Meme: Russell Tovey Can’t Stop Watching “Looking,” Kylie Minogue Goes “Into the Blue,” Rush Limbaugh Mad About Grammys

Melissa Etheridge wants an “Uprising of Love,” Billie Jean King ready to represent athletes in Sochi, Jason Collins sitting with First Lady for State of the Union

Richard BransonRichard Branson, a longtime supporter of GLBT rights spoke at Davos about what is needed to fight the spread of dangerous homophobia in places like Nigeria. While I get his point, I’m not entirely sure that we’re done with the money he’s talking about. “For those of us in business who are not gay, it is sometimes easier for us than it is for politicians to speak up about this issue. What’s going on outside America in terms of the gay rights debate is far more serious than recent news about marriage legislation there. It is absolutely right to support that, but what we really need is the money that was going into the battles from the gay rights activists in the USA to now go into supporting gay rights around the rest of the world.”

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe has declined to appoint a special counsel to defend the state’s marriage ban now that the Attorney General has refused to do so. And his logic is sound – the measure won’t be defended, because the state itself isn’t the defendant. “I share your view that the effective Governor Terry McAuliffeadministration of our legal system requires zealous advocacy on all matters before the courts. In the present case, Virginia’s same-sex marriage ban is being vigorously and appropriately defended by the Clerk of the Court for the City of Norfolk and the Clerk of the Court for Prince William County, as well as parties appearing as amicus curiae in the case. Accordingly, I respectfully decline to appoint special counsel in this matter.”

In good news, it’s likely that the constitutional amendment that was in play in Indiana is dead – for now. The house passed an amendment that removed the language banning recognition of all forms of civil unions, domestic partnerships, etc. State law requires an amendment to be passed twice, in the same form, by two separately elected legislatures. Unless the Senate passes it in the original form and a conference committee gets it back to the House, this kills it until at least 2016 for the public vote. Which seems a great face-saving solution for Republicans having second thoughts.

Maxim Martsinkevich, the ringleader for the wave of anti-gay violence that swept through Russia has been extradited from Cuba to face charges in Russia.Maxim Martsinkevich

A new study from the Australian Institute of Family Studies concludes that children raised by same-sex parents do just as well in school, socialization, and emotionally as children raised in homes with opposite sex parents. This joins the overwhelming body of research saying exactly the opposite of the discredited Regeneres Study that gets cited by the right.

Russell Tovey is quite fond of his new series Looking. “I think I must’ve seen it about five times now – an actor should never admit that they watch their own work that much, but it’s because I like the show!” He’s also fond of the musical theater background of Jonathan Groff. “Jonathan is obviously a musical king – Russell Toveyso between takes, we’d be singing songs from musicals. They’d call cut and we’d break into a tune from Chorus Line. I think he’s absolutely brilliant. A lot of people love Jonathan Groff and I’m happy to join the queue!”

How will you die? Evidently I’m going to be stoned to death after losing the lottery. There are some really creative ways to go out.

AT&T U-Verse cable service dropped the Grammy broadcast in certain Florida markets just as the weddings were beginning to take place. AT&T says it wasn’t deliberate (honestly they scrambled to get answers while people screamed at them) but that they experienced a fiber cut at that moment and it took them about 10 minutes to route around it.

For her part, Queen Latifah was happy to take part in the ceremony, though she won’t be doing any repeats as her authority to perform marriages expired at midnight. “I look forward to the day when presiding over a historic wedding ceremony like this is just the norm. To me, it was special to all the couples we married today and I look forward to dashing off to go sign their marriage certificates. It’s awesome. I had to get sworn in as a commissioner for the state of California, so I’m not an ordained minister like I said, but I’m a commissioner. So you can call me to commish – Queen Commish!”

Do gay men treat women poorly? Probably sometimes, but I’m not really sure it’s as institutionalized as Jezebel portrays it to be. And the author’s holier than thou attitude really doesn’t help his Jason Collinscase.

First Lady Obama has named Boston Bombing heroes, first responders, teachers, and out NBA player Jason Collins to sit with her during the State of the Union address tonight.

Movie theater owners seem to be control freaks. New guidelines will limit trailers to two minutes each (with two exceptions per studio each year), only Beardto movies opening within 150 days, no promotional tie ins including displaying web addresses. In other words, it wants more time to run its own lame commercials and squeeze in additional showings.

The popularity of beards is evidently hurting profits at Olympic sponsor Proctor & Gamble. Sales of razors and blades are really down. Personally, I like a beard on a man as long as it’s well maintained. Locally, the Duck Dynasty look has been in for a few years. As for myself, I simply don’t have the patience. And my beard doesn’t match my hair color at all, so I’ll keep paying too much for Mach III blades.

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Kylie Minogue is back! The lyric video for her new song “Into the Blue” is a bit more than the average lyric video, as it has Kylie weaving her special kind of magic with the lyrics, but the song is classic Kylie, strong, empowering and ready to be remixed for the clubs. It reminds me of a boy I had a brief fling with in Sydney, who, back then when Kylie had very little U.S. airplay, attempted to explain to me that she was actually a religion in Australia.

Rush Limbaugh isn’t a fan of the Grammy Awards. He found them demonic, what with Katie Perry as a witch and the whole gay marriage thing. He sees it as an attack on the right and Christians because the elite think they’re hicks. In his mind, 33 couples of all stripes getting married to show that love is the same no matter who you are, is attacking his right to marry four different women.

Since we’re on a musical kick, Melissa Etheridge has put out a song called “Uprising of Love” dedicated to the rights of GLBT people in Russia, targeted at Sochi for a release on January 28. The original version is strong and bare, while this remix seeks to get the widest gay audience possible by making it club ready.

I’ll be honest – I have no idea what’s going on in the trailer for Zero Theorem, but it’s from Terry Gilliam, so I’m not sure that I’m supposed to until I’ve watched it high as a kite four or five times.

Billie Jean King got a great retrospective on her life on Meet the Press, her outing, her career, and her upcoming trip to Sochi representing the United States. She doesn’t think the fact that gay people in the delegation is the point, but that they are gay athletes, standing proud and successful.

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There is nothing politically correct in “Started As a Bottom” from Sienna D’Enema, and it’s definitely NSFW. Completely and totally NSFW. But I’m kind of fascinated by the synching of the song to video of Drake rapping “Started From the Bottom” which makes it seem like it’s his song. It could be that for reasons I can’t articulate, I just flat out don’t like Drake, but I grinned all the way through this, despite the obvious problems with some of the lyrics.

For a bit of a palate cleanser, Zach Blew is an out “pop-capella” artist, using just his voice for all the sounds on his songs. He’s also quite sexy, and the video for “Automatic” is definitely eye catching.

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