Meme: President HW Bush Witnesses Same-Sex Wedding, Jane Lynch’s Big Lesbo Crush On Olivia Newton-John, “House of Versace” Looks Crazy

Jonathan Groff engages in dildo photography, comes out for marriage equality, Will burrows deeper into the closet on Nashville

Nathan LaneNathan Lane is set to costar opposite Brendan Gleeson in the HBO pilot Money. The show is about a wealthy mogul who uses his wealth and power to ruthlessly expand his empire. Lane will be playing a newspaper reporter barely hanging onto his job and in need of a scoop.

The Pentagon has responded to states like Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Oklahoma refusing to issue ID cards for same-sex spouses on Guard bases by basically folding and saying that our soldiers will just have to drive to the nearest military base to get their benefits. I really can’t speak to the legal issues involved, but this is not how we’re supposed to treat those who serve.

Entertainment Weekly has a bunch of loose spoilers for the new season of Nashville, and as far as our closeted singer Will, look for him to burrow deeper in the closet. “He is going to try really, really hard — harder than maybe anybody has ever tried –to sublimate a part of his personality that he presumes will be an obstacle to his stardom.”

Jennifer LawrenceGary Ross is set to remake East of Eden into two films, starring Jennifer Lawrence, and I’m not sure I understand where she finds the time.

Former president George HW Bush served as a witness to a same-sex wedding of friends at their ceremony in Maine. While George W seems to want to refuse to take a position, HW seems to have decided to come down on the right side of history.

In the latest edition of Civil Behavior, we get the question of how to introduce our spouse to the same-sex spouse of another, in this case a military superior. It’s always dicey when attempting protocol in the military, but these days, post-DOMA, the correct protocol is to use the terms “husband” and “wife” for same-sex marriages the same as you would for opposite sex marriages.

Bishop E.W. Jackson, running for Lt. Governor in Virginia, thinks it’s wrong to quote his anti-gay comments from sermons in a political campaign. “I think we’ve got to watch this. What this really amounts to is a religious test. The same thing they tried to do John Kennedy, the same thing they tried to do with Mitt Romney… it’s not his religion that matters, what matters is how he governs.” No. Really this is just about determining what kind of person you are, and how you will represent all residents of Virginia, and it’s not looking good for you.Darren Criss

Darren Criss engaged in a fun game of “Would you rather…” with Buzzfeed, and we learn that he’d rather sweat mayo than poop a softball. Don’t knock it till you try it, Darren.

The Vatican doesn’t seem to be taking Pope Francis’ advice on not focusing on abortion and gays so much, with Raymond Cardinal Leo Burke, Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura in Rome saying Rep. Nancy Pelosi should be denied communion because of her support of a woman’s right to choose.

There’s a scene in C.O.G. that involves a lot of dildos, and Jonathan Groff says they were fascinating in their variety, so he took a lot of pictures. And yes, he and Corey Stoll posed with the dildos, and even sent a picture to Alfred Molina. “I had worked with Alfred Molina doing Red this past summer, and Corey Stoll worked with him on Law & Order: Los Angeles for a year, so we were holding a bunch of dildos and sent a picture to Jonathan GroffAlfred Molina, who was amused. We were like ‘Hey, doing a movie together and having a blast. Hope you’re well!’ And it was like us holding a bunch of dildos.”

A high school football coach in Utah became aware that some of his team were cyberbullying on, but couldn’t determine who the culprits were. So he suspended the entire team, and told them they had to earn the right to be back on the team through community service and charity work. That’s how you build leaders.

A few weeks back, the Southern Baptist Convention banned their military chaplains from even attending a same-sex wedding in an unofficial capacity, much less performing one. Now the Catholic Church has done the same, and gone further, banning priests from performing funerals for GLB soldiers who are married.

In a rather surprising editorial on, the conservative case for marriage equality is laid out, with a bit of amazement that the liberal side seems to control the high ground on marriage equality. “Conservatives believe marriage and close families are a stabilizing influence in culture, the building block of communities. They are not wrong. But that makes opposition to recognizing same-sex marriages even stranger. New generations of gays and lesbians, with no loyalty or interest in the doctrine of the sexual revolution, seek this same stabilization. There isn’t some sort of a trick or a scam or scheme. Because of the progressive control of the argument, weighted words like “equality” and “fairness” set some conservatives on edge because those words have been corrupted over decades as a way to diminish others, the socialist idea of achieving Tony Perkinsthese aims by taking property and freedoms away from others.” If you read the whole piece, stay out the comments. Dear lord, please don’t read the comments.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has appointed anti-gay head of the Family Research Council Tony Perkins to Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement. The commission awards grants and governs the practices of law enforcement agencies. I’m guessing hate crime prevention won’t be a priority.

Undercover police officers have detained and arrested ten GLBT activists protesting the anti-gay laws in Russia. The activists were tossed in a police bus and face large fines for unlawful assembly.

Meanwhile, Sochi itself has suffered severe rains and flooding and is under emergency rule as the city tries to clean up mudslides.

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There’s a new extended trailer for House of Versace, and it shows a lot of drugs, Gina Gershon giving mad attitude, and sadly, the moment we lost Gianni. I’m fascinated by what’s got to be a terrible Lifetime movie. I think I have to watch it.

In what has to be one of the most epic things ever done on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy, Steve Merchant and Joseph Gordon-Levitt have a lip synch battle, and it’s nothing like what you would expect. They’re all good, but JoGo steals the show. There’s something so incredibly appealing about how he just throws himself into the silliness with no sense of shame.

The Department of Defense put out this rather heartwarming video about same-sex spouses getting their ID cards and taking advantage of the benefits the military has to offer just like married couples have done for decades. It’s very humanizing on an issue that still seems to be causing a lot of friction in the world.

The DC AIDS Walk is coming up, and they’ve put out a powerful commercial that drives home just how widespread the HIV problem is in the nation’s capitol. I wish I could be there.

American Horror Story: Coven has put out their main title sequence, and it looks wild. Just based on that one bony creature in the woods I’d say the budget is way up this year.

Stephen Hawking is one of the greatest minds in the world, but explaining just why his ideas are so amazing can be complicated. But this adorable animation simplifies things greatly for those needing a cocktail party explanation.

Hozier has put out a video for “Take Me To Church” that echoes some of the terrible atrocities being committed against GLBT folks in Russia. It starts out beautiful to watch, but fair warning, it’s disturbing and upsetting by the end of the video.

Jane Lynch says that her biggest lesbo crush was Olivia Newton-John, and when they got to act together she confessed it, and Olivia loved it. The same was not true when she confessed her fascination to John Travolta.
Canadian varsity athletes get together and discuss the reaction to someone, either a teammate or themselves, coming out, and how being a team means supporting someone, regardless, or because of their sexual orientation. It’s a powerful message for youth.
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