Meme: Magneto and Professor X’s Epic Romance, Nick Jonas’ First Gay Man, Alfalfa Grew Up Lumbersexual

Jane Lynch skipped coming out, Boy Scouts vote to allow out gay leaders, 50 Cent isn’t worth as much as his name implies

Nick JonasBefore Nick Jonas was grabbing his balls for the gaze of gay men everywhere, he was a young lead on a television show, and that’s where he saw his first gay man. “One of my friends who was one of the guys in the show — his name was Mark — was leaving the theater one day and I saw him leave with his partner. I looked at my dad and said, ‘Oh, that’s different,’ and he was like, ‘It’s all love, it’s all the same,’ and it just connected with me immediately.’”

Irrelevant blowhard Pat Buchanan says that Christians will have to practice civil disobedience now that marriage equality is the law. “Rosa Parks is celebrated. But the pizza lady who said her Christian beliefs would not permit her to cater a same-sex wedding was declared a bigot. And the LGBT crowd, crowing over its Supreme Court triumph, is writing legislation to make it a violation of federal civil rights law for that lady to refuse to cater that wedding. But are people who celebrate the Stonewall riots in Greenwich Village as the Mount Sinai moment of their movement really standing on solid ground to demand that we all respect the Obergefell decision as holy writ? And if cities, states or Congress enact laws that make it a crime not to rent to homosexuals, or to refuse services at celebrations of their unions, would not dissenting Christians stand on the same moral ground as Dr. King if they disobeyed those laws?” First up, I feel like the ground is pretty solid under my feet, Pat. Second, I think that your side trying to quote Dr. King and Zach Wahlsinvoke Rosa Parks means you know absolutely nothing about them, but points for a clever narrative.

The Boy Scouts of America’s Executive Committee has voted unanimously to lift the ban on out adult leaders. There’s a clause that carves out a way for local councils to make their own bans, for groups that are sponsored by churches. The rule change still requires a vote of the full committee in two weeks, but it’s hard to see the ban standing at this point.

I’m having a bit of a problem seeing The Young and the Restless’ Alyvia Lind as a young Dolly Parton, but she’s snagged the role in Coat of Many Colors, the faith based movie based on the singer’s young life in Tennessee.Alyvia Lind

Sources say that the Obama administration is set to lift the ban on open transgender service, with an announcement possibly coming today. There will be a six month implementation period as rules are updated and during that time, discharges will still take place.

How will families look in the future? Because it’s already changing.

50 Cent, who lost a court case for leaking a woman’s sex tape last week, has declared bankruptcy, citing assets of around $10 million and debts of 50 Cent$50 million. It’s a bit hard to swallow based on timing, plus 50 Cent has an estimated worth of $155 million by Forbes. He was an early investor in Vitamin Water before Coca-Cola bough the beverage company, and frequently posts photos of himself with large amounts of cash.

Russian cats aren’t hiding their aggression anymore. This is going to go global, folks.

Jane Lynch says that she never really had a coming out moment. “I’m an actor and when people started taking an interest in me, where they wanted to write about me, I didn’t say I wasn’t gay, so — I never had that. And I have to give kudos to people like Melissa Etheridge and k.d lang and Ellen Degeneres and Rosie O’Donnell, all of those people who came before and at the height of their career, when they had a lot to lose, stood up and said this is who I am. And the world kind of went [gasps]…and then, nothing happened. That was really great and they kind of cleared a path for me to just stroll down.”

Jane’s Glee costars, Melissa Benoist and Blake Jenner are married. In fact, they’ve been married since March, and nobody knew it. They had a ceremony shortly after Benoist filmed the Supergirl pilot. I guess we paid as much attention to their personal lives as we did to their characters on the show.Bug Hall

We knew that Blake McIver of Little Rascals grew up to be a hot twink, but his costar Bug Hall, grew up to be a lumbersexual, and I’m not mad about it at all.

This has to be the best Comic-Con story ever told. You go, little nerd.

Remember when Liberty University lost a RICO lawsuit for aiding and abetting the abduction of a child from her lesbian mom when her other mom ran off to Central America? They tried to have their insurance company pay the suit, but the Fourth Circuit has ruled that the insurance policy doesn’t cover kidnapping.

Sean Baker says that Tangerine turned out to be the great movie it is because he listened to the stars, who were all transgender. “Mya saved me a lot early on with the guidance, and Tangerinethen Kiki saved me a lot later on. When I use “save,” you know what I’m talking about? Like, they helped me tremendously as a person from outside that community. After I would edit ten minutes, I would ask Kiki to come in and I would show her the ten minutes and ask her for notes. And there was one time where I threw a track of music down — I think it was the Donut Time scene — and it totally ruined the whole movie. It made it into one big farce and suddenly turned it into something it shouldn’t have been. And Kiki was the first one to tell me, “Remove that.” Again, I slept on it, and the next day, I woke up to realize she was right.”

HUD Secretary Julián Castrohas issued new guidelines for government insured housing, including Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly, that says there can be no discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. “Every American deserves to live with dignity, regardless of who they love or who they are. HUD is committed to fighting unjust discrimination and to expanding housing opportunity for all.” This is big news for our LGBT elders, who are often forced back into the closet as they age.

Conan has been the king of Comic-Con, broadcasting all week with all of the stars. When he got X-Men’s James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender together, he didn’t shy away from the fact that the fandom thinks they’re in a relationship,and even showed them a romantic edit, which to be honest is better than 99% of all the romcoms released these days.

I feel like I’ve talked about Justin Biber too much lately, but seriously, how can I pass this up? Bieber goes on Lip Synch Battle and does Fergie’s “Big Girls Don’t Cry.” I mean, this could have been a skit at his Comedy Central roast.

Normally this sort of behavior is confined to back alleys

Yeah. I see that in a guy’s house, I’m checking out fast

Superman v Power Rangers? Warner, you’ve got your next movie

How can he be so clean and I be having such dirty thoughts?

So is Bryan producing Gambit?

Don’t you have a show starting any day now?

But is he doing it naked?

John seems to love shopping. A couple of weeks ago it was Harrods

I’ve seen porn with less sexual tension

Hal did a lot of Q&A, and so much of it focused on his own sexuality rather than his work, which led someone asking how many people asked Neil Patrick Harris if playing Barney Stinson turned him straight

Honey, it’s true. Accept it

She’s a national treasure

The End

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