Meme: Jussie Smollett Says Coming Out Wasn’t a Big Deal To Him, Chris Colfer Sums Up “Glee” As Puberty, Stephen Sondheim Doesn’t Have a Sex Dungeon

Gay Uncle teaches how to fly with children, IKEA kills lifestyle mag in Russian over gay propaganda law, Dominic Cooper eyed as Preacher

Jussie SmollettJussie Smollet talked to Variety about his coming out on Ellen, and kind of starts off by missing the point. “It was a bigger deal to everyone than it was for me. But at the same time I do understand why it is something to talk about.” Which is the point – he’s already done it with the people that matter in his life. So it’s not a big deal. But in the end he understands. “I didn’t talk to Ellen so that people could, be like ‘oh my God, let’s see what Jussie does in his bedroom in his private life.’ But I did talk to her so that people understood that they’re not alone. That’s all.”

Brett Berk’s tongue-in-cheek parenting advice column Gay Uncle is back, and first up he tackles the problem of flying with fussy children. He has some great gay advice, but also a failsafe plan of children’s Benadryl.

Gay Men Fighting AIDS, an action group in the UK, is undertaking a rather surprising, yet practical approach to the rising problem of chemsex. Rather than just preach that it’s wrong and dangerous, they’re trying to at least educate people on less risky ways of doing it, like using small soy sauce fish to measure doses of GHB, or pharmacies that you can get clean needles from for meth. It’s a bold tactic, and is actually being backed by NHS. The point is to try and meet people where they are rather than where you want them to be, because programs are doing no good if you’re standing there alone.

DannyTVLine has a poll up about the departed characters on Teen Wolf, and which ones you miss the most. Tyler Hoechlin is understandably in the lead since his departure is fresh on everyone’s minds, even if it hasn’t happened yet. But in last place at around 7% at the time of writing is Danny, so obviously readers of this website are in the minority.

The high school teacher at New Jersey’s Immaculata High School who went off on a Facebook rant about the gay agenda that drew the ire of Susan Sarandon has been placed on leave. Msgr. Sean Brennan says her postings were “completely inconsistent with our policy and position as a Catholic Christian community.”

Cinderella is opening much better than expected, with projections in the $70 million range. Liam Neeson’s Run All Night, which is basically Taken before the person is taken, should snage second place with $11.5 million, while Kingsmen: The Secret Service will hold onto third place.

Glee made the final appearance at Paley Fest the other night, and it was mostly heartfelt reminiscing, but it had a few humorous moments like when the cast was asked to sum up the last sixChris Colfer season, and Chris Colfer responded “Puberty” and without missing a beat, Jane Lynch said “Menopause.”

IKEA came under fire last year for censoring a lesbian story from IKEA Family Live in the Russian edition because they were afraid of running afoul of the ban on promoting homosexual lifestyles. Now the furniture behemoth says that it’s too much to police their LGBT content, so they’re shutting down the Russian edition entirely.

Someone finally asked Stephen Sondheim directly about the rumors that he had a full sex dungeon in his basement. “I have heard of this. I don’t know how it got started. No, I haven’t [got one]. There is no basis of truth in it whatsoever. It bothers me. What it represents is people trying to put me down and trash me. It’s like saying, ‘So and so’s a drunk’, ‘Who does he think he is?’ If you go downstairs there’s a washing machine and a boiler. There’s one great thing down there and that’s a cedar closet with all my original manuscripts in it.” Maybe it’s just not in the basement?

South African doctors claim to have performed a successful penis transplant. They admit getting the donor was the hard part, but the results are amazing. While they expected recovery to take two full years, after only three months, the patient is “fully functional.” There’s a market for this in South Africa, where the ritual circumcision that Dominic Coopertakes place to make the transition to manhood results in many damaged members each year, some of which have to be amputated. Does this mean that soon there will be a market to trade up?

Seth Rogen is eying Dominic Cooper as the lead in his Preacher series. based on the stills I’ve seen from the comic book, isn’t he a little handsome for the role?

How Patti Stranger can be considered a matchmaker, I’ll never understand. She sat down with some Buzzfeed staff to give dating advice, and it came straight out the 1950s. She’s sexist, misogynistic, completely clueless about bisexuals and seems to think every match is about money. Overall, she’s not just a horrible person to give dating advice, but really just a horrible person.Tim Cook Steve Jobs

Apple CEO Tim Cook says that he tried to donate part of his liver to Steve Jobs to help extend his life, but that Jobs wouldn’t consider it. “[Steve] cut me off at the legs, almost before the words were out of my mouth. [He said]: ‘No, I’ll never let you do that. I’ll never do that. I mean, here’s a guy, he’s dying, he’s very close to death because of his liver issue, and here’s someone healthy offering a way out. I said ‘Steve, I’m perfectly healthy, I’ve been checked out. Here’s the medical report. I can do this and I’m not putting myself at risk, I’ll be fine.’ And he doesn’t think about it. It was not ‘are you sure you want to do this?’ It was ‘no, I’m not doing that!’ He kind of popped up in bed and said that. And this was during a time when things were just terrible. Steve only yelled at me four or five times during the 13 years I knew him, and this was one of them. Somebody that’s selfish doesn’t reply like that.”

Since Glee set the modern standard for a musical show, I always wonder if songs on shows have been autotuned to within an inch of their lives, and sometimes even if the stars can sing. Jussie Smollett and Yazz pretty much proved that they were the real deal on American Idol this week.

Oggy and the Cockroaches is a cartoon on Nickelodeon. It’s a French import that’s kind of a modern day Tom & Jerry, if Jerry was a trio of cockroaches. But evidently French animation has different standards than the U.S., because as you can clearly see around the :15 second mark, there’s a portrait of a topless woman on the wall, nipples out and proud. Nickelodeon has reportedly pulled it from rotation.

I always loved Thunderbirds. Sure, it really was terrible, but that was part of the charm. This new movie though – wow! It’s like Sean Cody decided to do computer animation from 1998. I totally expect one of those ships to have that famous couch on it and things to go way x-rated at any moment.

A famous antique show in the tiny Texas town of Round Top (pop. 90) decided to spice things up with male strippers this year. And the town is pretty upset about it. Even though it’s restricted to women over the age of 21, inside a tent, at night, after most of the show has closed. And the dudes don’t even go Full Monty. But it is in a Christian town. Across the street from a church. At least the ladies will have something to pray about the next morning.

This dog is every one of us at the gay club on Saturday night at 1:00 AM.

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