Meme: Robert Pattinson’s Single Facial Expression For Dior, “Downton Abbey” Gets Musical, HRC Turns Up Heat On Olympic Sponsors

Alex Delaware novels head to Fox, Twisted Broadway Melbourne turns “Big Spender” gay, Scott Lively loves Vladimir Putin

Dana WhiteThe Ultimate Fighting Championship is looking to create a Russian league, but their head, Dana White, is unaware of the gay propaganda laws in the country. White has had an odd relationship with gays, once uttering a slur, but since has been extremely supportive of the GLBT community in the league. But when looking to invest millions in Russia, and asked about the impact of the law on his group, he says ”No, I know nothing about it.”

The Labor Day box office is too close to call. One Direction: This Is Us will definitely take the three day crown, but for the full holiday weekend, The Butler may win for the third time, as concert movies are notoriously front loaded on ticket sales.

Noted anti-gay activist Scott Lively, known best for exporting hate to Africa, is a big fan of Vladimir Putin. “Dear President Putin, On behalf of millions of Americans and Canadians who are concerned about the seemingly unstoppable spread of homosexuality in our countries and internationally, I wish to respectfully express my heartfelt gratitude that your nation has take a firm and unequivocal stand against this scourge by banning homosexualist propaganda in Russia. You have set an example of moral leadership that has shamed the governments of Western Europe and Scott LivelyNorth America and inspired the peoples of the world. Already Lithuania, Moldova, Hungary and the Ukraine have begun to follow your principled example, and you have engendered real hope in the international pro-family movement that this destructive and degrading sexual agenda might finally begin to be brought to a halt across the globe.” Lively is being sued for crimes against humanity.

I Want To Be a Sex Object. Me too, David, me too.

Despite being in a very anti-gay state, as New Orleans celebrates Southern Decadence, they’re promoting the city as a gay honeymoon destination. “Gay and lesbian couples want to do what everyone else wants to do, which is listen to great music, go to bars and night clubs, get some of the best food in the world and enjoy our culture.” That may be true, but I’ve partied in New Orleans on several occasions, and none of it would be conducive to me keeping my vows. I couldn’t even vow not to have another Hurricane and stick by it, much less monogamy. It’s a fun city.

Legendary broadcaster David Frost, the man who famously interviewed Richard Nixon, which became a play and a movie, has passed away at the age of 74 on the QueenDavid Frost Elizabeth cruise ship where he was scheduled to give a speech.

Liz Cheney may have come out against marriage equality, spiting her own sister, but that’s not good enough for Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage. “Liz Cheney now says she is not ’pro gay marriage’, but she has long opposed a constitutional amendment to protect marriage as the union of one man and woman. If she truly supported protecting marriage, she would change her position and support both a Wyoming constitutional amendment and federal amendment to protect marriage. Luckily, there is a candidate in this race who has done more than give lip service to traditional marriage: Mike Enzi. He not only supported a marriage amendment, but actually co-sponsored it.”

Ex-gay activist Chris Doyle gave an extensive interview to Queerty shortly after his laughable Ex-Gay Pride rally in Washington, D.C. It’s really a fascinating read, full of contradictions and confusion. He says he only works with anti-gay groups like the Family Research Council because GLSEN and the HRC won’t talk to him. “Let me just tell you this: I have tried to reach out to LGBT organizations for support and none of them would offer support. If you think it’s us who are intolerant, I think you need to think a Westworldlittle more about that. We’ve tried to work with HRC and GLSEN. I’ve supported GLSEN’s work, despite the fact that they say negative things about me.  I think they do good work around bullying prevention, and wish they were more inclusive and tolerant towards youth who may not identify as gay but have same-sex attraction and may seek change.” How do we always end up being the intolerant ones?

HBO has geenlit a pilot from JJ Abrams based the the 1973 Michael Crichton film Westworld. It’s said to be one of the most expensive and ambitious projects HBO has ever undertaken.

A small group of just seven Republican lawmakers have filed suit in New Mexico to stop counties from issuing same-sex marriage licenses. This is personal for us at, because our own Lyle Masaki became one of the couples to make it official with a marriage license on Friday. Congratulations, Lyle!

The Human Rights Campaign sent a letter to the ten top Olympic sponsors, and they didn’t mince words about their support for the Sochi Games. “Your logos and marketing will appear alongside every event, indelibly linking your brand to what happens in Sochi. By staying quiet at this moment you run the risk of being associated with profoundly anti-LGBT behavior.” The HRC is demanding six concrete actions from tAlex Delawarehe brands. While there’s little to no chance a brand would (or even contractually could) back out of sponsoring the games at this point, there’s little doubt that if they don’t take some sort of stand, their brands are going to be smeared over the next several months. Either way for them – awkward.

Fox has ordered a script based on the Alex Delaware novels from Jonathan Kellerman. Described as an “adrenaline-packed mystery series” the series is about a crime solving psychologist who teams up with a closeted LAPD detective.

After Pennsylvania filed a suit to stop the issuance of marriage licenses to same-sex couples, comparing the validity to licenses issued to 12-year-olds, Governor Tom Corbett has been forced to call the language inappropriate.  So who’s getting fired?

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We’ve been hearing about Robert Pattinson’s Dior Homme campaign for months, and the actor even spoke about how he wanted to do it because it was just for him, not some big movie. Well, it’s finally arrived, and basically it’s Pattinson doing a lot of fun things with a beautiful woman, and never changing his facial expression the entire time. The ennui is so thick you could cut it with a knife.

Nothing good ever seems to happen on a dashcam. Here we have one capturing a huge landslide in Taipei, which looks like it takes out the car in front of him, but evidently that driver walked away from it.

Twisted Broadway Melbourne is a big AIDS services fundraiser, and the male cast of King Kong the Musical flexed their abs for a version of “Big Spender” that somehow sounded so dirty it almost made me blush.

Tall People Problems. Yeah, I’ve got them. The shower issue is one that I suffer in nearly every hotel that I stay in, and as for the clown car, well, my first car was an MG Midget, so you can imagine how that looked.

The new trailer for Downton Abbey season four is out, and it looks like Mary is pouting, the Dowager Countess keeps it real, and Downton is ready to party with a jazz singer that nobody knows how to react to.

Ass Backwards stars Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael as two former pageant losers that get invited back to a reunion of their peers, and are determined to show that they’re not still losers, but really they are. This thing has potential as either really terrible or a camp classic, and only a full viewing will tell.

The brilliant minds of The Skivvies think that Miley Cyrus has gotten a bad rap with the whole twerking thing, and set out to prove that twerking isn’t some new fad that Miley is forcing on the world, but a valued part of our musical history.

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