Meme: Lady Gaga Fueds with Perez Hilton, Macklemore & Lewis Headed To the VMAs, Shirtless Matthew Mitcham Sings

Skinny-fat in the gay community, Sochi roundup, New Zealand marriage equality begins

Lady Gaga Perez HitlonLady Gaga revealed that she and Perez Hilton haven’t been BFFs since two days after her accident, when he texted her a picture of herself in a wheelchair with “KARMA” written across it with Madonna pointing a gun at her.

The plot then thickened when a fan tweeted that Perez was in the lobby of her apartment building, allegedly trying to rent an apartment there. Security was dispatched while Gaga tweeted “DO I NEED TO BE SHOT IT IN THE HEAD FOR PEOPLE TO UNDERSTAND THAT HIM AND EVERYONE ELSE THAT HARASSES ME HAS GONE TOO FAR? IM A HUMAN BEING.” For his part, Perez says she’s spreading lies about him [warning: link to his site] and he’s receiving death threats online.

The Butler dominated the box office this weekend with $25 million, with We’re the Millers taking second with $17.7 million, while Kick Ass 2 disappointed with $13.6 million. Jobs, starring Ashton Kutcher, barely registered at $6.7 million.

United for Equality In Sports and Entertainment wants the IOC to amend its charter to include sexual orientation and gender identity under protected classes along with race, religion, politics and gender. They also want the IOC to begin considering a nation’s human rights record when awarding the games to a host country.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson Justin Mikita New ZealandMarriages began in New Zealand on Monday, with Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita heading over to be part of Air New Zealand’s marriage in the sky. Congrats to all our Kiwi readers!

Have you ever been called “skinny-fat?” I always called it “gay fat” after the American Dad episode, but it’s when you’re fit by just about any standard except that of the gay community, and many consider it a problem. I admit to calling myself that until recently, when I managed to lose the last bit of love handles  around the back side, which people told me were impossible to lose. But is the gay community’s obsession with a certain physical ideal unhealthy? And is it really as bad today as it was in the past? I know when I was more in the “scene” in the late 90s, there was no tolerance. Today I still see the drive for muscles, but don’t see the push for having less than 6% body fat.

Glenn GreenwaldReporter Glenn Greenwald’s partner was detained at Heathrow Airport  under anti-terrorism acts for nine hours, and had much of his digital equipment confiscated before being allowed to continue home. Greenwald has been one of the toughest critics of the NSA spying controversy, and to many, this seems politically motivated.

Toronto filmmaker John Greyson and his partner (Deadline is saying “traveling partner” while gay press is saying it is his boyfriend-partner) have been detained in Egypt. Egypt is in the middle of unrest and political upheaval that has resulted in many deaths.

Russian Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko says the gay propaganda uproar is an “invented problem.” “I think this is kind of an invented problem. We don’t have a law banning non-traditional sexual relations, we have a different law. “It is the informational protection of the young generation. We want to prevent the young generation, whose psyche has not been formulated. We want to protect them against drunkenness, drugs and non-traditional sexual relations. We want them to grow up and when they become adults they have to define what they want. This is a law for the protection of children, but this law is not intended against anybody. It does not deprive anyone of their privacy or private life. I think mass media outside of Russia focus on this law more than they do in Russia. So I can say welcome to Russia, welcome to Sochi and all the rights and Jacques Roggefreedoms of all the people will be protected and will be secured, We are not going to deprive anybody.”

Meanwhile, IOC President Jacques Rogge says he’s committed to making Sochi open and safe for all. “The International Olympic Committee is aware that sport is a human right and must be accessible to all, regardless of ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. The Games themselves must be open to all, this applies to spectators, officials, journalists and, of course, the athletes. The IOC will continue to work to ensure that the Games take place without discrimination. We would oppose, with all our might, any movement that threatens this principle.” It remains to be seen just what kind of might the IOC really has though.

And Finnish Minister of Culture & Sports Paavo Arhinmäki waved a rainbow flag from the stands of the Work Track and Field Championships. It’s unlikely that the Russian government would risk trying to arrest him.

