Meme: Tyler Hoechlin Playing Batman? Plus, “Star Wars” Wants Gosling and Efron and You Can Play Opposes Olympics Boycott

Zac EfronLatino Review has a pretty good track record with Marvel spoilers, so there’s no reason they can’t branch out to other parts of the House of Mouse. The latest says that while Leonardo DiCaprio had meetings about being in Star Wars Episode 7, he passed, and now Disney is pursuing Ryan Gosling and Zac Efron for roles.

New York is set to refund estate taxes for couples affected by DOMA. You can apply for refunds going back three years if you qualify.

This has to be the most frustrating game of Celebrity Marry, F#@k, Kill ever invented. How dare you do that to Seth!

Why aren’t there more gay superheroes?

If you’re as fascinated by Anthony Wiener’s sexting alias Carlos Danger as I am, Slate now has a name generator so that you too can have a weird, sexy sexting name. Mine is Mateo Gamble.

Tyler HoechlinOne of the more out-there casting rumors of the day is that Warner Bros is eyeing Tyler Hoechlin to play Batman in the Man of Steel sequel. I can kind of buy that – he has the brooding sexy thing down to a science.

Russia has detained six gay activists for violating the gay propaganda law. Granted, they kind of baited the government, first applying for a protest permit, then heading to the Children’s Library with a sign about gay being OK. That doesn’t make the law right, but it does seem to be inviting arrest.

Patrick Burke of the You Can Play Project doesn’t want nations or out athletes to boycott the Sochi Games over Blake SkjellerupRussia’s gay rights laws. “To send the strongest possible message of support to the LGBT community, we must send our athletes — those who are LGBT, those who are LGBT-supportive, those with LGBT family members or friends. Let them show that champions stand strong with their teammates and training partners. Send our openly LGBT and “publicly pro-gay” athletes and let them compete. Let them win. Show the world that there are elite LGBT athletes who are not afraid to be themselves, on and off the playing field. That the majority of the world’s finest athletes support their LGBT teammates, coaches, and opponents by treating them as equals in competition.”

Google has announced the $35 Chromecast, which is a small HDMI dongle with WiFi built in that you plug into your television set, then when you’re watching a YouTube video on your mobile device, you can “cast” it directly to your television set, either freeing the mobile device or using it as a remote. The Chromecast will stream from the cloud, so that it doesn’t have to flow through your phone. Netflix is an early partner.

Oxford English DictionaryThe Oxford English Dictionary, the gold standard of reference, says that it will be modifying the current definition of “marriage” to reflect same-sex marriages. “We continually monitor the words in our dictionaries, paying particular [attention] to those words whose usage is shifting, so yes, this will happen with marriage…We are constantly monitoring usage in this area in order to consider what revisions and updates we may need to make. It’s worth pointing out that, as the OED is distinct from other dictionaries in being a historical record of the language, meanings of the past will remain, even while language changes and new ones are added.” So I guess we are literally refining marriage after all.

A coalition of extremely deep pocketed groups are pushing for marriage equality in New Jersey. The bill currently needs about 20 people to change their votes to override Governor Chris Christie’s veto the last time it was sent to his desk, and with the major finDean Cainancial players that helped pass marriage equality in New York engaged, it just might happen.

Remember when Dean Cain was an A-List Hollywood heartthrob with a promising career?

We don’t know if the upcoming X-Force movie will have any of the gay team members, but Mark Miller let it slip that it would be a five member team. Assuming Cable and Deadpool are locks, it doesn’t look good for Team Gay.

Oddly, a House committee has passed an amendment to the Commerce, Justice and Science Appropriations Bill to require the Attorney General to review HIV criminalization laws. But can it make it through the full House?

Cary Elwes will be starring in the USA pilot Horizon, a period alien drama under development.

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Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana took some time to talk about Pratt’s amazing physical transformation for Guardians of the Galaxy, along with who would win in a fight, including the real life bruising Saldana gave Pratt on set.

The Jonas Brothers stopped by Watch What Happens Live and took some fan questions that revealed who might have peed their pants on stage and asked Joe to rank some female Disney stars. But he pleads the fifth when asked which brother hooked up the most on the road, but I think Nick’s facial expression answered the question for him.

The cast of 300: Rise of an Empire want you to know that their abs are not CGI, and that they earned every one of those muscles. But is the film as homoerotic as the first one?

Aubrey Plaza has quite a plan for sex in The To Do List, but one scene called for her character to masturbate, and despite what she thought about a nice cutaway, that wasn’t what the director had in mind. Why does this never happen with male stars?

Not far from me is Boomer, West Virginia, and in Boomer is the Boomer Baptist Church, where these young ladies want you to know “We Didn’t Come From Monkeys.” Ahh, the WV educational system at its best.

Gravity is a film that took forever to make because the technology required to make it didn’t exist. Everyone is raving about the opening scene, which is a giant single shot that goes on for seventeen minutes, and this preview of that scene makes you wonder how you sustain this level of excitement for that long.

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