Street; the Karl Roves of the capital would have you for lunch. Despite your Pope Francispresence in, and presumed influence on, the upper reaches of the Roman Catholic hierarchy, church teaching still holds that homosexuality is disordered, and many church leaders still send the preposterously mixed message that while gay and lesbian people shouldn’t be admonished for, or ashamed about, their same-sex attractions, they should nonetheless elect cold showers over warm embraces. Look but don’t touch. Dream but don’t diddle.”

Five year old Jayden Sink set up a lemonade stand outside The Equality House, and across the street from the Westboro Baptist Church, collecting hundreds of dollars for equality. WBC was so unnerved they even called the cops to try and have her removed.

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On Friday, Rachel Maddow did an extended piece on the collision course Republicans are on with gay rights. As many of the party hopefuls make anti-gay comments at the Faith & Freedom conference, the Supreme Court prepares to rule on DOMA and Prop 8, and the views that play well with the social conservative base are out of step with the general public, and likely out of step with the Supreme Court. What will happen when those same Republicans have to face the wider, more accepting audience of the American public instead of the small anti-gay base?

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The latest from Jimmy Kimmel on This Week In Unnecessary Censorship takes on basketball and Sesame Street, and may be one of the best ones he’s done in quite some time.

We’ve shown you Russ, the gay vlogging Marine and his adorable boyfriend and fellow Marine Matt before. But it’s no longer boyfriend Matt, but fiance, after this coming home party.

In his weekly address, President Obama took time to reflect on Father’s Day, and the importance of fathers to their children, and he made sure to include gay dads in the equation.

The latest trailer for Ryan Gosling’s Only God Forgives lets us in on the plot, and a rather disturbing relationship his character seems to have with his mother, played by Kirsten Scott Thomas. Gosling doesn’t really even speak until the end, and when he does, its jarring.

How To Train Your Robot is a student film, but the production quality is excellent, and it’s honestly funny and unexpected. And the lone human is pretty hot when he takes off his shirt.

Just in time for Father’s Day, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has released a new NSFW clip from Don Jon that may leave you feeling strangely about Tony Danza. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to watch Who’s the Boss? again.

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