Meme: James McAvoy Wallows In “Filth,” Military Moves Towards Same-Sex Benefits, OMM vs. “The Fosters”

Aaron Johnson to play Quicksilver, Kill Your Darlings gets release date, Bill O’Reilly is afraid of pink

Aaron JohnsonAaron Johnson is reported to be the frontrunner to play Quicksilver in The Avengers, while Evan Peters, who starred with him in Kick Ass, has the same role in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Mistresses boss Rina Mimoun doesn’t want you to call Joss and Alex a lesbian storyline. “I’m so fascinated by the way it’s being perceived as a lesbian story line because, to me, it was the most heartbreaking in that it’s about someone who’s just so desperate to make a connection with somebody and she’s never actually had it. The first time she feels it happens to be with a woman, even though her own sexuality is decidedly not gay.”

Sean MaherSean Maher is amused that his first big part since coming out is a mean ladies man in Much Ado About Nothing. “It’s funny that this was the first role after I came out. The question everyone kept asking was if I was going to be typecast so actually… [Laughs] My next project had me rolling on a bed with a woman.”

Charice may have come out as a lesbian, but her mother says she did it first! “I used to be a lesbian,” says Raquel Pempengco. She says that she switched under pressure from her parents to have a family.

One Million Moms has a list of things they don’t like about The Fosters, and they want you to contact the sponsors of the show about them. “Unacceptable content in the first episode included one foster child as an inmate in a juvenile detention center, sneaking and selling prescription drugs to earn money, a lesbian couple kissing on the mouth and snuggling in bed together, mentioning they are gay multiple times and purchasing condoms for their eldest son.”The Fosters

I used to have a bunch of bespoke clothes. Now all that’s left are a few dress shirts and a tuxedo I wore twice. But evidently dress clothes are just the beginning for custom clothing, and in New York now you can get a bespoke set of swimming trunks, assuming you don’t mind choosing one of only three colors, waiting a week, and shelling out $325/pair.

Same-sex partner benefits, as many as DOMA allows, are set to begin September 1. While the great things like healthcare and housing allowances are forbidden by DOMA, soon Bryan Battsame-sex partners can get ID cards, commissary benefits and more.

A new poll shows a dramatic shift from parents for the possibility of supporting gay kids. In 1985 89% said they would be upset if their child told them they were gay, but by May of this year, that was down to 40%, with 55% being not upset at all.

Bryan Batt says he doesn’t know if Sal will ever return to Mad Men, but he’s certain that Sal is still in the closet on the show. “It’s ’68. And next year is ’69, and that’s the Stonewall Riots. Everything happened in ’69. When you think about it, it’s really an incredible year. I have no idea, whatever the writers and Matt would come up with is far beyond whatever I would come up with. But we can hope Sal’s not dead.”

A court has ruled that school coaches didn’t violate a teen’s privacy when they confronted her and her parents about a lesbian relationship she was having with another student. The Fifth Circuit has never held that a person has a constitutionally-protected privacy interest in her sexual orientation, and it certainly has never suggested that such a privacy interest precludes school authorities from discussing with parents matters that relate to the interests of their children.”Kill Your Darlings

Kill Your Darlings finally has a theatrical release date of October 18 in New York and L.A. before expanding nationwide in the following weeks, which is normally a strategy for films headed for awards season.

In what has to be Must See TV, Joan and Melissa Rivers will trade places with Bristol and Willow Palin, taking responsibility for Bristol’s son Tripp on this season’s Celebrity Wife Swap.

What to do if someone parks in your driveway.

Frank OceanEve says that Frank Ocean was incredibly brave when he spoke about loving another man. “Frank Ocean was ridiculously brave, to do what he did, to be true to himself that way. In hip-hop, there are a lot more people that probably should come out. I was pleasantly surprised by the reaction of people, because it was mostly positive. I was shocked and happy about how people were [towards him] and it made me think maybe things were changing and people are more accepting of things.”

Bill O’Reilly isn’t happy with a Wisconsin school that gave students the opportunity to dress up like the opposite gender. “You don’t dress up like a little girl when you’re five and you’re a boy. That’s just stupid… you might have to send him to camp.”

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In this week’s Ask the Sexpert, Conner Habib takes on a question that many of us are thinking about right now – how do we look confident and sexy in our swimsuit? And in this case he’s not talking about the 13 hours I spend in the gym each week, which makes me wonder if I’ve been wasting all this time. But he’s right, a huge amount of sexy is being comfortable with what you’ve got. Sure I’ve got abs now, but if my gym gets invaded by musclehead daypassers, I retreat to the corner and work out silently, like the scrawny gay boy did in junior high. Confidence is sexy, and to have confidence, you need to love you.

When Neil Patrick Harris visited Jimmy Fallon, they played a game of Catchphrase with a couple from the audience. It’s really strange to see Neil get so frustrated playing a simple game, because he’s normally so collected.

While there have been mixed reactions to Michelle Obama’s heckler, and FLOTUS’ reaction to her, nothing is quite like Glenn Beck, who thinks not only is she a monster, but that it’s the wives and women who are leaking all the secrets to the media.

I skipped past this Photoshop In Real Life a dozen times before I watched it, and it wasn’t at all what I was expecting. Can someone do this for me?

The horrible shootings at a college in Santa Monica left a half dozen dead, and our thoughts are with everyone affected by the latest outbreak of violence. But a familiar face was at the college, studying for his biology final – Chad Allen.

This is a machine that draws penises at the press of a button, in case you don’t want to be so immature as to sit around drawing your own penises.

I’m a  huge fan of Phineas & Ferb as a cartoon. I love that it promotes imagination and kids doing things, but the writing is generally quick and smart too. But one place they really stumble is when they try and do theme episodes, and the upcoming Marvel mashup looks just terrible. Can’t we just concentrate on having the Best Day Ever?

Filth is the James McAvoy movie from the author of Trainspotting. McAvoy plays a bigoted corrupt cop that seems to want to party more than a businessman at a convention in Las Vegas. There’s drugs, sex, nudity, violence, blackmail, and more. I can’t wait to watch this. Plus it looks like we might even have something for gay eyes in this film. Very NSFW

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