Meme: Adam Lambert Critiques Kanye’s Glastonbury Performance, “Magic Mike XXL” Goes To Drag Bar, “Spider-Man” Will Be a John Hughes Film

Hot cop dirty dances at Pride, Ariana Grande drops f-bombs on SCOTUS justices, Heath Ledger based Ennis on homophobic uncle

Adam LambertThere’s been a lot written about Kanye’s performance at Glastonbury this weekend, especially about him proclaiming himself the biggest rock star in the world. But Adam Lambert had a note for Kanye on his “Bohemian Rhapsody” performance.  “OYE VEY Kanye. That Bohemian Rhapsody at Glastonbury though… Ouch.”

As most states begin issuing marriage licenses, Alabama is a total mess, again thanks to state Supreme Court Chief Just Ron Moore, who abstained when his court voted to hold briefings on the SCOTUS ruling, but did not halt marriages as was reported. Then Moore claimed that the ruling wasn’t in effect for 25 days after issuance. Now he’s walked that back, but probably not before striking so much fear into local probate judges that they won’t give out licenses.

Lady GagaDid Lady Gaga confuse Chicago Pride with the Mariachi Festival? It certainly looks like it, but the Lady says she knows the difference.

In the wake of the ruling striking down marriage equality bans, the Veterans Administration says it can begin to issue guidance to allow for benefits that were previously prohibited by a law that referenced place of residence rather than place of celebration. The Social Security Administration has not commented on the benefits that were restricted in the same way.

Sean Parker, rich boy of Napster and Facebook fame, is touting hacker philanthropy. Basically, he wants rich tech billionaires to use their wealth to fix Sean Parkerdiscrete problems in the world rather than locking up their money in giant foundations the way the industrialists did. Microtransactions, limited scope problems, approach issues like engineers fixing code. And putting a significant amount of money where his mouth is, he’s launched a $600 million foundation that will distribute his money in his lifetime that way.

NBC and Donald Trump can’t seem to agree on who fired whom from their relationship, but they both seem glad to have it over with. And sources say that you shouldn’t expect to see any of the junior Trumps in the boardroom if Celebrity Apprentice comes back, because it looks like they fired the whole family. That only took 200,000 signatures on a petition. A similar petition to get Macys to drop Trump has 700,000 signatures and not a word from the retailer.Lee Daniels

Lee Daniels has said he never wants to do television again after Empire, but he just signed a deal with 20th Century Fox Television to develop new series for the giant.

If you wondered if there was any queer content for us in Magic Mike XXL, well, the answer is sort of, based on this tepid review. “In an early scene of Magic Mike XXL, our stripping male entertainer protagonists stop off at a raucous Jacksonville drag bar and enter an amateur voguing contest. It’s a notable sequence for two reasons: first, it’s as close as the movie ever gets to acknowledging that there’s a male audience for our heroes’ brand of bumping and grinding. It also draws a parallel between the Magic Mike XXLperformance of femininity that drag queens deliver and the performance of masculinity of male ecdysiasts.”

An anti-gay Jewish group paid Mexican day laborers to dress up as Orthodox Jews and protest at NYC Pride. The group says they hired the laborers to fill in for yeshiva students, because “The rabbis said that the yeshiva boys shouldn’t come out for this because of what they would see at the parade.” The market finds new ways to outsource things every day. Does Donald Trump know about this?

Rand Paul has finally spoken up about the SCOTUS ruling, and basically he says that people should be able to do whatever contracts they want, but the government shouldn’t confer special status on them, so maybe the government should get out of the marriage business altogether. This is how you know Ariana Grandehe’s not a serious candidate for anything, because the number of things that would change, from tax law to inheritance to Social Security is more laws that the last dozen Congresses have passed.

