Meme: Jonathan Groff Discusses Monogamy, Adam Lambert Turned Down Hedwig, Did Everyone See LeBron’s Dick?

Stephen Fry’s honeymoon interrupted by homophobia, Katie Hopkins gets a TV show, Peter Griffin since Cyndi Lauper

Jonathan GroffJonathan Groff was asked what that toughest thing he shot in Looking this past season was, and he chose the discussion about monogamy. “I would say probably the epic fight over monogamy I had with Russell [Tovey] in the final episode. It really hit close to home. I had the monogamy conversations a million times with boyfriends and friends. Will we? Won’t we? What would it be like? It’s just something that’s been talked about a lot in different facets of my life.” I am incredibly disappointed there were not followup questions asked.

When The Shepherd’s Crown is published as the 41st Discworld novel, it will be the last. Terry Pratchett’s daughter Rhianna says that no one will continue the series, including her. “To reiterate – No I don’t intend on writing more Discworld novels, or giving anyone else permission to do so. They are sacred to dad.”

Can we forgive the evangelicals?

There’s no way to really predict the final box office for Jurassic World this weekend. Going in, they expected $125 million, but business is so good, the current numbers are projecting $185-$195 million over the weekend. When the numbers get this big, they can vary $10 million either way, but it’s safe to say that there will be many, many sequels.

North Carolina Lt. Gov. Dan Forest swears that the bill that allows clerks and magistrates to refuse to conduct weddings doesn’t discriminate against anyone, in fact it does just the opposite by upholding the Constitution. “Help me out here, because I’m just somewhat of a country boy. Go find someone else who will perform your ceremony! What’s wrong with that concept?” Because government officials don’t get to choose which taxpayers they serve, or citizens get to choose which government salaries their taxes pay.

The Mexican Supreme Court has ruled that any law than says marriage is for “procreation, and or defines (marriage) as celebrated between a man and a woman, is unconstitutional.” Sadly, Stephen Fry Elliott Spencerthe ruling is phrased as a “jurisprudential thesis” which means that any couples that are denied the right to marry have to go to a court, which could use the ruling a basis for granting the marriage.

Elliott Spencer says that he and Stephen Fry were forced to abandon part of their honeymoon due to homophobia. “‘We had a problem when we visited Honduras on holiday. It was homophobia. I don’t want to go into detail, but we had to leave. Stephen takes me on his travels and he educates me. Many of the countries Stephen’s been to before, but he likes to see them through new eyes with me. It has been an amazing bonding experience.”

Kevin Spacey has received an honorary knighthood from the Queen on his birthday honours for his services to culture and British theatre.

In case you missed it, the ABC cameras at the NBA playoffs were positioned perfectly when LeBron James decided to adjust himself, and the whole world got a look at his dick. Ehh, I’ve seen better. When I got dressed this morning.LeBron James

I have no desire to have children of my own, and never have. But there is a certain joy in being a guncle that is hard to describe. Basically it’s all the fun stuff of children, and none of the work.

Hotelier Mati Weiderpass got ejected from the Sip-and-Twirl on Fire Island last weekend, which is funny since his buddy Ian Reisner owns part of the place. Weiderpass says “P.J. McAteer is condemning me for what he perceives as my thoughts and beliefs by asking me to leave a venue open to all. As small-minded as that is, I have been and will always be an advocate for LGBTQ issues.” On the other hand, it’s a hell of a PR move for Sip-and-Twirl, and might help take some of the boycott heat off the place, if it were staged.

Michael SamMichael Sam received permission from the Alouettes to return home for “personal reasons” just days before the team’s first game. He was seen at the airport with just a small bag, leading most to think he’s planning on coming back, but leaving right before the first game doesn’t bode well. Still the team says he’s welcome back. “The Montreal Alouettes fully respect Michael Sam’s decision and rally around him to offer him all time and support needed. The team has left the door open and Michael is welcome to come back whenever he feels ready.”

Katie Hopkins, who as far as I can tell is the UK’s answer to Ann Coulter, is going to be getting her own television show, If Katie Hopkins Ruled the World. She’ll be debating popular topics with a panel, and probably generating enough outrage to keep the presses running 24/7.

John Stamos was arrested for DUI this weekend after his silver Mercedes was reported to be swerving. Rather than taking him directly to the station, Adam Lambertpolice decided he needed medical attention and took him to Cedars. Ever the class act, John tweeted thanks to both the hospital and to the police.

When Queerty sat down with Adam Lambert, they said they couldn’t believe that he hadn’t been asked to play Hedwig. “They offered. I’m flattered they asked me, but it’s not what I want to do right now. It’s an amazing role. Maybe one day. The thing about it is I don’t want to get in drag for eight shows a week.”