A federal judge in Los Angeles has ruled that the Los Angeles County requirement for porn performers to wear condoms on features produced in the county is constitutional.Jane Espenson Brad Bell Sean Hemeon

This is overall a fascinating interview with some of my favorite people, Brad Bell, Sean Hemeon, and Jane Espenson about Husbands, but having discussed the series with them before, I’m always looking for the question I didn’t ask, and in this case it was when they asked Cheeks and Sean if they felt pigeonholed as gay actors. Cheeks said “Out has nothing to do with it. It has to do with demeanor. Sean is going to be able to play a much broader range than me in terms of, ‘We need a guy who could be a linebacker, or believably making love to this woman.’ Those are roles I’m not going to be able to play. That’s OK, because I’m not the kind of actor who feels like I need to transform and be versatile! It’s not my only trade. However, it’s interesting on the other end of that, where I do get called in for stuff where they want me to be catty and bitchy and (snaps) fashion-y. If it’s interesting what they’re doing with that character, it’s great. But sometimes I read stuff and I think I’m not going to waste the time looking for parking for this thing, because it’s just horrible.

Liam PayneITV in the UK aired a two hour documentary called Crazy About One Direction, with what was supposed to be a lighter side of the band, talking about the homoerotic imagery and even speculating on their peens. But the show decided to portray the slash community around the band as “insane” and “obsessive” leading to the hashtag #RIPLarryShippers to trend, and some fans to threaten suicide over the portrayal. Liam Payne caught wind of it and turned to Twitter, and while he didn’t embrace the slash, he really didn’t seem to mind. “Just so all of you know we love you guys and we know how dedicated you are and tbh we can’t believe it that you guys spend all you time on us. We couldn’t give a fuck what any documentary says there dramatised for entertainment and full of bullshit anyway we all know…”

Emma Green-Tregaro, the Swedish high jumper who made news when she painted her fingernails the colors of the rainbow to protest the lack of gay rights in Russia has been advised to paint them over, as they were an illegal protest. Swedish officials say they were informally Emma Green-Tregaroapproached by the IAAF governing body that political protest violated the rules, and advised their athletes of it. Green-Tregaro reportedly painted her nails red, the color of love. As for the Swedish officials, they say they just passed the message along to their athletes, “If she knows she might be breaking the rules, that’s a decision she takes, we don’t have any objections on how they paint their fingernails”

Mike Kulich of porn distribution company Monarchy Distribution says that he’s forming a new gay porn company that will be non-profit, donating the profits from the Boys Town Studio line to help gay Russian refugees seek asylum in the United States. “I have always created porn for profit. This will be the first studio I launch that will give back to the LGBT community. While the advancements of gay rights in the U.S. have changed our society for the better, the setbacks abroad (particularly in Russia) made me see that this type of project was a necessity. I want to help the people suffering all over the world and living in persecuting countries using the best way I know how: making quality porn.” Of course the comments at Queerty think it’s all a publicity stunt, but I guess we’ll know this fall.

Elisa ChanSan Antonio city council womam Elisa Chan doesn’t appear to be a fan of the gays. “I don’t think homosexual people should do adoption. … You’re going to confuse those kids. They should be banned. If you wanted to choose that lifestyle, we don’t want to discriminate you, but you shouldn’t affect the young people. How terrible. … They’re going to be confused. You see two men go into a bedroom. You see two women kissing. Is that not confusing? It’s confusing. So disgusting!” What’s disgusting is that people like her hold office.

Should we embrace our gay stereotypes? I believe that we should.

Ethan Hawke says he had no business marrying Uma Thurman at age 27. He’s also a fan of sex. “I lost my virginity to someone I cared for very much and who cared very much for me. The thing that’s so important for young people to know is that, if you use protection, sex is one of the few vices that you can really enjoy as a young person.”Ethan Hawke

Marriott International has signed on to sponsor the Gay Games in 2014 in Cleveland. While this is no doubt good for business, it’s important to remember that Marriott is founded and run by a Mormon family. But the company has courted the gay community for years and supported the move to defeat DOMA.

