Meme: Michael Sam Shakes What the Weight Room Gave Him, Hip-Hop Shuns Frank Ocean Because He’s Gay, Dan Osborne Strips Down For “Attitude”

Harvey Weinstein acquires The Imitation Game, Juan Pablo nude pic set to leak, Nevada drops defense of marriage ban

The Imitation GameHarvey Weinstein has purchased the U.S. rights to The Imitation Game, the Alan Turing biopic staring Benedict Cumberbatch, and it sounds like he’s got big plans for it. “Teddy Schwarzman and Morten Tyldum took a script that Bob [Weinstein] and I loved but were worried about its tone, because if you got it wrong one inch to the left or one inch to the right, you would have major problems. These guys got it so perfect. They did a better job than I ever could have. Benedict is unbelievable, and this is going to be a big year for Keira. We look at this as a major release, and we’re thrilled to have it.”

I learned something new – unlike most awards ceremonies, winners don’t get their statues in the mail if they win an Oscar. They get their trophy at the Governor’s Ball, where they place the nameplate on themselves. I found this out when the internet freaked out that a CNN report showed Leonardo DiCaprio’s nameplate in a story about the making of the famous statues and people thought it was spoiled. But the factory makes plates for all the nominees, and recycles the losers.

Just when GLAAD thought their work was done with The Bachelor’s Juan Pablo, he comes out with a “gay relative” statement. “I have a cousin who is gay. Juan PabloHis sister is a nun. So it’s been around my house all my life. So, to me, it was a misunderstanding. It’s been hard because, to me, when I speak English, it happened to me two months of filming, sometimes the words that I used were not interpreted the way that they should be interpreted, or I use a wrong word. So I will go on my phone, Google and find the right word and do it that way.”

But I hope that he’s OK with gay guys staring at his willy because there’s supposedly a full frontal, erect photo about to come out that a tabloid says he sent to the recipient of the final rose.

HLN, once known as Headline News, is being rebranded as a social news network, and it’s going to source their news from blogs. The goal is to share “trending news, viral events and stories that have viewers most obsessed, plus discover emerging social stars.” Dear lord. A network devoted to Justin Bieber and One Direction.

Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto has filed a brief to withdraw her defense of the marriage equality ban, saying it doesn’t work in the face of the SmithKline ruling in the 9th Circuit. This means the state will no longer be defending the ban in court, and one county clerk has also withdrawn his defense. How long until this ban goes down in flames?

Meanwhile, the Indiana Senate committee has advanced the amended marriage amendment ban, which if adopted by the full Senate would reset the clock and require the new bill to be passed Michael Samagain in 2016. I can’t help but think this is a face saving measure for conservatives who want to be seen as “defending marriage” but realize they can’t win on this, so they’re kicking the can down the road.

Buried deep in the White House briefing was something about Michael Sam I had noticed but couldn’t quantify. Sunday night he was a second or third round draft pick, somewhere between 33-96. But Monday morning, ESPN was talking third or fourth round while I was at the gym. CBS dropped him overnight to 160, and current numbers say 110, just because he came out.

T-Pain was interviewed by DJ Vlad, and expressed a lot of anger at the homophobia in hip hop, then dropped this bomb. “I think the radio is getting more gay Frank Oceanfriendly. I don’t think Urban music is getting more gay friendly. If that was the case, Frank Ocean would be on a lot more songs … I know n***as who will not do a song with Frank Ocean just because he’s gay.”

Speaking of Frank Ocean, he’s Jonathan Groff’s celebrity crush, and dream guest star for Looking. “Frank Ocean. Frank Ocean is the first one that comes to my head. He’s completely like my celeb crush. He’s amazing.” Would Frank really put up with Patrick?

Discredited researcher Mark Regenerus has filed a brief in the Utah marriage ban case. His study has been completely debunked, isn’t there a watch list he can be placed on that will ban him from wasting the time of the courts?

Scott Lively, currently on trial for crimes against humanity for his anti-gay work in Africa, says all the Russian hate crimes are faked by other gays. “I have just two words in response the Human Rights Watch video of supposed homosexual harassment in Russia: Matthew Shepard. I say the Human Rights Watch video is just another piece of deceptive Machiavellian ’gay’ propaganda, Scott Livelyoffered to prove the completely false narrative that all disapproval of homosexuality leads to hatred and murder. Whether or not any parts of the video are unstaged, the product as a whole is perpetrating a hoax. Do not be fooled. The ’gays’ are not the victims, at least not as a class. In stories like this they are usually the bullies beating up each other (or themselves) on and off camera, sometimes by consent, to dupe the public into granting them collective ’victim status,’ with all of the extensive social and political benefits that entails.”

“God never created anybody that he doesn’t love. Anybody who doesn’t show love towards gay and lesbian people is insulting God. They are not just homophobic if they do that – they are actually Godophobic because God loves every one of those people. Certainly the sort of actions that we heard of this week of people being spat at because they were gay or ridiculed – that is not a Christian attitude. We have to have the courage to stand up and say that. We all belong to one another and there is no way we can build up a society in which people are excluded or insulted.” –Archbishop of Dublin

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The Ark is a little unique. I recommend going full-screen and just sitting back. There are no CGI effects here, just sound and light projected on cacti, which make a really trippy screen.

There are so many things I could say about God’s Not Dead. The idea of debating your atheist philosophy professor as a freshman and convincing him that God exists is just silly. And that this young guy basically loses his hot girlfriend to have the debate. Or the idea that a college student would take the path of most resistance to an A. But I’m choosing to focus on the fact that two of Hollywood’s least known conservatives are making this. Dean Cain is a rabid Republican whose politics fly in the face of Superman, who he once played. And then you have Kevin Sorbo, who played Hercules, man of the people, who is a giant teabagger who believes in impeaching the president and that everyone getting public assistance is a scam artist.

When Tyler Posey, Holland Roland and Tyler Hoechlin went on The Today Show, it was obvious that Hoda and Kathie Lee hadn’t watched the show or read their cue cards. They called them vampires. And Tyler asked them how much wine they’ve had, and the ladies were offended – like inquiring into the onscreen drinking habits of those two could be something to be offended about.

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We brought you the Justice League Christmas a few months back, and now it’s time for Valentine’s Day. With the help of some magic cookies, things are going to get hot. And based on his reaction, I think I know which Green Lantern we’re dealing with.

Michael Sam might have just come out to the world at large, but he wasn’t really in the closet. And TMZ has obtained this footage of him dancing shirtless at a Missouri gay bar with some ladies. That is a whole lotta man, and he’s having fun. Good for him.

You don’t often get a lot of exposure to the voice behind animated Disney characters – it breaks the magic. But a private show with Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, and Josh Gad happened recently, and The Hollywood Reporter put up this footage of Idina singing “Let It Go” live, and as always, she’s flawless.

This…this…I just don’t know what to say about the sounds that baby rhinos make. I just wasn’t expecting this. I’m going to need a moment.

The Teen Wolf cast is having goofy fun in New York City, as seen by Ian Bohen and Charlie Carver performing a Snow Globe.

Finally, because it’s cold here and we all need a way to warm up, here’s the NSFW behind the scenes footage of the photoshoot for Attitude’s Naked Issue. You really get a good look at what fascinated Tom Daley so much about Dan Osborne.

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