Meme: Pixar Gets Hot With “Lava,” Why Michael Sam’s Showers Matter, Does “Teen Wolf” Have More Heart Than “Buffy?”

Nolan Funk joins Arrow, the rare sexualization of men in comics, Matt Doyle sings of “Home”

nolan FunkNolan Funk has joined Arrow as part of Felicity’s backstory episode. He’ll be playing her hacker boyfriend from her Harvard days, and as you can see in today’s gallery, they may have some physically intense scenes. There’s no word on if Funk will exist in Felicity’s present or if it’s just a flashback, but we do know he plays evil pretty well.

We told you yesterday about young Daniel, who was physically assaulted by his family shortly before being disowned and kicked out. The New Civil Rights Movement has some more background on him, how it happened, how the video went viral, and his current living arrangements. While this is one of the most awful things I’ve had to watch in a while, the fact that he’s safe, and that the internet community has come together to raise over $38,000 for his living expenses does warm the heart a little.

Deadspin makes a decent case for while EPSN’s reporting on Michael Sam’s alleged showering habits was dumb and tasteless, if he is in fact showering separately, by choice or under pressure, it does matter. Because it mattered once before. “After one game Robinson waited for all the other Dodgers to shower before he took his shower. Outfielder Al Gionfriddo said to him, ’You’re part of this team. Why are you waiting to be the last guy in the shower? Just because in some states Negroes can’t Michael Samshower with whites, that doesn’t mean it has to apply here in our clubhouse.’ The two men went in and showered.” And the fact that everyone is now ashamed to talk about the reality, whatever that really is, means that if there is a problem, it will remain in the shadows.

Rumors have been flying that DC has a “no jokes” policy for their superhero universe, taking the dark and gritty route, which is depressing enough, but if this quite plausible rumor is true, they’ve taken depressing to a whole new level.

Cat terrorizes a Texas neighborhood.

While nothing may stack up to the sexualization of women in comic books, there have been times when men were sexualized as well, though nowhere near as often. I was completely unaware of swimsuit issues, or many of these characters, although Tumblr has made me aware of the fact that Nightwing has a greatCaptain America butt.

How would New York City deal with being attacked by a giant Staypuff Marshmallow Man? Probably by calling in the Air Force. But then you’d have cleanup issues. Gizmodo looks at what it would take by talking to the Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services, then calling Just Born, the makers of Peeps, to talk about how you clean up 2,000 tons of splattered marshmallow.

If you’re a fan of Fawlty Towers, you’re going to have to check out this Lego recreation, accurate down to the Lego moose.

A California bill that would outlaw gay or trans-panic defenses is headed to the desk of Governor Jerry Brown. If any state is overdue to outlaw ridiculous defenses, it should be the state that gave us the Twinkie Defense, which oddly did not refer to panic attacks induced by lithe hairless young gay men.

Australia is presenting a strong defense to the World Congress of Families convention taking place in Melbourne, assuming they can find anywhere to meet, with multiple venues, including Catholic venues, canceling on the group for their extreme views of women, abortion, and gays. And the National Senate passed a resolution condemning the group. If thisKyra Sedgwick convention were in Washington, D.C., Rep. Michelle Bachmann would have ordered them a military color guard.

Kyra Sedgwick is donning police blue for a guest role on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and she’s got a history with out Captain Holt. “Kyra brings so much presence and gravitas to the role — exactly the traits needed to stand off against Andre Braugher. And she pitched one of the funniest flashbacks that we’ve ever done!”Tyler Posey Dylan O'Brien

A federal court has stayed North Carolina’s marriage equality case until the Supreme Court hears Virginia’s case. If SCOTUS declines to take up Virginia, the stay will automatically lift. This is all of particular interest to me as I’m in the same Circuit as Virginia and North Carolina, and the West Virginia case seems to follow this same stay pattern. Not that I have anybody I’m trying to marry, but it does make this one more immediate.

Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien talked to EW about their Teen Wolf auditions, their old bands, and being buds. The bit that caught my eye though was when the show was compared to Buffy. Posey liked that comparison. “That’s a really good comparison in the tone and the look, but it’s also got a lot more heart. We’re given some crazy scenarios but we do our best to make them real. I think a lot of people can relate to the show. It really does deal with relatable things. Your boyfriend turns into a werewolf…how many times has that happened to me?” Oh, man. I hope he’s hired a bodyguard.

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Pixar isn’t afraid of strange concepts. We cried for a clownfish, fell in love with a largely mute robot, and learned the meaning of loss and love from an old man and a talking dog. But their truly experimental work always comes in their shorts, the next of which is Lava, which will premiere next year with Inside Out. It’s about love and singing volcanoes, and it will probably make us tear up.

Richard Reeves of the Brookings Institution uses Legos to explain that the real problem in modern America isn’t income inequality, but a lack of socioeconomic mobility. Your ability to move out of the strata you’re born in has a lot of factors, from your parents, to your race, to your educational background. But it’s never been presented so simply.

Two weeks ago Matt Doyle had his 54 Below concert, and he’s been slowly releasing the songs from that night. I’ve always been a fan of Matt’s voice, and own both of his EPs. If “Home” doesn’t move you, see a cardiologist.

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