Meme: Matthew Lewis’ Erotic Bro Dancing, Scott Bakula Missed Out On Gay Saunas In NYC, Michael Sam Opens Rainbow Merchandise Store

Frank Ocean trying to become Frank Ocean, Jack Plotnick sells sci-fi starring Matt Bomer, Starz buys To Be Takei

Scott BakulaScott Bakula loved his scene in the bathhouse on Looking. He got a chance to catch up on something he felt he’d missed. “This was as close as I’d ever gotten to a real bathhouse. Just hearing about it in my old days in New York in the mid-‘70s, you know that was a huge deal. That’s where Bette Midler started and that whole scene! My gay friends would be off to Sunday Tea, and then roll in at 9 the next morning after the bathhouse. But that was about as close as I ever got. But I thought this was a great scene, a great way to introduce the character. I love what that scene was about. But no, I wasn’t shocked. In terms of having my clothes off, I do that a lot.”

You’ve got to read this essay from Laura Simpson, who went to the Oscars as the date of her best friend, Jennifer Lawrence. It’s just an incredible account of a regular person in an extraordinary situation.  “My date comes out after her category and we decide to watch the rest of the show in the greenroom where there is pizza. This is where the presenters and winners are hanging out and it’s pretty jarring. Some guy picks up my purse that had fallen off my seat and I say “Thank you… Channing Tatum” and my dress gets caught on Jennifer Garner and we awkwardly laugh and someone tries to separate us. The lovely pregnant Kerry Washington asks me if she could have the Slim Jim in my purse.”

You can now post to Tumblr via phone call. I don’t know why you’d do that, but you can.

300: Rise of an Empire is set to take the box office this weekend with $44 milion, followed by Mr. Peabody and Sherman taking $30 million. I’m really curious if Mr. Peabody can Frank Oceanmaintain the charm of the old shorts.

Frank Ocean has filed papers to legally change his name to Frank Ocean. He’s also being sued by Chipotle over pulling out of the “Pure Imagination” ad that Fiona Apple eventually sang.

Michael Sam might not be ready to be the grand marshall in Pride parades until he gets his NFL contract, but he’s not hiding the gay, as he’s begun selling rainbow Michael Sam merchandise in his online store, with slogans like “Stand With Sam” and “Sam Strong.” A portion of the proceeds will go to help at-risk youth in St. Louis.

Shakira says that part of the reason she did the lesbian-chic video with Rihanna was because her boyfriend won’t let her do sexy videos with men anymore. “He’s very territorial, and since he no longer lets me do videos with men, well, I have to do them with women. It’s more than implied in our relationship that I can’t do videos like I used to. It’s out of the question — which I like, by the way. I like that he protects his turf and he values me, in a way that the only person that he would ever let graze my thigh would be Rihanna.” Whatever floats your boat, but that’s a hell of a message to come out on International Woman’s Day.

Starz has picked up the rights to To Be Takei, the autobiographical movie about George Takei’s life. They’re planning a theatrical release of the film.George Takei

Disney has never embraced Gay Days officially, but they are known for their support of gay employees, and they did just drop Boy Scout sponsorship over the group’s discriminatory practices. Now they take a step towards Gay Days by sponsoring Family Outfest, taking place in Orlando the first week in July, alongside Hilton, Macy’s and Nickelodeon. Can’t wait for the right to scream about both major childrens’ television brands sponsoring a gay event.

Abbott has elected to not appeal Beecham vs. Abbott, which the 9th Circuit decided that gay jurors could not be excluded on the basis of their sexual orientation, and which was decided on heightened scrutiny, meaning that’s now the standard across the 9th Circuit. And they seem to have done it for the right reasons. “AbbVie recognizes that the implications of the Court’s findings extend far beyond the underlying case. For that reason, we chose not to appeal.”

The International Journal of Eating Disorders says that 15% of gay and bi men suffer from an eating disorder, are seven times more likely to binge eat, and are twelve times more likely to purge. The authors of the study say it’s about discrimination and depression, which I’m sure plays a part, but I’m more inclined to agree with QueertyJack Plotnickgay men are sexually objectified and held to unrealistic standards.  “The gay male community has placed unrealistic expectations upon itself. Emaciation is normal. Electing not to eat or to only drink liquids for several days has become normative. Negative comments about body weight, shape, size of ourselves or others has become a daily part of our community’s common life.” Have I mentioned I start my summer diet and cardio next week? And I’m 42, chasing a six-pack, and have no discernable reason or place to show off?

Sony has acquired rights to Jack Plotnick’s Space Station 76, a comedic sci-fi film set in a future of the 1970’s imagining. It stars Patrick Wilson, Liv Tyler, Matt Bomer, Marisa Coughlan, Kylie Rogers, Kali Rocha, Jerry O’Connell and Keir Dullea, and seems to have been made almost under the radar.

Vine has decided to ban porn on their 6-second video social network. They say they’re not prudes, or against porn, they just don’t want to be the source of it. Frankly, I mostly follow people who post porn, professionals and amateurs. To me, it’s what it’s there for. Conner Habib has started a petition to get Twitter to change their minds, and hopefully they won’t decide to spread their new standards there.

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I admit I’ve got a thing for Matthew Dave Lewis, aka Neville Longbottom. Definitely one of the great puberty outcomes in history. His current show, Bluestone 42, airing on the soon-to-be-defunct BBC Three, is a military comedy. And I’m not sure what’s going on, but they appear to be having a dance. And he makes it look like Halloween at a gay bar.

Bluestone 42 Bluestone 42

It doesn’t air in the U.S. What is going on here?

Slow Motion cameras can bring all sorts of wonder we’d normally miss. This video of a hawk attacking a water balloon is one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen. So majestic I’m kind of sad that half the meat used as bait seemed to escape the talons.

Cardinal Dolan is one of the great opponents of equality in the United States. He’s been hardline even as Pope Francis seems to be softening the tone of the Church. So color me surprised when he takes a positive approach to Michael Sam coming out, and even talks about not judging people. This seems a whole new direction for the nation’s most powerful Catholic.

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