Meme: Liam Hemsworth In His Undies Eating a Banana, ENDA Picks Up Questionable Amendment

Sharon Osbourne slams The View, Liam Hemsworth does not have sex with kangaroos, former NFL player Kordell Stewart denies gay rumors in homophobic way

Matt Lauer Al RokerYou may want to make sure that you’re not watching Today this morning, because Al Roker and Matt Lauer will be getting prostate exams live on the air. While I agree that this is an important topic that needs to be discussed, this just isn’t an image that I need in my head. Why does Thomas Roberts have to be in Russia right now?

Gore Vidal had more sex than you. A lot more. With famous people, with hustlers. In Los Angeles. In Italy. He even had it scheduled, like some people do with lunch.

Every two years when the Olympics happen, the United Nations passes a truce resolution of goodwill. This year, they added to it, calling “upon host countries to promote social inclusion without discrimination of any kind.” Sochi Games chief Dmitry Chernyshenko continues to claim we have nothing to worry about, “During the games we guarantee that there will be no discrimination whether by religious or sexual or gender. The president of the country three times repeated there will be no Eminemdiscrimination.”

The press about the anti-gay lyrics on “Rap God” doesn’t seem to be hurting Eminem, who has become the first artist since The Beatles in 1964 to have four songs in the Top 20.

Speaking of Eminem, Sia seems to have reached a breaking point on his anti-gay lyrics, and is donating her proceeds from her collaboration with him to the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center. This is one of those moments when I want to respect the move, but have to wonder if she would have done it on her own without some serious press shaming.

A Chinese theater mistakenly put up a poster for Thor: The Dark World that had Thor holding his brother Loki in a loving embrace instead of Jane Foster, pulled from the web of slash.

The Senate has adopted by voice vote a religious exemptions amendment to ENDA that prevents federal, state and local governments from retaliating against organizations that invoke the religious liberty exemption. Gay rights groups aren’t opposing it, but it seems a slippery slope and the published wording isn’t complete enough to confirm my fears.Senator Rob Portman

Senator Rob Portman, who wrote the amendment is said to have turned down the opportunity to be Mitt Romney’s running mate to protect his gay son, who was out to friends and family, but wasn’t ready to be out on a global scale yet, which makes Senator Portman a great dad. The book also claims that if Romney had named him, he would have retaliated by immediately coming out in favor of marriage equality.

Senator Harry Reid seems pretty confident that the House will eventually have to pass ENDA. “I think the House is going to have to capitulate. If they have any hope of having a president that can be a viable candidate or they think they can elect some Republicans and they want to hang on to the House, they’ve got issues.” I think he really underestimates their intransigence.

Former NFL player Kordell Stewart is denying gay rumors stirred up by his ex on Real Housewives of Atlanta. “I’m not on the down low. I’m a 100 percent man. I don’t do John Watersno homophobic. I don’t do no none of that. There is nothing about no dude I see.” Trust me Kordell, one of the things that gay men love is “100% man” and many are (and some are 80% by your standards, or 20%, and they’re all fabulous) 100%. You’re not only not helping yourself, you’re being an asshat.

Several Swedish movie theaters are adding Bechdel ratings to films, and one is going so far as to only show movies that receive an A rating on Sundays.

John Waters thinks that straight porn is getting to be obscene these days. “I agree that some porn is obscene today. Someone said ‘it’s not making love, it’s making hate’. Especially heterosexual porn. I think in the gay porn you can tell they’re both in on it. In some of the hetero porn [with] the [treatment of] women you cannot tell. But that is the limits of free speech we have to put up with.”

Kathy Griffin will host the annual Trevor Live L.A. event on December 8 at the Hollywood Palladium. Jane Lynch will be honored by the organization with the Trevor Hero Award at the event produced by Adam Shankman. The event will honor 15 years of The Trevor Project’s livfsaving services while raising vital funds for the organization.

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The cast of The Talk was on The Arsenio Hall Show, and was asked how their show differed from The View. Julie Chen tried a nice polite answer that you’d expect, but Sharon Osbourne wasn’t going to be denied her incredibly frank opinion, and bless her for that.

When Liam Hemsworth appeared on The Tonight Show, Jay had a bit of footage from his Australian television show Satisfaction, which was about high end prostitutes. The plus is that you get to see him walk around in his underwear and eat a banana, which brings up all sorts of stray thoughts that you probably already had.

Later, he talked about working with Jennifer Lawrence, and how she just has no filter, posing unreal questions to him just as they’re about to start filming. For the record, the answer is no.

If you weren’t aware, Senator Ted Cruz’ father is completely nuts. He’s a birther, anti-woman, and extremely anti-gay, and very mad at us for stealing the word “gay.” I always thought that it was willed to us. There’s little doubt that his father’s insanity influences Cruz’ politics, and since he’s a likely GOP presidential candidate, that’s bad news for us.

We’ve featured the comedy of Ryan Steele and Amy Goodmurphy before, and here they give us a look at what it’s like to have a blind date with The Undertaker. Still not as bad as some online hookups I’ve had.

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