Meme: Kelly Clarkson Unimpressed With #PitchyStrippers, Joshua Jackson Is a Cowboy, Dark Horse Resurrects “Firefly”

Mary Lambert likes “Blurred Lines,” Aaron Paul’s Breaking Bad audition, Blake Skjellerup needs your help to qualify for the Sochi Olympics

Matthew McConaugheyMatthew McConaughey’s Dallas Buyer’s Club, about a man who travels to Mexico during the early AIDS crisis to buy drugs not yet approved for sale in the U.S.  has had the release date moved up to November 1 in anticipation of a release timed to awards season.

Slate has launched a new GLBTQ section of the site called Outward, and they hope to have voices gay and straight talking. One of the things they’re hoping to promote is Gaysplaining, where straight readers can ask questions about gay life. The focus is said not to be just gay news, but to take on “passionate expressions of underrepresented and controversial points of view that we hope will make you think, make you cry, and even make you mad, all in the service of expanding the limits of the this big queer conversation.”

A new study finds that most men are disgusting when it comes to their beds, especially young guys. In fact, the majority of men 18-25 only change their sheets every three months. This is yet another reason to quit sleeping with young men. I change my sheets at least once/week.

Joshua Jackson is set to star in the new Showtime pilot The Affair, as a hard edged cowboy. Honestly, I don’t care about the marital infidelity plot Joshua Jackson– you had me with Joshua Jackson as a cowboy. I’ve had dreams about that that involved roping…

 Courtney Love is out on tour, and it seems that her audience is mostly gay men, which I find baffling. “Well, it’s a little tour and it was really fun, but there’s no new single upending it. We came together as a band, but not everything sold out. It was a lot of gay guys and a lot of girls. Some women. I think the one straight man [in the audience] was a woman’s husband… I couldn’t quite tell. Without a single and without marketing, I’m not drawing on hetero males as a core audience. But thank God for the gays! My homos — they stick by me through thick and thin.”

A judge has ordered Sante Fe and Bernalillo counties in New Mexico to start issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples. Sante Fe county began issuing them Friday as part of a separate ruling, and Bernalillo county will begin this morning at 8Am after their computers are reconfigured. New Mexico is moving fast in the marriage battle, making me wonder why we didn’t target it earlier.

Dark Horse Comics quietly announced that it was resurrecting Firefly as a title. How this flew under the radar since Friday I have no idea.Billie Jean King

Billie Jean King thinks that nations shouldn’t boycott the Olympics over Russia’s gay propaganda laws unless the athletes themselves get to vote on the move. “The athletes who have the most to derive from it and the least to derive from it if they don’t go, I think they should get the vote.”

Mary Lambert says that she’s not offended by Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” video, which many have called “rapey.” She says ““Sure, it’s gotten its flack, but it’s a fun video; I just think it’s fun. I’m a socially conscious singer-songwriter and that’s really what I focus on. But sometimes you just want to dance and have fun, and it’s okay to just sort of let all political correctness go. I think it’s just an ability to separate yourself. We see that animals are killed and we still eat meat, because we kind of have to detach.”

Texas may have no intention of allowing marriage equality, but they may soon decide if they can let gays divorce. The court cases are back on track after losing out a few years ago in a ruling that cited DOMA, which has been struck down. Many marriage equality laws were written to allow non-residents of states to marry, but require residency for divorce, leaving many couples in limbo.

Blake SkjellerupBlake Skjellerup is fairly certain to make the New Zealand Olympic team and be one of the first out athletes to compete at the Winter Games, but as he told us last month, speed skating doesn’t get a lot of financial support. So there’s a fundraising campaign to finance sending his coach and his physio to the World Cups this year, which are the qualifiers for the Sochi Games. The financial reality of a speed skater is bleak. “Bankruptcy! And a heavy amount of credit card debt! The reality is that Olympians like myself pour our hearts and souls into our sports! We do it not for money, but for the love of our sport. The Olympic Games is the pinnacle of any athlete’s career, and there are a lot of sacrifices that go into becoming an Olympian. Financial support has been my biggest struggle to date, and at times I have found myself in tears as I literally could not afford to eat. Sure the Olympic Games bring some attention your way, but for athletes like myself, the Olympics are not just every four years, they are every day!”

Just how many gay jokes were told at the Comedy Central Roast of James Franco, airing this weekend? 26, if you include the two that Franco told at his own expense.

In case you were wondering, the Parents Television Council isn’t BFFs with the Video Music Awards, and they single out Miley Cyrus as one of the Zac Efron main reasons. Awkwardly, Miley’s dad, Billy Ray, sits on the board of the PTC.

So you don’t get confused and miss it, Townies, the Zac Efron movie with him in those lovely sweatpants with Dave Franco, has been renamed Neighbors.

Oh, South Carolina, you never cease to amaze me.

Kelly Clarkson watched the Video Music Awards, and shared her impressions via Twitter. “Just saw a couple performances from the VMA’s last night. 2 words…. #pitchystrippers.”

Russia is considering bringing back the ban on gay blood donation, and also offering voluntary reparative therapy. The problem with the latter is how long Justice Ginsburgthe therapy remains “voluntary.”

Why do the Catholic leaders always fall back on marriage equality leading to incest and polygamy? Is that working for them anymore? As for his argument about the children, well, honestly his worst case scenario sounds wonderful. “Our school textbooks will have to portray sexual attraction as normal, no matter to whom one is attracted. When schools have dances, boys will have the choice of inviting a girl on a date or another boy on a date.”

Justice Ginsburg gave a rare interview about her role on the Supreme Court, and it’s worth a read, but one bit stood out for obvious reasons. She thinks the Court overreached on Roe v. Wade, and gave the conservatives a target to rally around. When she was asked if that was why the Court tried to hit the middle ground on marriage equality this year, she said “I wouldn’t make a connection.”

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Pat Robertson takes a break from his regular gay bashing to do some race baiting, blaming President Obama for what he sees as an uptick of black on white violence. He blames the president for being divisive, and claims that having an African-American president has made race relations worse.

Max and Charlie Carver of Teen Wolf have an upcoming photospread with Bello Mag, and the glossy has released Pieces of Carver as a teaser for the feature. They stay sadly clothed in layers, but one thing stands out: they may be identical twins, but they’re very, very different.

Aaron Paul is the most adorable drug dealer I’ve ever encountered, and that includes my time as a circuit boy. This is his audition tape for Breaking Bad, and he doesn’t seem quite the nasty bitch his character has become.

During the MTV Video Music Awards, Joseph Gordon-Levitt released a clip from his upcoming directorial debut, Don Jon. He and Scarlett Johannson are getting all hot and steamy, but it seems he’s destined to head home for some of that porn he loves.

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