Mostly, I’ve had enough of Seth MacFarlane’s comedy, I’ve seen the same joke 25 times across three shows. But there is something charming about him pulling out his characters out of context, like when Graham Norton has him sing Cyndi Lauper songs in the voices of Stewie and Peter, with Cyndi sitting beside him on the couch. I’m not entirely sure the Stewie one worked, but Peter was perfect.

The first trailer for The Stanford Prison Experiment starring Ezra Miller is out, and it’s painful to watch. People can easily become drunk with power, and show that for all our books and civilization, we’re only steps away from brutal primal instincts on how to maintain our power in the social structure.

In case you missed it, Scott Heierman appeared on America’s Got Talent this week and performed comedy that practically brought the house down. I take some issues with the video introduction, and I could have done without pretty much every facial expression that Nick Canon pulled in the video, but Scott is funny, and has a stunning sense of timing.

Scott was from Kentucky, and the local news station interviewed him about the show, plus the found a pint size imitator, who deserves his own round of applause, as do his parents, because that’s the buckle of the Bible Belt, and allowing their young son to follow his muse here is really pretty remarkable.

The Catholic League and I have been having a bit of a chat lately. On Monday, I called out Bill Donahue’s gross misunderstanding of apartheid, when he compared the nonexistent persecution of Christians in the United States to the brutal subjugation of millions of people over the course of centuries, in an attempt to say that a minority could suppress a majority. They asked for an explanation of the misunderstanding, which I provided with a history of apartheid on Thursday, along with an explanation that it was silly to compare a couple of bakers to such a bloody point in history. Well, Don Lauer wrote back:

Your response to the question about Dr. Donohue’s “gross misunderstanding of apartheid” gave the staff a good laugh. (We just hired two new people, incidentally.) We had a bet that you would avoid the question. Dr. Donohue referenced apartheid simply to demonstrate that it is possible for a minority to oppress a majority. The point stands, and the historical survey of apartheid is irrelevant to that point.

“A historical survey of apartheid is irrelevant to that point.” There is not a facepalm dramatic enough to that statement. The point doesn’t stand, it didn’t even wobble before it fell flat.

There are basic rules of debate that say that if your only point is to make a comparison to a disconnected historical atrocity, then you have no point. It’s like when Fox News compares President Obama to Hitler. That’s not a “point,” that’s a scare tactic. It has no intellectual value. It simply means you have nothing to back up your side, so you tell the faithful about the boogeyman in the same breath as you say what you want them to fear. It was a time tested way of raising children, getting them to go to bed on time, to stay away from dangerous places. It’s a very primal tactic, but has no place in a discussion between adults about serious subjects.

Even when you’re not invoking horrible events in history that should be spoken of with shame for the aggressors and reverence for those who fought it, you can’t divorce your example from context. It’s like people enjoying a pleasant summer’s day in Bar Harbor, Maine, which has some of the most pleasant summer’s days in the world, noting it was 115° in Death Valley, and the Bar Harbor forecast calls for sunshine, so … it might be 115° tomorrow there. The weather in the two places have no link, and you can’t use one to forecast the other.

The liberals and the gays do not have any means to stop Christians from trying to enforce Biblical law on the United States, other than shaming them for violating that freedom of religion thing they’re so fond of quoting from the Bill of Rights.  We’re not pulling guns on them, we’re simply shining a light on the ones that behave in a way that Jesus would not approve of, and the light scares them, because it exposes the fact that they don’t follow the book that they claim to hold so dear, but instead wield it like a cudgel.

In all seriousness, if the Catholic League can muster a factual argument to be had that Christians are becoming an oppressed majority in the United States, I’ll be happy to hear it. I’ll even fight alongside them against such a campaign, because no one deserves to be oppressed for who they are. I’ll come up with battle plans while I drive to the gym this morning, as I drive past several dozen churches welcoming thousands of oppressed Christians for shelter, hiding their faces from the brutal minority with big Sunday bonnets as the bells toll, guiding them to safety.

But as long as the argument is simply plucking tragedies like apartheid out of history as a thing that happened, and therefor it is possible to happen again despite there being absolutely no contextual similarities, I’m going to sit here and mock your press releases, and apologize to those you insult by invoking their pain to drive donations to your coffers and scare people into hating other people. Because that’s behavior that makes your own God weep.

My, being a National Team Gymnast looks good

Although being a British actor looks pretty good too

Of course it’s really hard to compete with being a male supermodel

But again, an actor from a teen show still looks pretty good

Heck, being an actor on a Disney show looks amazing

And Mike Doyle manages to make a tank top look exceptional

Did Denis wash his pants with the red carpet?

It’s a Glee reunion

If I were in that office, HR would be reviewing sexual harassment policies with me

Congrats to local favorite Laura Benanti on her engagement

We’ve missed your chest, Dan

It was Brandon Routh Day in Iowa

Because yachting was one of the only things he hadn’t mastered

Those are amazing biceps

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