Meme: Ryan Gosling Is the Most Bangable, Everyone Wants a “G.B.F.,” and Sir Ian McKellen Gets “Vicious”

For years, Undressed was the most innovative thing that MTV had Brandon Beemerput on the air. And it was gay inclusive and launched the career of tons of today’s stars, including these 25 people you may have forgotten were on the show, like Brandon Beemer.

In Briefs we mentioned the story about the man who was arrested and removed from the bedside of his civil partner in the hospital in Missouri. The hospital has doubled down on the idea that he was interfering with the care of the patient, but a Medicare/Medicaid spokesman say they are aware of the issue and are moving quickly to investigate the incident. The Obama administration made rules requiring hospitals that receive Medicare/Medicaid monies to allow same sex partners access to patients and medical decisions.

Some people think that sexbots are going to be on the market by 2030. A recent survey says that hooking up with a sexbot would be cheating to 41% of people, but not to 31% of people. Of course only 9% admitted they’d have relations with a sexbot. The other 91% were lying.

NFL player Kerry Rhodes says that pictures that surfaced of him in the arms of another man were just him goofing around with his management team on vacation, and Ryan Goslingthat he’s not gay. But he does support any gay players that may want to come out. “I know a lot of people are recently talking about athletes struggling to come out to their fans right now, and I support them, as well as wish those individuals comfort.”

It turns out that Ryan Gosling is the most fu*kable male celebrity. Oddly, I want to cuddle with Ryan more than I want to bang him.

Stephen DeKnight’s Incursion drama hasn’t been picked up to series yet, but the alien drama has an outline, with a female hero. The show, like Spartacus, will be completely tolerant of same-sex couples —and DeKnight says he’s exploring the possibility of adding polyamorous relationships, too.”

Google has added an Inactive Account Manager to their suite of tools. You can set a timeout period of six or twelve months, and if you don’t log in, they’ll either delete your data or turn it over to a designated recipient. I worry less about what happens to my data after I die than I do someone finding my search history while ICharlie Hunan’m still alive.

Kid Rock says at times he’s embarrassed to be a Republican when they pass laws banning things like paperless ticketing. He also supports marriage equality and abortion rights, and evidently higher taxes for the wealthy. So why is he a Republican again?

Sons of Anarchy’s Charlie Hunnam is rumored to be in the running for both Flash and John Constantine, which are fairly different characters.

Some social conservatives from luminous groups like the Family Research Council are threatening to abandon the Republican Party if the party chooses to abandon the platform calling for a Constitutional Amendment banning marriage equality. Amusingly, “We deeply resent the insinuation that we have treated homosexuals unkindly personally.”

27 Reasons You Should Not Get a Cat

The new NormalBikinis Sports Bar & Grill of Texas has trademarked the term “breastaurant.” Why Hooters didn’t do it years ago, I have no idea.

A new survey says that 18% of viewers 13-64 say that positive depictions of gay couples on television have changed their opinion of marriage equality for the good. That’s balanced by the 10% that say that it has affected their opinion in a negative way.


 Harry Shum, Jr. has obviously been working out

 Lea Michele takes a hike with her bestie Jonathan Groff

 John Barrowman may have an Instagram addiction

 And Dan Feuerrigel does not look happy for the end of Spartacus

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Bill O’Reilly and asked him if he stood by his comments on marriage equality, which of course he did, because the one thing Bill O’Reilly will never do is back down when he’s under attack. Still, he thinks it should be left to the states, and doesn’t care about DOMA, so it’s not a total win.


One Life To Live has put out a trailer for the relaunched season, and it’s pretty steamy. You have one youth being photographed near naked by a girl (with costume changes), and in one of the more intriguing scenes, we see a male-male-female game of strip quarters, which could have interesting implications, though I know nothing about these characters, so I can’t begin to guess.


The Way, Way Back is a teen coming of age movie about an awkward young man who feels alienated from his family, and strikes up an unlikely friendship in a run down waterpark. This isn’t something I thought I would like, but there’s a certain charm to the trailer that I can’t escape.


What if your body parts sent each other letters? What would the mouth say? The brain? The penis? This is obviously NSFW.


The Simpsons will be performing an homage to Breaking Bad this week in the opener, and it’s pretty much pitch perfect, right down to the actual couch gag at the end. Please note: The play button is hard to see, but it’s the bottom left of the image.


The first trailer for G.B.F. is out, starring Megan Mulally and out star Paul Iacano in a tale of a school without a gay, and the popular girls who want one as an accessory, When the the most obvious gay student won’t come out (despite a mom that would make Debbie Novatny flinch), his best friend does. I like the idea of mocking the movie trope of the Gay Best Friend, and hope they pull this one off.


Kmart has put out a commercial for their online shopping that will go down in history as one of the most daring and clever ads ever put out by a massive corporation.


Finally, we have the first trailer for the UK sitcom Vicious, starring Sir Ian McKellen and Frances de la Tour as bitter old couple and their new young friend. I have to say that I loved this preview, it feels like a classic sitcom from the 1970s, with a flair of Norman Lear to it.


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