Meme: Jake Gyllenhaal Signs Up For “Little Shop of Horrors,” Darius Ferdynand Talks Gay-for-Pay Porn Stars, Jonathan Groff Sad “Looking” Was Canceled

Aydian Dowling leading Ultimate Man contest, Ultron and Tony Stark fight for biggest ego, Buckingham Palace guard takes a tumble

Jake GyllenhaalJake Gyllenhaal has been cast as the nerdy florist Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors on Broadway, because Jake Gyllenhaal is exactly who you think of when you think about that role. Seriously, if Seymour looks like Jake Gyllenhall, does that mean you cast Ryan Gosling as the Hunchback of Notre Dame? It’s like those guys who say they like nerdy guys but really mean they want a fitness model in dark glasses with no lenses.

A court has ruled that the Egyptian government can prevent gay people from entering the country. Specifically, they ruled that they could convict people of being gay, expel them, and prevent them from returning. So I hope you didn’t have plans to see the pyramids.

When you make yourself look like an unfriendly state like Indiana did with their Religious Freedom Restoration Act, you have to do some damage control, and spend millions of dollars of taxpayer money to hire a PR firm to convince people that you’re not assholes. If Republicans are so against spending, they could save a fortune by ceasing to hate LGBT people, on court costs fighting marriage, PR campaigns, lawsuits over hiring practices – the list of savings is endless.

Which is something Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal should be considering as he pushes his state to pass a similar law, because New Orleans depends on tourism. “There is a nationwide push by the far left to weaken the First Amendment to the Constitution. “We either believe in religious liberty or we don’t. In Aydian DowlingLouisiana, I believe we do. Let me be crystal clear – I absolutely intend to fight for the passage of this legislation, and any other that seeks to preserve our most fundamental freedoms.” So..any other city want to host Southern Decadence?

We brought you the smoking hot photo of transman Aydian Dowling recreating Adam Levine’ photo a while back, and now he’s competing to win a spot on the cover of Men’s Health as the Ultimate Guy. There are a lot of categories to vote in, and right now Dowling is leading all of them, and his lead looks insurmountable, which would be a landmark for the trans community. Some of you may recognize Zack at #7 from his work. You can vote at the link.

When Russian Siri debuted this week, she really didn’t like questions about gay things. Apple has quietly tweaked the algorithm. Who did they QC, Putin?

Is a Clinton/Obama ticket possible? It’s unlikely, but if you want to read the text of the Constitution literally enough, it’s possible. Even though it puts him next in line for the presidency, the Constitution only says that someone can’t be elected to the office more than twice, not that they can’t serve more than twice. I picture Alito’s head exploding.Percy Sledge

Percy Sledge has passed away at the age of 73. “When A Man Loves a Woman” was one of two songs played at my father’s funeral. I grew up on Percy Sledge, and his songs are some of the most iconic in the history of American music.

Everybody you’d expect to perform at the Billboard Music Awards will be, from Nick Jonas to Sam Smith. The awards air May 17 on ABC.

If you’re wondering what the teens are up to these days, check Instagram. A new survey says that Instagram is by far the most important social network to 32% of teens, followed by 24% on Twitter, and Facebook has fallen to 14%. I was shocked to see Snapchat at 13%, then I remembered that teens are horny and it’s still the most common way to send dick pics. Tumblr was a distant 4%.

Senator Marco Rubio danced with NPR on the issue of LGBT rights, and lost. When it comes to the Right To Discriminate laws, he tries to draw a line between a hotel refusing lodging to a same sex couple, which he thinks is a violation of public accommodations, and hosting a wedding reception, which he says is forcing them to participate in the ceremony. He also thinks that if the majority of Americans favor marriage equality, it would be reflected through actions of the state legislatures. How cute, him pretending that lawmakers work for the people who elected Darius Ferdynandthem instead of a few rich old men.

The First Circuit has put the Puerto Rico marriage equality suit on hold pending a ruling from the Supreme Court, which is ridiculous as Puerto Rico has already stated that they won’t defend the ban. At least we’re only looking at a couple of months.

Because Vice will cover anything from government corruption to porn stars, they sat down with Britain’s Best Bottom, Darius Ferdynand, who has the most insane body even when he’s wearing clothes. He’s not quite sure how gay for pay models work. “I’m not entirely sure. I personally prefer to have a gay or at least bisexual partner on set so there’s more chance for real chemistry, connection, and less pretending. Also, I like to be wanted—I don’t wanna be with someone who doesn’t desire me. Though I had a few straight partners who were absolutely fantastic, experienced with male bodies and were doing everything right just as a gay man would. I would even say they quite enjoyed it. At the end of the day, it’s a job—we all know exactly what we signed up for. Doesn’t matter if you’re gay, bi, or straight—if you like it, do it. If not, then you shouldn’t force something that you don’t find enjoyable—it’s not right for anyone and you’ll get bad results.”

The Red Raven Espresso Parlor in Fargo, North Dakota put an image on their Facebook page with the names and photos of lawmakers that voted against a nondiscrimination ordinance in the state, saying they were banned from the shop unless accompanied “accompanied by a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual, Queer, Intersex or Asexual person.” The image has been flagged and taken down by Facebook as if it was hate speech.

Magic MikeIf you were wondering if Magic Mike the Musical was still a thing, Channing Tatum says that it is. “It is still in the works. We’re getting it going. Oddly enough, the second one lends itself more to the musical. I think our original idea was to do a prequel, like how Mike got in.” If you were thinking that a Broadway version of Magic Mike might be gayer than the movie, Playbill says they might be adding female strippers.

Jonathan Groff is sad that Looking is canceled. And not just because it was a steady job. “There’s not a lot of gay programming on TV. We wanted to create a show with gay men where they weren’t tragic figures or the comedic relief or sexually sensationalized but just multi-dimensional human beings. So, I feel sad that it was canceled but grateful for the time that we had. That was amazing to see that sort of outpouring of love and support for the show. I think that speaks to just the need and desire for more gay stories to be told. … Hopefully it maybe paved the way for other people to create [more] gay stories. Hopefully someday there won’t be just one gay show on the air but multiple shows. I remember being a kid and feeling like when somebody mentioned in a moment that they were gay or [saw someone gay] on TV, it was like an exciting sense of relief to see someone talk about being gay, so I try to do that as often as I can. It sort of goes back to that Harvey Milk thing of, ’Tell your friends, tell everyone.’ I always try to wear that on my sleeve.”

This clip from Avengers: Age of Ultron finally gives me the battle of egos I’ve been waiting for between Tony Stark and Ultron, but James Spader’s voice is so unique I keep expecting to see Red from The Blacklist threatening Tony Stark, which is probably no less terrifying than Ultron.

If you’re wondering what the Avengers wear under their costumes, it’s UnderArmour. UnderArmour that’s tailored to their muscles, because regular UnderArmour might not be tight enough. Also, this is the real life version of Edna Mode.

The guards at Buckingham Palace are known for their lack of smiles and precision, but sometimes the universe just has other ideas, and we get a lack of precision and a smile about it. I assume they shot him over this.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita’s Tie the Knot Foundation want you to sign up your wedding so that they can print a Save the Date card and send it to the Supreme Court in advance of their ruling on marriage equality. I’d participate, but first I’d need a boyfriend. And a desire to be married. But if you already have those, please add your names to the list.

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