Ariana Grande headlined the Pier Dance at NYC Pride, and had some words for the four justices who voted to keep marriage bans. “Make some noise if you’re proud to be who you are. Make some noise if you’re proud of who you love. Make some noise if you’re proud to be an American.Make some noise if you think the Supreme Court justices who voted against gay marriage should get their heads out of their f*cking a**es and join the goddamn celebration. Make some noise if you’ve got one less problem without them mother*ckers.” After watching her on Victorious and Sam and Cat, it’s a little jarring to f-bombs coming out of her mouth.

The Southern Baptist Convention has been threatening war over the Supreme Court ruling for months, but now that it’s happened, they appear to be ready to suffer quietly. “The gospel of Jesus Christ determines the shape and tone of our ministry. Christian theology considers its teachings about marriage both timeless and unchanging, and therefore we must stand firm in this belief. Outrage and panic are not the responses of those confident in the promises of a reigning Christ Jesus. While we believe the Supreme Court has erred in its ruling, we pledge to stand steadfastly, faithfully witnessing to the biblical teaching that marriage is the chief cornerstone of society, designed to unite men, women, and children. We promise to proclaim and live this truth Duckieat all costs, with convictions that are communicated with kindness and love.” All their screaming was about about as effective as their boycott of Disney 20 years ago.

Kevin Feige says that the new Spider-man movie will be like a John Hughes film. “It’s the soap opera in high school, and those supporting characters that are interesting. We haven’t seen a John Hughes[–style] movie in a long time … we’re inspired by him, and merging that with the superhero genre in a way we haven’t done before excites us.” So who plays Duckie? Is it Flash Thompson?

In the last week, six black churches have burned to the ground in the U.S., and at least three were definitely arson. Six black churches since Charleston while we all talked about the Confederate flag. Damn, that was a good distraction.

Here’s a helpful list of major corporations that celebrated the marriage equality ruling, which Franklin Graham can consult every time he makes a purchase. It doesn’t looJoni Mitchellk like he’s going to do a lot of shopping.

The Texas Attorney General is warning the governor, who is the former attorney general, that religious objections to not issuing marriage licenses will be subject to lawsuit, and they probably won’t win them. But he stands ready to defend the county clerks that will no doubt line up to get sued. And lose. Even Scalia has said there’s no way ministerial exception applies to public officials.

Contrary to the words of David Crosby over the weekend, the conservator for Joni Mitchell says she is recovering and speaking fine, although she’s still not walking after suffering an aneurysm.

The BBC has lost the rights to the Olympics after 2020 to Discovery and Eurosports. The BBC is quick to note that they may get the rights under a sublicensing deal.

Amber Heard says that she’s had to fight for some movie roles since coming out as bisexual. “I don’t want to have to deny my sexuality in ordeHeath Ledgerr to be me. But I don’t want to have to be defined by it. I’m fundamentally opposed to trying to edit myself to be palatable or popular. I don’t give a f**k. I fight, but I shouldn’t have to.”

Ang Lee says that Heath Ledger based his Brokeback Mountain character on a homophobic uncle, and never hesitated with the role. “Heath came in and wanted to do it right away. I think he told me that he learned from one of his uncles, who is also a very macho, homophobic gay, much like Ennis, and also a rancher.”

I’ve always been a bit jealous of how the cops in London seem to participate in Pride. They’re not just there for protection, but you see them dancing, hugging people, and having glitter painted on their faces. New York is a little more restrained. This softball player says that he’d been trying to get a cop to dance with him all day, to no avail. On his last try, he not only got a cop to dance with him, he got him to back it up and grind. New York’s Finest Booty! Isn’t it nice to see the NYPD get some good press?

Vulture imagines what Magic Mike XXL would look like as a 70s porn flick. Honestly, it looks more interesting. As they said, this is technically SFW, but your mileage may vary.

In order to promote the use of condoms during sex, a charity in Norway has a man dress up in a penis costume, sneak up on people, and ejaculate glitter. It’s unconventional, but it’s a vision that people will have at climax for the rest of their lives.

snicks showed you John Oliver’s moving speech on transgender rights in Briefs yesterday, but in his opening, he took on CNN mistaking a flag with doldos on it for an ISIS flag during London Pride. CNN’s credibility does not fare well.

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