Meme: Jake Gyllenhaal Exits “Into the Woods,” Rep. Michelle Bachmann Got a Dildo As a Gift, “Drop Dead Diva” Adds Closeted Baseball Player

Teen Wolf to flashback to Deucalion’s youth, Chevy Chase is sexy, not gay, and Miley Cyrus is cool with being called a lesbian

Jake GyllenhaalJake Gyllenhaal has dropped out of Into the Woods because his indie movie Nightcrawler got greenlit. It’s a shame, because I was looking forward to hearing him sing.

The HIV Organ Policy Equity Act, which would allow HIV+ patients to receive donations from other HIV+ people has passed a House committee, and already passed the Senate, giving hope to over 1,000 people each year in need of life saving transplants.

A Christian counseling group mistakenly sent Rep. Michelle Bachman a vibrator as a Rep. Michelle Bachmanngift.

Gay marriage is wrong. Honestly, I can identify with this piece.

As part of the corporate takeover of Tumblr, porn blogs are being removed from tag searches, making them all but impossible to find. And it’s not just formal porn blogs, but any blog that admits to posting NSFW content.

Miley Cyrus is completely cool with it if you want to call her a lesbian. “Everyone said I was a lesbian but I’m like, ‘Being a lesbian isn’t a bad thing. So if you think I look like I’m a lesbian, I’m not offended. You can call me much worse.’ I’ve been called much worse.”Miley Cyrus

In the Italian version of Vanity Fair, Sir Elton John seems to be praising Pope Francis. ”Francis is a miracle of humility in an era of vanity.”

Dan Harmon recalls fighting with Chevy Chase on the set of Community. “[Chevy is] a befuddled old man, but he’s also the guy who calls you to his trailer and shakes the script in the air and says: ’I’m not a befuddled old man! I’m sexy! I could be the star of this show! I’m not gay. You’re writing me as if I’m gay.” So he’s sexy, but not gay.

The Senate has sent out a blast email to staffers telling them that if they’re legally married, they can apply for full benefits, regardless of state of residence.

Steamy lesbian Palme d’Or winner Blue Is the Warmest Color was expected to be a contender in the Foreign Language category at the Oscars, but will be ineligible due to the release date of the film in France.

Ken CuccinelliVirginia Attorney General (and gubernatorial candidate) Ken Cucicinelli has launched a new website supporting his quest to have the state’s sodomy law ruled constitutional, saying it’s necessary to stop pedophiles. Charming man.

With DOMA (partially) defeated, the Republican leadership of the House has until Thursday to decide if they intend to continue defending a case in Massachusetts concerning spousal benefits for same-sex military members. This one is tricky, because it’s not just about DOMA, but also about two statutes in Title 38 of the U.S. Code refer to spouses as opposite sex. Rep. Nancy Pelosi has called for BLAG to drop the case.

Here’s 41 GIFs of Teen Wolf hunks to remind you why we watch this show.Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling swears that it wasn’t him that came up with the phrase “cum dumpster” for Only God Forgives. “You know, as shocked as you are by that [expression], I’m as shocked to be thrown under the bus for that. They were trying to come up with terrible things to say, and what was the worst thing you could say, and there was a long list of options, which they came up with, too, which never hit the newsstands, thank God. But Kristen got it wrong: I said the worst thing you could call someone was a “dumb hipster.” And she heard it in this other way, and I can’t take responsibility for how her brain twists things.”

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Next week on Teen Wolf it looks like we get another flashback episode, but this time it’s not the retelling of a few days of the Scooby Gang, we learn the history of Deucalion and Kali, and what they have to do with Peter, and perhaps a bit about the color of the werewolves eyes, which I’m curious about.

West Hollywood Hotel is the NSFW look at five couples that check in and explore their relationships through some very odd occurrences, perhaps the oddest being what happens to the straight couple.

This extremely handsome man would like to show you how to cure your hangover in 81 seconds. Honestly, he just bounces from one cure to another without really coming down in favor of a cure, and mostly skips over my surefire cure.

Drop Dead Diva has a strong history with GLBT characters. In an upcoming episode, we have a closeted baseball player accused of murder, and his only defense will be to come out and use his boyfriend as an alibi, which he’s terrified to do. It’s not a new storyline, but maybe they can make it end well.

And once again, we have Texas Rep. Louis Gohmert making an ass of himself, saying of the DOMA decision that the SCOTUS justices are either liars or ignorant. Obviously he meant to be saying that he was lying or ignorant.

One of the many joys of being gay is not having to worry about accidentally getting someone pregnant, but for those of you who have that concern, C-Block can take your worries away. NSFW

If you have ten minutes, these displays of 275,000 dominoes falling are absolutely stunning, as well as being a new world record.

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