Meme: Judy Garland’s Daughters Unite, John Barrowman Gets Cheeky for NOH8, Bruno Mars Rumored for Super Bowl

Lorna Luft Judy GarlandLorna Luft and Liza Minelli will perform together for the first time since the 1993 Tony Awards October 14 & 21 in a fundraiser for breast cancer. You can’t help but think Judy is looking down smiling.

Tokyo has won the bid to host the 2020 Olympics, beating out Madrid and Instanbul for the honor. I’m fine with Tokyo hosting (although I was rooting for Madrid). While they don’t have great gay rights at this point, they don’t seem poised to drag us down into human rights abuses like Russia has.

In what some find to be a shocking overreach, D.C. is considering regulations that would require a 24-hour waiting period in order to get a tattoo. Admittedly, if there had been a waiting period I probably wouldn’t have my three tats, but it does seem a little bit much to have to wait longer to get a tattoo than you have to wait to buy a gun most places.

Bruno Mars is reportedly being tapped to play the halftime show at the Super Bowl this year. Mars makes good music, but I don’t find his Bruno Marslive performances to be all that gripping, so I’m on the fence about this one.

It’s a sleepy box office this weekend, with Riddick set to win with $18 million, knock The Butler down to second place with $8.5 million in the fourth week.

Justice Ginsburg says that marriage equality is an example of the greatness of the Constitution. “So I see the genius of our Constitution, and of our society, is how much more embracive we have become than we were at the beginning,”

DC Comics is not making friends this week. First the creative team behind Batwoman quit because of the company’s refusal to show a same-sex wedding, and now they’ve announced an art contest that requires entrants to draw a naked Harley Quinn committing suicide. Exactly who is running this company?

The American Family Association has finally ended their three year boycott of Home Depot, claiming that they home improvement giant has withdrawn funding from same-sex events. But that’s not really accurate. Not only did the stock price triple during the boycott, Home Depot says they haven’t changed their inclusive policies at all. “We haven’t made any changes to our policies for inclusion and respect of all people, regardless of their sexual orientation. We have not directed our associates to discontinue participation in Pride or other community events, and have no intention of doing so. “

Australia has elected Tony Abbott as their new Prime Minister, defeating equality supporter Kevin Rudd. Marriage equality will likely be tabled for years as a result.Tony Abbott

If your golden age of sitcoms was the 1980s like mine, the news that Candice Bergen and Charles Grodin have been tapped to recur as Michael J. Fox’s parents on his new sitcom likely makes you SQUEE! out loud.

The New Mexico Supreme Court, long thought reluctant to enter the debate on marriage equality in the state has set a hearing date for October 23 on the issue, hopefully speeding the way to a solid resolution on the issue.

The Federal Ethics Commission investigation into the failed presidential campaign of Rep. Michele Bachmann is now said to be focusing on her husband Marcus, who when not operating reparative therapy clinics is accused of improperly coordinating strategy with a  Super PAC.

Scott ThorsonScott Thorson, immortalized on the screen by Matt Damon, has been arrested for violating his probation after testing positive for meth.

Boys Town Studios, formed to donate the proceeds of their gay porn movies to charities helping GLBT Russians seeking asylum, is supposedly in post-production on their first film, Deep in the Dark, and has announced plans for their second film, Put It In Putin. “Putin grows up behind the red curtain and has to spend his whole childhood hiding who he really is. As he slowly climbs the ranks in the Russian military, he meets a Lieutenant in the Red Army named Alexander. They become best friends and once Putin is thrust into power, Alexander becomes his personal bodyguard. One day while both men are riding through Siberia on horseback, Alexander finally makes his move and the rest is history.

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka said they were moving to New York City as Neil prepares for his debut in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, and now they’ve purchased a new spacious townhome in Harlem for just that purpose, much larger than their other Harlem home, and better suited to their growing family.David Burtka Neil Patrick Harris

The Southern Baptist Convention has banned their military chaplains from performing, supporting, or even attending same-sex weddings, even if held off base. I believe they have the religious freedom to tell their affiliated chaplains not to perform ceremonies, and can support that. But telling them they can’t even attend the wedding, as a guest, perhaps of a friend and comrade that they served with in a war zone might be legal, but it’s inhumane.

Today in news about out super director/producer Roland Emmerich, he’s planning to reboot the Stargate franchise with a trilogy, and those reports about Will Smith not starring in Independence Day sequels might have been premature, as they’re having discussions now. I wonder if After Earth had something to do with the change of heart?

HijINKS Ensue perfectly captures how kids will see same-sex relationships if adults just keep their own prejudices out of the equation. It’s really simple when it comes right down to it. Joel recently announced that he was refocusing the comic on the actual characters instead of the story of the week, so it’s important to know he’s a father, and his best friend Josh is gay, so we can probably look forward to more interactions like this.

Many thanks to Joel Watson for his ongoing reprint permissionHijINKS Ensue

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Humor is a subjective thing I realize, but I have to admit I was shocked by this Funny Or Die video. Basically the theme is telling guys they need to man up and think with their nuts. It showcases bullying and has the line “feeling like a fairy” to top it off. I’m actually kind of shocked to see this come out as a featured video from Funny Or Die, who normally manages to be more positive than this.

It’s September, which means it’s cooler in the mornings, the trees are just starting to turn, Halloween decorations have been in stores for a month, and we get the first trailer for a Christmas movie, All Is Bright. Paul Giamatti stars as an ex-con who wants to win back the love of his daughter, but her mother told her he had died of cancer. So he decides to get her the Christmas gift of her dreams, a piano, by selling Christmas trees in New York City with his old partner in crime, Paul Rudd. This isn’t A Charlie Brown Christmas.

We mentioned earlier this week about an anatomy class in Australia where they realistically painted a male model with the bones, muscle and tendons of a human body in order to engage the students. The professor, Dr. Claudia Diaz says that it breaks the ice for the anatomy students and encourages them to remove their clothes for other lessons, which never happened in any of my college classes. The model is a 6’4″ soccer stud from a neighboring university who was paid $500 for the 18 hour project.

Pravda, long the mouthpiece of the Kremlin says that Russia isn’t anti-gay and that if activists have concerns, they’re invited to meet with President Vladimir Putin personally. I can imagine how that conversation would go.

Meanwhile, the BBC has a graphic and disturbing report on the rise of anti-gay violence in Russia, and it deserves the warning it gives in the beginning of the footage.

Park & Ronen is a menswear brand that is known mainly for their swimwear line, and they take us into the casting process for models for their runway show, and let us hear from the perspective of the designers and the models.

Goldfrapp has released “Annabel” a video about a girl trapped in the body of a boy, exploring transgender issues in a thoughtful, artistic way.

But on the other side of the coin, we have Christian radio host Kevin Swanson, who says that it’s OK to attend a same sex wedding, as long as you hold up a sign telling gay couples they should be put to death. Charming, this Christian love.

The BBC has put out the first trailer for their upcoming series Atlantis, where we meet a young hero named Jason. I love shows like this, and will watch, but what struck me about this trailer was that while the lead is undeniably hot, if this were a U.S. production, there would have been three months of training to get him huge, ripped, with a six pack you could do laundry on. I’m kind of inclined to prefer this approach.

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