Meme: Madonna Sets “Same Love” Grammy Performance, Streisand To Duet With Beyonce and Lady Gaga, Tom Hiddleston Shirtless and Sword Fighting

Lance Bass forgives Juan Pablo for the wrong reasons, Stephen Fry joins 24: Live Another Day, Nevada reconsiders their marriage equality arguments

MadonnaIn perhaps the worst kept secret for Sunday’s Grammy Awards, US Weekly is reporting that Madonna is going to join Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, along with Mary Lambert for “Same Love” in a surprise performance. We’ve known the Material Girl was performing, and this has been the rumor for weeks, but it seems to be a reality now.

What food matches your personality? I’m Hot Buttered Roles, which is weird, because I’m really cutting back on carbs.

Facing some heat about their “gay propaganda” law, reports coming out of Russia say they may amend the language, which technically focused on the promotion of “non-traditional sexual relations” being promoted to minors, which was interpreted by the populace and the police as all things gay. The new language would ban promotion of any sexual relations to minors, which in theory could include a straight couple kissing on the street. Unlikely to make a difference beyond the cosmetic, but it would be amusing to see straight couples hauled off to jail for holding hands.

Barbra StreisandBarbra Streisand is busy recording an album of duets, and the latest news is that she’s teaming up with Lady Gaga and Beyonce on songs, in addition to previously announced artists like Josh Groban and Bette Midler.

Andrew Keenan-Bolger pops up this week on Looking as a hookup for Dom’s character once they meet on Grindr. He also belts out “Defying Gravity” in the shower. While it’s his first onscreen kiss, he was totally ready for the Wicked sing-along. “Oh, I mean, absolutely! I’m such a total theater nerd and they had me do it a bunch of times, so I was giving them all of my favorite “Defying Gravity” options. I was doing my Eden Espinosa, my Shoshana Bean.”

I’ll just admit it – I love Enlisted. The brothers are goofy archetypes, but they’re totally committed to those  archetypes. I totally identify with ChrisEnlisted Lowell’s character personally, but in my heart I strive to be Parker Young’s character, who is just so wholesome and innocent. So I’m thrilled that moving it to 9PM bumped the ratings 67%, and even helped Raising Hope’s ratings as a lead in.

Nevada Attorney General Catherine Masto angered many when she filed a brief defending the ban on marriage equality there by invoking incest and bigamy. But in light of the ruling of heightened scrutiny in the case of jury selection in the Ninth Circuit, which is binding on her case, she’s announced that the arguments she’s filed may be untenable, and will be meeting with the governor to discuss the state’s next move.

Chad Johnson, formerly known as Ochocinco, recently activated the Instagram feature that allows people to send private photos directly to him. And he was immediately flooded with pictures of men’s butts, which he’s not down with. Lady butts are fine. So he started sharing the private photos of man butts on his Twitter, shaming the guys, and calling their photos “filth” leading to some men deleting their accounts.

Team USAWhile our side claimed victory in part of the lawsuit for marriage equality in Oklahoma, the couple suing to have their marriage from California recognized had their part of the case thrown out. Now they’re appealing the decision that said they hadn’t attempted to have the marriage recognized by the state to the 10th Circuit.

While the State Department has already warned spectators, and particularly GLBT spectators that they might not be safe in Sochi, it’s decided to again warn the Olympians that it’s probably not safe to wear their Team USA gear outside the accredited venues. I knew the uniforms were a crime against fashion (and the American flag), but I hadn’t considered how much of a target they make our athletes. And not just for Anna Wintour.

Out Australian snowboarder Belle Brockhoff says that she will do her best to represent the GLBT community in Russia, and has the guidelines down for what she can and can’t do. “The Australian Olympic Committee has been really supportive and they want me to be safe. They don’t recommend me waving a [rainbow] flag around which I won’t do. The most I’ll do is hold up six fingers to represent Principle Six. Possibly I’ll do it on camera here or there, and maybe after the heats of my event. After I compete, I’m willing to rip on his [Putin’s] ass. I’m not happy and there’s a bunch of other Olympians who are not happy either.”

An outspoken critic of marriage equality has come to a revelation: “Your same sex marriage hasn’t affected the sanctity of mine. Not even a little. The fact that I’ve lived in states where my LGBT friends and neighbors are treated equal in the eyes of the law has not in the smallest way, done anything to harm the ‘sanctity’ of my marriage. But, you know who Stephen Fryhas? Me. Yeah, I’m the biggest threat to the sanctity of my marriage.”

