Meme: Neil Patrick Harris Returns To “Adventure Time,” Anderson Cooper Gets Blown, and Why Matt Morris Won’t Write For Chris Brown

Neil Patrick Harris will be returning to Adventure Time for another gender-swapped episode where he’ll reprise his role as Prince GumballPrince Gumball, with Donald Glover joining as the male version of color vampire Marceline. If you’re not watching this show, you’re missing out. I don’t know how they slip so much past Standards & Practices. Now if they’d just do a live-action gender-swapped episode.

We’re also going to get a Powerpuff Girls movie from Cartoon network, complete with an original song sung by Ringo Starr, but sadly they’re going with computer animation.

There’s some movement for immigration reform in the Senate, but current plans haven’t even discussed whether same-sex couples will be part of the solution.

Matt Morris is a talented out musician, but he’s always made waves as a songwriter (he’s the one who wrote Cher’s upcoming “Woman’s World”). He gets submissions all the time, and recently got one from Chris Brown. He explains, in beautiful detail, why he would never work for Chris Brown, but he’d love to work with Frank Ocean.

Kwame HarrisIn strange things I never thought I’d write, former NFL player Kwame Harris has been charged with attacking his ex-boyfriend at a San Francisco restaurant after fighting about soy sauce and stolen underwear.

In news that’s both sad and a sign of the times, Barnes & Noble announced plans to close a third of their stores over the next decade as the world shifts to digital. I don’t have a bookstore within 60 miles of my home.

Paul Giamatti has reportedly been hired to play The Rhino in the sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man. After The Lizard in the last film, I was hoping for something a little less brutish from the rogues’ gallery for the next film.

In Wyoming, a house panel has rejected a marriage equality bill 5-4, but advanced a civil unions bill 7-2.

In the UK, the Catholic Church has warned their school heads that anyone in a non-chaste relationship outside of marriage, including a civil partnership could find their job in danger. It’s not just gays they’re after, as they also warn divorcees who remarry, or those who marry outside the Catholic Church without approval.

Oklahoma Pastor James Taylor was questioned as to why shellfish and pork, both listed as “abominations” in the Bible along with homosexuality David Furnish Zachary Elijah and Sir Elton Johnwere OK, while being gay wasn’t. He responded that technology had advanced, and refrigeration made pork just fine in the eyes of the lord.

The White House might have to revise their response to building a Death Star, because the estimated cost of $850 quadrillion was grossly overblown. Can they at least revise the plans to remove that pesky exhaust door?

People has the first family portrait of Sir Elton, David Furnish, Zachary, and new arrival Elijah, and it’s a cute family. For now, they’re staying in Los Angeles, but plan to return the family to England in a few months.

If President Obama doesn’t file a brief in the Prop 8 case, is he signalling to the Supreme Court he doesn’t think the case passes constitutional merit? The New York Times seems to think so, though I admit he’s in a weird spot with both the Prop 8 case and the Windsor case before the court at the same time.

Victor GarberVictor Garber says that he’s surprised at the attention to his “coming out” this month. “It was a surprise. To me, it’s old news, and I don’t really talk about my personal life because frankly, I’m not really interested in other people’s personal lives. It’s the world we live in and I understand it, but I don’t participate in it. It’s just sort of this insatiable appetite the public has to know things and I just find it, frankly, sad.” Resisting. Soapbox.

Steven Soderbergh has this to say about Behind the Candelabra. “It was really fun. The world of it was just bananas. It was great to see Michael and Matt jump off the cliff together. Nobody can accuse them of being shy. They just went for it. It’s pretty gay.”


 At the SAG Awards, everyone was excited to meet Dick Van Dyke, but Aaron Paul’s trademark pose may have expressed it best

 Of course, Joey Richter, Darren Criss, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita were pretty happy to be together too


 I wish I had the same word rate as Sarah Palin got from Fox News

 Just in time to make Valentine’s Day gay, we bring you the unicorn bouquet

Willam Belli, Detox and Vicky Vox are back with their new NSFW song “Boy Is a Bottom.” I have to give it to them, the musical style is pretty awesome, though I think they’re being awfully hard on bottoms, who get a bad rap. The fact that they follow him around town singing it about him is pretty hilarious though. Take time to pause it and read the Grindr profile.


Anderson Cooper may be out now, but I’m starting to think he really doesn’t understand what a blow job is.


What happens when you open a can of mixed nuts in space? Thanks to rock star Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, now you know.


This panoramic view from the top of the world’s tallest building the Burj Khalifa is stunning. It really seems like the air is thinner all the way at the top. I’d love to get the chance to see this in person.


Tegan and Sara try and teach Andy Samberg how to be a heartthrob, but his natural goofiness is far more endearing that anything they come up with.


In the latest Knights of Badassdom trailer, the cosplaying heroes summon a real succubus only to have things go from fake to real very, very fast. This movie still has no release date, which breaks my heart.


A couple of weeks back, Beyonce put out a notice that you could audition to be a backup dancer for her Super Bowl show this Sunday. I think she should put this kid front and center. If he was there, nobody would notice if she lip synched.


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