Meme: Michael Fassbender Gets Frank, Andrew Garfield Did Not Abandon Batkid, Joey Fatone Caught Lance Bass With His First Boyfriend

A salute to ectomorphs, inside popular masturbation parties, Virginia finally repeals sodomy ban

Lance Bass Joey FatoneLance Bass says that the first person in ‘NSync he came out to was Joey Fatone, but it wasn’t on purpose. “Joey walked in on me with the guy I was dating just kind of sitting on my lap. Straight guys don’t do that.” As for Joey’s reaction? “He was like, ’Dude, I don’t care.’ I’m like, ’Surprise!’ Joey was just like, ’Dude, I don’t care. I have so many gay friends — I don’t care.'”

Sony is going to make a movie called Grasshopper Jungle, and the description will make you think the executives were high when they bought it.  “It’s perhaps best described as Stand By Me meets Attack The Block, a coming-of-age yarn revolving around a teenager in Iowa trying to come to grips with his own sexual feelings as he and his cohorts cause a deadly genetically engineered plague that unleashes an army of 6-foot-tall praying mantises with an insatiable appetite for fighting, food, and fornicating.” And what sexual feelings are those?

Examining the pull of group masturbation parties.

Here are 10 Ectomorphs that prove size doesn’t matter. Three cheers for ectomorphs!

Evidently in Canada, not only is there universal healthcare, marriage equality, and a natural immunity to the cold, they also have a gay porn channel called Ken CuccinelliMaleFlixxx. And it’s in trouble with the regulators. Not because they mind gay porn, but the channel is importing too much porn, and the rules for television in Canada say that you have to use 35% Canadian content.

Virginia has finally passed a bill to repeal their unenforceable ban on sodomy, meaning you no longer have to worry about how you get off, just finding someone who wants to help. No doubt, Ken Cuccinelli is weeping into a wine glass somewhere.

Nathan Hewitt was labeled Britain’s fattest teenager when he was 15 years old, eight years ago. He decided to lose some weight when he wasn’t allowed to ride a roller coaster because he was so obese the safety bar wouldn’t lock. Fast forward eight years, and you really should see him. He’s so fit, he’s been given a grant to start a fitness firm to help other obese children.

Retired Justice John Paul Stevens has a new book coming out, and he proposes that the U.S. needs six separate amendments to the Constitution to remain functional. In today’Andrew Garfields political climate, that’s not happening, but the ideas are so obvious it should be. Anti-Commandeering Rule? Political Gerrymandering?  Campaign Finance? Sovereign Immunity? Death Penalty? Second Amendment? All these things need fixed.

Stories have been circulating that Andrew Garfield, regarded as one of the good guys of Hollywood, threw a tantrum over an Oscar bit where he was to induct Batkid in the superhero pantheon because he didn’t like the script, leaving the terminally ill child out of the telecast. But Oscar producers say the bit was cut for time and tone. Plus, Garfield drove to Disneyland to spend the day with Batkid and even held a mini-Oscars in his hotel.

And finally, in this NSFW link, you can enjoy the Spain’s University of Girona Rugby Team, who loves to play in the nude, the way rugby was meant to be played.


Well, that’s one way to advertise your show. I’m guessing that’s Michael’s torso?

This is a #TBT, but it was so awesome I had to include it

Conceptually, Stuart Edge’s Instant Date Prank is brilliant. He places a button out on the boardwalk, and when someone presses it, off come his outer clothes or his female accomplice’s outer clothes, minders rush in with a table and chairs and dinner, and you have an instant date, and many play along. I found it on Tumblr with GIFs showing two guys on a date and I thought “How sweet and inclusive.” But when you actually watch the video, and a male is set to go with whomever presses the button, we get “I didn’t sign up for this!” and the end of the date. So now YouTube pranksters are too insecure about their sexuality to follow thru? It’s not like the dates required a hookup at the end.

The Simpsons have made wonderful couch gags for 25 years, so you know the well has to be running dry. So they’ve been outsourcing them lately to classic animators like Guillermo del Toro to great effect. This week we see Sylvian Chomet take over, and we get very, very French.

Michael Fassbender has been Magneto. He’s shown he has no reason to feel Shame. And now he’s Frank, and Frank is a little strange. I’m not sure why you would hire someone as pretty as Fassbender to do a film in which his head is encased in a paper mache head like some indie version of a Jack In the Box ad, but if you want to embrace the weird, this film is for you.

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