Meme: The CW’s Superhero Fight Club, Jaden Smith Wears Clothes, Not Girls’ Clothes, Colton Haynes Makes a Lovely Elsa

NOM can’t pay for buses, Pokemon turns kids gay, Madonna schools haters of her Drake kiss

Shonda RhimesShonda Rhimes says that she’s sick of talking about the diversity in her shows. “In Shondaland, our shows look like how the world looks. Everyone can see themselves when they turn on the TV on Thursday nights on ABC. To me that was not some difficult brave special decision I made. It was a human one, because I am a human. It wasn’t something we had to bravely fight for, because ABC is also full of humans. This is not the Jim Crow south. We’re not ignorant, so why wouldn’t we [cast that way]? I still can’t believe I get asked about it all the time, as if being normal, TV looking like the normal world, is an innovation. You’d think people would be embarrassed — I’d think so — embarrassed to ask the question in the 21st Century. Write about that. Write about the people asking the questions, because I’m busy talking about something else, writing about something else.”

The National Organization for Marriage is having a hard time raising funds to bus people to its hate march in Washington D.C. It seems a ton of people want a free trip to our nation’s capital, but nobody wants to open their wallets. $5K at the time I wrote this. A guy once raised $55k to make a bowl of potato salad.

Should I tell my fiancée I’m bisexual and had sex with her dad?

Madonna DrakeRussian courts had a field day yesterday, banning internet porn, and slapping an 18+ warning on Hillary Clinton’s presidential announcement because it had a gay couple in it.

In case you missed it, Madonna joined Drake onstage at Coachella, singing a few songs, and going over and planting a deep kiss on the surprised rapper, who responded with “Oh, sh*t! What the f*ck just happened?” Madge took a lot of criticism for the move, but responded in a typical Madonna way. “If you don’t like me and still watch everything I do. B*tch you’re a fan.”

Texas’ biggest loon, Rep. Louie Gohmert is whining that anti-gay Christians are the only group that it’s politically correct to hate. “You know some people say ‘I believe the Bible and you’re wrong about marriage being a man and a woman.’ Well you can’t really point to – you can believe what you want to – but if you read scripture Old and New Testament it’s pretty clear. And Romans chapter 1 seems pretty clear to me…look where we are today, it is really Christians are the only group in America that it is politically correct to abuse and misuse.” Honestly, Louie, I don’t know where to start. Not all Christians agree with you for starters. And those that do should consider that their starting point is hate, so they really can’t be surprised if they get a little back.

In a move that accomplishes absolutely nothing, House Democrats have introduced a resolution, the most useless of the many useless things that Congress can do, “expressing the sense of Congress that gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people should be protected from discrimination under the law.”

McG will be directing the pilot for Shadowhunters, the television adaptation of Mortal Instruments, and executive producing the series. I’m having trouble remembering if McG has a great Jussie SmollettLGBT track record or not, but he’s occasionally done better with female characters than a lot of his contemporaries.

Jussie Smollett says that he met a young fan that told him his appearance on Ellen helped her to not commit suicide. “This girl came to a signing and she showed me she had cuts on her arm and said, I swear to God, she said she was about to commit suicide and just happened to see me on Ellen and it changed her life. I am a little sucker for emotion… But that stuff right there is crazy to think that you can have such a difference on someone’s life. It touches me in a really, really deep way.” Tell me again how celebrities coming out doesn’t matter.

Same-sex attracted men and their wives (which is evidently a group) have petitioned SCOTUS to rule against marriage equality because it would demean marriages between gay men and their wives. Who is funding these people?

It really bothers me to compliment Jaden Smith, but the boy makes a bold point. He’s been spotted wearing what most would call dresses lately, part of the unisex clothing trend. And he doesn’t have time for your labels. “Went To TopShop To Buy Some Girl Clothes, I Mean ‘Clothes’” That quote sounds oddly familiar.

Senator Marco Rubio has climbed in the clown car of Republican presidential candidates despite having pissed off every major constituency that he needs to win. His basic pitch seems to be “I’m not old.”Pokemon

The Liberty Counsel has lost again in their attempt to overturn a New Jersey law banning reparative therapy for minors.

Chilean President Michelle Bachelet has signed into law civil unions for the South American nation. It’s not marriage, but it’s still better than the United States has managed to do at this point.

The megachurch that is trying to crowdfund a $65 million jet is saying that Pokemon turned a generation of kids gay. Kids “had their sexuality warped by Ash and his fruity friends.” Was there any cartoon out there that didn’t turn kids gay? And don’t say GI Joe, because even with Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, you know what it was like in the barracks.


There’s one rule in Superhero Fight Club: There are no rules. This gives me such a nerd boner.

The ASAP Science guys have recorded an acapella Taylor Swift cover to remind people that science is cool. Because that’s what gay guys do to communicate on the web (besides sending dick pics) – record Taylor Swift covers.

But it was a pretty big day for musical science videos, with Stephen Hawking releasing a cover of “Galaxy Song” from Monty Python. Did I miss a memo?

The Dove video asking women to walk through a door that was either labeled “Average” or “Pretty” has been pretty controversial, despite Dove having good intentions of forcing a conversation on how women perceive themselves. Buzzfeed Arabelle Sicardi put up a critical post on it, which editor-in-chief Ben Smith briefly pulled (Dove is a big advertiser), then apologized for pulling it. Sicardi quit Buzzfeed yesterday in an epic Buzzfeed way, with a tweet and a Rhianna GIF. FunnyOrDie chose to make a statement about it by having men walk through doorways labeled ’Average Dick” or “Big Dick” and the results were as predictable as you’d expect.

Keep being gratuitous, Jake

Late nights are when the werewolves come out

Why does Hugh Jackman’s normal life look like a Vanity Fair shoot?

I’d love to have his frequent flier miles

He’s already been Shrek, so why not Elsa?

Sure, you’re friendly now

I love Pink

But you are one of the handsome ones

Their regular clothes aren’t really that great either

So great that he supports Point Foundation

That body is amazing. It also looks leaner than the previews for the film

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