Meme: Neil Patrick Harris Certain For Tony Nom, Rush Limbaugh Mad About Stephen Colbert, “Girl Meets World” Peek

Parker Young

Guy Branum talks gay bar names, Michael Fassbender’s Sir Ian impression, Parker Young joins Geoff Stultz for new pilot

Enlisted is almost certainly dead, and since I need a way to keep Parker Young on my television, I’m thrilled he’s joining the unfortunately titled Cuz-Bros with his Enlisted costar Geoff Stults. Stultz will play an uptight, put-together man whose life is turned upside down when his screwup cousin moves in. Young is that cousin, described as “sweet, clueless and naive with an uncanny ability to say/do the wrong thing at the wrong time, even though he means really well,” which is exactly the character Young plays to well.

Chris Geidner was in Denver for the Utah marriage appeal, and it seems one judge is on the side of equality, one thinks states have the right to make the rules, and another had pointed questions for both sides.

President Obama tied LBJ’s civil rights legacy to the current struggle for equality by repeating one of his favorite speech lines. “We, the people, declare today that the most evident of truths – that all of us are created equal – is the star that guides us still; just as it guided our forebears through Seneca Falls, and Selma, Stephen Colbertand Stonewall.”

You know who isn’t happy about Stephen Colbert getting David Letterman’s old job? Rush Limbaugh. “How longer is comedy going to be a covert assault on traditional American values. Now it’s wide out in the open. What his hire means is that it’s a re-definion of what is funny and a re-definition of what is comedy. They’re blowing up the 11:30 format under the guise the world is changing. People don’t want the kind of comedy that Carson gave us or even Leno. It’s the media planting the flag here. Media’s last stand. It’s a declaration.”

North Carolina was the last state to successfully pass a marriage equality ban, back in 2012. The numbers there are shifting fast though, moving 9 points in favor of equality, with 40% of the population embracing the 21st century.

Buzzfeed has an exclusive look at a new survey conducted by JWT, an advertising firm, about what consumers think about seeing same-sex couples in ads for major brands like Coke, Honey Maid and Chevrolet. Eight in ten people feel it just “reflects the reality of our society today.” 60% of people think the brands are being appropriately inclusive, while 57% think it’s cool seeing same-sex couples in advertising. The ad matters – people love the husbands ad for the Kindle, but Targets up close and personal ad for their wedding registry was found to be controversial by 61% of people.

Fox is going to try and build their own cinematic universe around the X-Men. Dream movies for the first solo outings include Gambit, Mystique (can they afford Jennifer Lawrence?) and MystiqueDeadpool.

A federal court in Indiana has ordered the state to recognize the marriage of a terminally ill woman who was married out of state.

Blue singer Lee Ryan has responded to that nasty Twitter rant from his ex suggesting that he’s gay. He never says he’s not, but he doesn’t seem to claim the label either. “I’ve been asked by a few people why I haven’t reacted over recent claims & my answer is this. ‘The claims that I am gay don’t faze me. I don’t care if people think I’m gay, why would I care? I would be proud. Sexuality doesn’t need to be defended or justified.’”

People are already starting to talk about Tony nominations, and while some, like If/Then are obvious, both Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Neil Patrick Harris have a shot if it opens well, Harris in particular. “Regardless of how Hedwig and the Angry Inch does, Neil Patrick Harris—who has never won—is all but guaNeil Patrick Harrisranteed a nomination for Hedwig. Voters are likely to lean his way, too, for his overall service to Broadway and his post-HIMYM return to the stage. Unless he falls way short of expectations when the show opens, he’s a good bet.

Rep. Mike Coffman of Colorado has signed on as the seventh Republican sponsor of ENDA. “I see this legislation as the workplace equivalent of the Golden Rule — do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. In the workplace, in 2014, we should judge employees the way we would want to be judged — based on our qualifications, our contributions and by our character, period.” It’s a pretty safe position as Speaker Boehner has no intention of bring the bill up for a vote.

People in the UK are wringing their hands because one in four young people were 12 or under when they first saw internet porn. When I was 12, I’d already seen porn, and the internet didn’t exist. But my friend found a VHS tape we watched. He threw up during the blow job. This isn’t new information.

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It seems like forever since Cory and Topanga graced our screens, and they’re now almost back, albeit a little more on the grown up side. Disney is bringing us Girl Meets World this summer, and we get just a taste of the angle they’re pursuing with this teaser clip. Seems a bit heavy handed to me.

It’s almost time for How To Train Your Dragon 2 to grace our strings, and while Hiccup is all grown up and quite the strapping young lad, no boy is too old for his mommy. Especially when his mommy commands an army of dragons and you’re heading into an epic battle for survival.

Hugh Jackman sits down with his X-Men: Days of Future Past costars Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy to do impressions of their elder selves, not to mention trying to get a lock on how director Bryan Singer sounds when he’s trying to give direction to a venerable actor like Sir Ian McKellen.

Guy Branum appeared on Chris Hardwick’s @Midnight this week, and the game might have been rigged, since one of the challenges was to determine if a title was a gay bar or a 19th Century Industrial Complex. Guy actually gives a shocking level of detail to his answers.

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