Eric Alva was the first U.S. soldier wounded in the Iraq war, but he’s not done fighting. Speaking for a San Antonio non-discrimination ordinance, Alva was booed by religious protesters, but responded perfectly. “To all you people that preach the word of God, shame on you because God loves me, like the day I laid bleeding on the sands of Iraq and that’s why he saved me.”

The Republican National Committee voted unanimously to withhold debates from CNN and NBC over their proposed Hillary Clinton projects. NBC says it’s premature, because they don’t even have a script, much less a commitment to make a film. Alec Baldwin summed it up best by saying “If the RNC only lets Fox in, how will they tell the candidates from the reporters?”

Macklemore Ryan LewisMacklemore and Lewis will be performing “Same Love” at the MTV VMA Awards next month. This marks the first time that the same act has performed at all three of MTV’s major awards shows in the same year.

Lorri L. Jean, the CEO of the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center thinks boycotting Russian vodka is stupid. “Clearly, not only does boycotting Stoli hurt a company that actually supports us, but it has about as much impact on Putin’s policies as boycotting borscht!” Of course, at the bottom of that page, Queerty notes, echoing her other points in the piece, “Editor’s note: In the spirit of full disclosure, Queerty and our sister site GayCities are producing The Original Stoli Guy program with SPI, which makes and distributes Stoli Premium Vodka worldwide and is headquartered in Luxembourg in Western Europe.” So does anyone know if Stoli is an active sponsor of the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center?Ben Whishaw

James Franco’s Sal, the biopic of the last 24 hours of openly gay Sal Mineo’s life, is scheduled for a November 1 theatrical release.

In the wake of Orson Scott Card comparing President Obama to Hitler, is there anything that Summit can do to save the profits of Ender’s Game? They can’t tell him to shut up, they can’t ignore him.  Could they buy him out? “If Card has a backend deal, Summit could conceivably buy him out and leak it, making a public showing of gaining some distance from his views. But that could be costly, or backfire by drawing more attention to his views.”

Newly out Ben Whishaw has been cast as Herman Melville in Ron Howard’s In the Heart of the Sea, based on Nathaniel Philbrick’s novel of the Essex, a whaling ship that was attacked by a giant sperm whale stranding the crew at sea for 90 days.

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Colton Haynes is really excited that the Arrow producers let him do some of his own stunts last year, risking that flawless face, which I can’t understand how they got insurance for that. Then he says his favorite scene was his kiss with Willa Holland. Taking the girl over the action, huh Colton?

Breaking Bad is coming to an end this year, and many fans just don’t know how it will end. But could the ending be a bit of a surprise if you consider the show to not be about a drug business and more about the epic love story between Walt and Jesse?

Matthew Mitcham is back with his ukulele, shirtless, singing his version of Amy Winehouse’s “Cherry” to the true love of his life, Louis. I can understand the affection, because who wouldn’t want to cuddle with either of them. Or both.

The first promo for Glee seem to be telling us that despite the tragic loss of Cory Monteith the show is going to keep the upbeat nature that it’s known for.

Ross Matthews is someone I took some time warming up to. I just wasn’t convinced when he was on The Tonight Show that he wasn’t The Joke instead of In On the Joke. But since then, I’ve really loved the fact that he embraces who he is: gay, fanboy, fabulous. I’m curious as to what his new show Hello Ross is going to be like next month.

One of the most famous scenes in Family Guy is the first epic Chicken Fight, but it pales in comparison to this live action version staged by two stunt women that they funded for $2,600 online. It’s hard to imagine you can recreate the feeling from that insane animation with human beings, but I think they may have actually surpassed it.

Marc Summers is one of the great television hosts, from Double Dare to Unwrapped, and he sits down to share some secrets of both shows, including a rather adult bit of trivia about Double Dare that I suppose twisted minds could have guessed.

Alamo Drafthouse theaters are famous for enforcement of their no text and talking rule, and occasionally celebrities record unlikely videos to help them get their point across. Nothing seems quite as unlikely as the video they did with Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller.




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