Meme: “Glamour” Names Henry Cavill Sexiest Man, Britney Spears Addresses “Adorable” Gays Controversy, Kat Robichaud Explains “She Keeps Me Warm” Lyrics Change

Amazon drones coming to a porch near you, Joe Jonas tells all, Mary McDonnell talks about Rusty on Major Crimes

Henry CavillWhile People went with Adam Levine for their Sexiest Man Alive, Glamour decided to go with Henry Cavill, followed by last year’s winner Robert Pattinson. George Clooney ranked at #100.

In celebration of World AIDS Day at the White House, President Obama announced a $100 million commitment over three years towards a search for a cure, as well as reauthorizing President Bush’ PEPFAR Act, which combats the spread of the disease overseas.

Bleeding Cool says that they have it on very good authority that the CW Network is developing a Young Justice series to add to their existing lineup with Superboy and Miss Martian as leaders of the team. It would explain why they pulled the Cartoon Network series, which I rather enjoyed.

Roseanne Barr went off on an epic Twitter rant over the weekend bemoaning the television development process and vowing never to do it again. She instead joked that instead she was going to do geriatric porn. I hope she’s ready, because Vivid Entertainment is into the idea.

Kat RobichaudVictor Garber has been cast as Icabod’s father on Sleepy Hollow. Garber is the go to man for stern father figures these days.

The Voice’s Kat Robichaud said that she made a conscious decision to change the “she” to “you” when she performed “She Keeps Me Warm” on the show. “You know, I’m a gay rights advocate, and I was really hesitant to change the lyrics from ‘she’ to ‘he,’ so I changed it from ‘she’ to ‘you.’ I didn’t want it to be gender specific, but a lot of people were like, ‘You took the meaning away from that song.’ It’s very rare to have a successful charting song that [deals with] gay subject matter. But the whole reason I changed it was because I’m not gay, and I thought that it would be disingenuous. And you know, if I had sang ‘she,’ there would have been an equal amount of people that would have been annoyed by that. I did consult with my gay friends back in North Carolina, and they were like, ‘Change it and make it your own.’”

Major Crimes star Mary McDonnell attempted to alleviate Slate’s concerns with how Rusty was being written on the show. “I think that [the show’s creator] James Duff, who is a brilliant Major Crimesgay man, who just got married to his partner, and who has a deep respect for the truth of individuality and the truth of commitment and love, would naturally in his characters, have aspects of accepting the beauty of sexuality, whatever it is. He has also been committed to telling stories that are horrifically biased against certain sexuality or sexual identity. So that is a part of Major Crimes, I think it’s really great, because it is very much part of what the justice system has to handle and try to make right: the great injustice toward outsiders or outliers, in whatever form.”

In an interview with PrideSource, Britney Spears expressed a bit of shock that some people were offended when she described gays as “adorable.” She said ““Wait, what? Who felt the other way? I would never say anything to be mean to them. I love my gay fans. Gay people are always usually my best friends in the whole world. I completely adore them. I get inspiration from [gay fans] on almost all of my songs. They’re somewhat girls, so it’s so inspiring to do stuff that they like to hear, like the cool ‘in’ stuff. Whatever I do for each record is definitely inspired by them.” Please, someone, get her a script to follow.

Should we use the promise of unprotected sex as a reward for coupling up? Is that the new messaging? Because I’m not sure I can get behind this.

I think that BarbJoe Jonasara Walters confused the words “fascinating” with WTF? for her annual special. She’s fascinated by Miley Cyrus, Prince George, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Of specific interest around here, lesbian swimmer Diana Nyad made the list.

Congratulations to Hawaii, where marriage equality is in full swing, and happy couples are getting married.

The rich watch porn more efficiently. Whatever that means.

Joe Jonas sat down with New York Magazine and basically laid his whole life on the table – the music, his brothers, the band breakup, promise rings, losing his virginity, sex on the road, and smoking pot with Miley Cyrus. It’s a brutally honest look at the life of a boy bander.

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The full trailer for The Amazing Spiderman 2 is due out this week, but this teaser promises high flying action and the Rise of Electro.

I know it’s a sort of inside baseball thing, but the fight between Nikki Finke and Jay Penske is fascinating to me, and evidently to the folks at Funny Or Die, since they made a short about it with Jean Smart and Christina Applegate. I’m not sure that it’s come to hit men yet, but with these two it’s only a matter of time.

We’ve seen various versions of “What Does the Fox Say?” over time, but now we finally get to find out with this enthusiastic little fellow who is willing to do just about anything for some treats.

It’s fairly gross to think about, but your body has more cells from bacteria and fungi than it does of it’s own cells. But why, and what do they do? It’s entirely possible that they’re the biggest part of our immune system, and that we’re killing ourselves by killing them.

Amazon stunned the 60 Minutes crew with the idea of PrimeAir, which promises drone delivery of your order in 30 minutes or less.  I love the idea – I remember a convenience store idea that I think was called Cosmo that brought deliveries in DC and San Francisco in about the same time, be it Krispy Kreme doughnuts or a bottle of lube. Don’t ask.

Finally, because I had an exceptionally bad day at the day job yesterday, we could all use a little cheering up, so here’s the NSFW (but not as bad as some of their videos) version of what Andrew Christian is calling “broga” but really looks more like a jazzercise class from the 1980s, but with hotter guys in jockstraps. I’d say it was ridiculous, but they do have naked yoga classes some places, and this is fairly covered up except for some butts in jock straps. I might try a class like this if it was offered at my gym. I think I even own some of the featured underwear. Call me!

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