Stephen Fry has joined the cast of 24: Live Another Day as the Prime Minister of the UK. Who wouldn’t like to see Stephen Fry as the Prime Minister?

Matt Lauer says that any terrorism or gay rights issues that come up during the Olympics will be reported as news. “We hope nothing happens, but we’re going there completely aware of the fact that something could happen at any moment. I’m going to host the Opening Ceremony, and so obviously, if there are displays of support for the uh, or, against the anti-gay or anti-propaganda laws in Russia, we’ll cover it as it happens.” Here’s the thing Matt – it is happening. Everyday. People are being arrested, beaten up, and killed. This is what should be part of those background puff pieces your network always does on the host country. Don’t wait for actuGeorge Takeial blood to flow before you bring it up. Do you job and tell the whole truth.

Canada joins a lot of Western nations with a quiet middle finger to the Russian laws by choosing outspoken critic of the law Hayley Wickenheiser, the nation’s most decorated female hockey player, as their flag bearer for the Opening Ceremonies.

Would science like to please stop discovering things? I’d like some parts of my high school education to still be valid by the time I die.

George Takei thinks outing is wrong, unless you’re outing an anti-gay politician. “I don’t believe in outing people because there are individual situations, but politicians who have taken a position contrary to what they really are they need to be called to task. You know it’s like when Lance Bassyou’re training a dog to be housebroken you push his nose to the accident he’s committed. A politician who has been hypocritical and dishonest has no place in public service and they need to be called to task.” You never know, they might be into that. Closeted guys can be pretty kinky.

I’m all for forgiveness of idiots who say stupid anti-gay things and learn, but Lance Bass’ reasons for forgiving The Bachelor’s Juan Pablo play into some of the worst stereotypes of the gay community. “Of course it’s disappointing, because you don’t want someone who (you) actually love to have those thoughts.” So basically he’s admitted he’s forgiving the guy because he’s hot and gives him a boner, not because he really sees him as worth redemption.

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Kidnapped for Christ, executive produced by Lance Bass picked up the audience award for documentary feature at Slamdance last week. The trailer, about the insanity of parents who send their kids off to be “cured” of things like being gay, has the trailer below.

I remain fascinated by The Lego Movie. It’s kind of wild to see so many characters together in one film, from Batman to God, and none of them really sacred versions. Batman in particular takes some serious lumps. In this featurette, the characters talk about the actors who voice them, and what each choice means to them. Thankfully, they feel the same way about Will Farrell as I do.

I consider myself a pretty big fan of the Muppets,  but there are some facts about our little felt friends in this video that are news to me.

I’m not entirely sure that the Internet is ready for this video of Tom Hiddleston shirtless, being body painted, then fighting with  a sword, jumping rope, and doing pushups. You may want to be sitting down before you press play.

The extent of the surveillance of our lives by the NSA may continue to shock some people, but tech companies are taking a lot of heat about helping the government. Apple’s Tim Cook sat down with ABC to talk about the tech giant’s view of the surveillance and what would have to happen to get them to cooperate with the government to the extent that has been alleged.

I know that this video of Orphan Black’s Jordan Gavaris talking about the reaction of the GLBT community to his character, not to mention his view of the wrongheaded view the straight community has taken to Felix, is a year old, but with the show up for so many awards lately, not to mention that it’s pilot season for the networks and so many new characters are taking shape that I thought it might deserve another viewing, not to mention cheering.

Queer Nation continues to hold the feet of the Olympic sponsors to the fire with this #CheersToSochi commercial they put together for Coca-Cola, which reminds the world just what these billion dollar brands are promoting with their money and their silence.

Goldie Hawn shocked a lot of fans when she posted a picture of herself meeting with the president of Nigeria this week on Twitter. She quickly began apologizing for not knowing who he was or the horrible things that he was doing to GLBT people in his country via Twitter. She also took time to sit down with Huffington Post to discuss how it came about and her own feelings on the situation. It’s actually pretty awesome that she did this. So many celebrities go to birthday parties or sing for oppressive dictators and just claim ignorance via a statement while pocketing a  paycheck. Goldie took a spontaneous photo in a social setting, then took responsibility for it, and faced the press and her fans head on when she realized what she’d done.

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