Meme: When Henry Cavill Was Fat, Quoting E.W. Jackson Is Religious Bigotry, Greg Louganis Is Engaged

Flaming Saddles gets reality show, Brittney Griner’s Nike contract, and a hookup site for gay priests

Tony PerkinsTony Perkins of the Family Research Council is going to war over ENDA (which seems like tilting at windmills as the bill will never receive a vote in the House). “It wasn’t too long ago that homosexual activists said they just wanted ‘to get the government out of their bedroom.’ Now we know why: they want to put their bedroom in the workplace!”

At the time of this writing, Houston Pride is embroiled in a mess about whether safe sex supplies such as condoms can be handed out at Pride. They say no due to rules from the city, but Mayor Annise Parker’s office says that’s not true. The Houston Department of Health and Human Services is threatening to drop their support of Pride after 20 years if they can’t distribute safe sex supplies.

Cindy McCainCindy McCain, who was honored with a Hero Award at the TrevorLive gala in New York says that gay rights won’t be an issue by the next presidential election. “You’re going to see a major turn. By the next presidential election I think this will be an issue that will be very much agreed on by both parties.” Of course, first she has to convince her husband, Senator John McCain, to support equality. “He hears from his own daughters and his own children and from me a little bit about this. But it’s also okay to disagree, but do it in a manner that’s respectful. We have different views. We have raucous dinner table conversations and we encourage that. In fact you have to be tough to survive at our table.”

Would you wear it?

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is confirmed as a guest at the Pentagon Pride celebration, becoming the first Defense Secretary to attend a Pride event at the Pentagon. He’ll offer the opening remarks.

Greg Louganis Johnny ChailottCongratulations to Greg Louganis, who is engaged to paralegal Johnny Chaillot. The pair plan to wed later this year.

Melissa Etheridge is not a fan of the preventative mastectomy that Angelina Jolie underwent when she was found to be a carrier of the gene that dramatically increases the chance of breast cancer. ““I have that gene mutation too and it’s not something I would believe in for myself. I wouldn’t call it the brave choice. I actually think it’s the most fearful choice you can make when confronting anything with cancer.”

Flaming Saddles, the country-western gay bar in Hell’s Kitchen is to be the subject of a new reality show. The show is expected Flaming Saddlesto focus on the straight owners, Jacqui Squatriglia and Chris Barnes. Squatriglia was the choreographer for Coyote ugly previously.

While many people tend to think of the upcoming rulings on Prop 8 and DOMA to be good things, the rulings themselves will make life anything but simple, even if they go our way. With rules on marriage set at the state level, divorces, taxes, and healthcare could become more complicated, especially if people move from states that have equality to those that don’t.

Delaware’s Senator Tom Carper has become the 51st sponsor of ENDA, which sadly is still nine votes short of being able to pass in the dysfunctional mess that is the Senate.

Baroness Williams announced she would support an amendment to the marriage equality bill that would create two tiers of marriage, one for straights and one for gays. The amendment says that “union” is a strong enough word for same-sex pairings. Maybe “Dame” is a strong enough word for Baroness Williams? Thankfully the amendment was withdrawn.Patton Oswalt

Patton Oswalt was a defender of Daniel Tosh when he made a rape joke last year, but he’s since thought about the subject and realized he was wrong. “And just because I find rape disgusting, and have never had that impulse, doesn’t mean I can make a leap into the minds of women and dismiss how they feel day to day, moment to moment, in ways both blatant and subtle, from other men, and the way the media represents the world they live in, and from what they hear in songs, see in movies, and witness on stage in a comedy club.”

Sir Elton John, David Furnish and Sir Ian McKellen have joined Martina Navratilova as the celebrity faces of London Pride. Sir Ian says “The UK is on the verge of joining countries such as New Zealand by legislating for equal marriage, but we must not forget that there’s always more to be done both at home and abroad so Sir Ianthat all members of the LGBT community can live happily and safely in any community, accepted and valued for who they are.”

Venerabilis, which is supposedly a hookup site for gay priests, has been uncovered by the Italian press. “It’s about finding sex partners. The homo-mafia in the Church obviously feels sufficiently strong and emboldened to operate almost in the open. This site is smart in that everyone operates under automatically generated IDs, but people are dumb and have left their personal e-mails all over the place. And, if the sodomite mafia is as well established and widespread as we think it is, then it would make sense that there would be a great concentration in Rome, for that is where the levers of power are located.”

I guess it really is the liberal media, at least when it comes to marriage equality. Even Fox News is the liberal media on that subject.

The International Olympic Committee is concerned about gay athletes in the wake of the new Russian “homosexual propaganda” law. “The IOC would like to reiterate our long commitment to non-discrimination against those taking part in the Olympic Games. The IOC is an open organization and athletes of all orientations will be welcome at the Games.” The Winter Games are scheduled to take place in Sochi next year.

The Hands On Children’s Museum in Jacksonville, FL, which denied a family membership to a gay couple says that it’s the victim in the whole situation. “The Jacksonville ’Hands On’ Children’s Museum has never discriminated against anyone. But in fact the Brittney Griner“Hands On” Children’s Museum , it’s employees, the board members, the donators and sponsors, the director, the directors family and her husbands church are being discriminated against, attacked and threatened. The director was yelled at and screamed at and feels the Hands On Children’s Museum deserves an apology for how the museum is being treated. This is a children’s museum.”

The WNBA’s Brittney Griner became the first out athlete to sign with Nike, but even more uniquely, her contract will allow her to model both women’s and men’s clothing for the company. “The contract reflects Griner’s personal style and her discomfort with traditional women’s fashion.”

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In what has to be my favorite video of the week, this monkey is thirsty, and he knows just what to do about it. It’s a shame he doesn’t have pockets to carry his own change.

Showtime has released the first teaser for Masters of Sex, and they don’t really seem to be going for a period feel with the series. I don’t think this looks like enough to order Showtime.

E.W. Jackson is running for Lt. Governor of Virginia, and he thinks it’s entirely unfair that the media has been pulling everything he’s said against gays, women, and abortion as a minister out to be part of the campaign. He thinks that bringing his hate speech into the election, is an attack on religion, which he says in the same breath he will champion if elected. His sense of entitlement is mind boggling.

Google+ has put together a commercial for their Hangout feature in France using gay couples, who previous to marriage equality being passed used video conferencing to connect to Belgium to have marriage ceremonies performed.

If I were choosing a movie to not remake in history, it would probably be Plan 9 From Outer Space, largely considered to be one of the worst movies ever made. Yet it’s being rebooted as Plan 9, and this is the first footage, which seems rather subdued.

The National Guard has a partnership with Man of Steel, and fortunately, they made this video about Henry Cavill’s workout routine, which he evidently does shirtless (my gyms frown on not wearing shirts, but maybe they’d make an exception for a hunk like Cavill). They do make some interesting points about the journey that a soldier makes in training having similarity to the journey of a young Clark Kent, pushing limits, finding moral standards that I find compelling, both as a former airman and as a kid who ran around with a blanket tied around my neck pretending I could fly.

But Cavill wasn’t always the hunk that he’s become, as you can hear in this story with Russell Crowe about the first time they met, and the nickname that Cavill had when he was younger.

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