Meme: Superman Is a Lousy BFF, Riff Raff Disses Sam Smith, “The Imitation Game” Drawing Raves At Telluride Also: Spoon!

Rufus Wainwright finds himself uncomfortably attractive, Cody Saintgnue open to romancing Mason on Teen Wolf, The Greatest American Hero flies again

Cody SaintgnueWe haven’t seen the last of Brett (Cody Saintgnue) on Teen Wolf, and he’ll be back this Monday. While he’s coy about surviving the season, if he does, he’d be open to exploring Mason’s crush. “You never know. Brett’s a new, fresh character, so there’s a lot of mystery to him. It’s definitely in the realm of possibility. … I wouldn’t mind it. I’m an actor and I’m not against anything. That would be a challenging role, but I’m open to playing it.”

Evidently, science has proven that the best cheese for pizza is indeed mozzarella. “Quantification of Pizza Baking Properties of Different Cheeses, and Their Correlation with Cheese Functionality” shows that the way mozzarella is made. “The cheese bubbles and browns because of its inherent elasticity due to stretching.”

I’ve never denied that Rufus Wainwright is talented, but I’ve never found him likable. And evidently the feeling is mutual, because he’s happy to not have more gay fans, because “gay men have terrible taste in music.” He’s also, more problematically, said he’s happy he has a daughter and not a son, because raising a hot son might mean he was attracted to his child. “I don’t think it would happen… [it’s just that] when I’m old and he is 35 and gorgeous… well, he would probably look like me! And I would be like, ‘Oh my God! I’m falling in love with myself!’”

Riff RaffSo Sam Smith tweeted a pic from the VMAs with Katy Perry and Charlie XCX, and it has Riff Raff angry, because he was cropped out of the photo. “THANKS FOR CUTTiNG ME OUT OF THE PiCTURE U CHUBBY LiTTLE FUCK FACTORY P.S. YOUR FACE iS SUPER HUGE @samsmithworld

The Guardians of the Galaxy, which has become the highest grossing film of the summer, is set to win the box office again this weekend with about $19 million over the holiday weekend. The Turtles will be second.

Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie lost his primary for reelection, and he says it’s because he called the special session to pass marriage equality. “Republicans crossed over en masse to vote in the Democratic primary, and then the religious factor came in. Doctrinally I was outside the circle and paid for it. I had more money than my opponent …raised more money, spent more money…but it didn’t do me any good.” Abercrombie says he doesn’t regret the move because he couldn’t live with himself if he hadn’t taken a stand.

Spoon! Amazon is rumored to be reviving the live-action version of The Tick, starring Patrick Warburton. In unlikely reboots, this ranks very high.The Tick

But perhaps not as unlikely as Fox ordering a pilot for a reboot of The Greatest American Hero, which was one of my favorite shows as a kid. Geeky guy finds super suit from aliens, but loses the instructions, and has to fight evil very awkwardly. I can’t decide if when you redo this show you go with modern special effects or cheesy like the original, but I’ll be taking off work to watch the premier.

Chris Kluwe, having dispensed with the Vikings, has turned his poison pen towards the FCC and their request for comments about net neutrality. This is not work friendly, but it is a return to form for the man that made me buy a shirt with “lustful cockmonster” across the front.

The Imitation GameEvery major entertainment website reporting from the Telluride Film Festival is raving about The Imitation Game starring Benedict Cumberbatch as famed mathematician Alan Turing. They’re talking Best Picture nomination, Best actor win for Cumberbatch, and Best Supporting nomination for Keira Knightley. With The Weinstein Company ready for one of their classic Oscar campaigns behind the film, this could be one to watch.

Police paid a visit to the London home of Sam Taylor-Johnson and Aaron Taylor-Johnson after a passerby spotted a machine gun through the window. It turned out that the gun was a piece of art by a group Called Peace One Day that takes decommissioned M16 rifles and turns them into art about peace.

It turns out that bringing your seven-year-old son to Carnival in Provincetown can be a wonderful experience. He can be surrounded by superheroes who may be gender-swapped, his grandfather can chat with drag queens, and the whole family can have a grand time. As well as learn they need to up their costume game if they want to come back next year.

For those of you who wondered about Daniel Pierce receiving the $100,000+ from the GoFundMe page set up for him, Lost N Found Youth, the group that helped get Daniel settled into a new home says that they’re working to set the money up in a trust fund for Daniel, rather than him just receiving the lump sum.The Wil Wheaton Project

After spending the first 35 years of my life as a night owl, I’m now a morning person. Sleeping in for me is 6AM. That doesn’t mean I’m ready to greet the day with a smile, it just means I’m awake. On rare days off, I sometimes get up, have a couple cups of coffee and then take a short nap, and then I feel wonderful. I always thought that was weird, but a study says that napping after your coffee actually makes it more effective at waking you up.

Wil Wheaton announced the cancellation of The Wil Wheaton Project in the most Wil Wheaton way possible.

Chris PerfettiYou may remember that DeadMou5 had his Ferrari wrapped up with Nyan Cat graphics, and it was awesome. Well, unless you’re Ferrari, who sent him a cease-and-desist letter about the Purrari, so now it’s just a plain old Ferrari.

I’m starting to think that none of the old couples on Looking are going to survive, because they’ve cast two more mysterious love interests for the guys on the show. Chris Perfetti will play a journalist who writes for a local weekly and will romance one of the regulars. And Bashir Salahuddin will play Brady, an activist also set to date, and presumably bone, one of the regulars.



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I’m sure that being friends with Superman would seem really cool at first, but after a while it probably would get on your nerves. You’d be in constant danger, there could never be any boundaries, and with exception of the Man of Steel version, he’s a bit of an earnest Boy Scout type. I don’t blame Jimmy Olsen one bit.

The trailer for the new season of Downton Abbey is out, and it looks like modernization, be it in the bedrooms or in technology is going to play havoc with everyone on the estate. How can a place built on tradition adapt to modern morality or servants that think they’re people?

I know that this Gay Couples React To Anti-Gay Commercials is meant to be earnest and all, but my only reaction to the whole thinking was “You haven’t seen all these yet?” I mean, just how disinterested in your own futures as couples do you have to be to be unaware of any of these? A Gathering Storm may be the oldest, but it’s been mocked so many places surely you’d have to have seen it, right? To me it’s just sad.

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