Meme: “The Simpsons” Obligatory “Frozen” Callout, Sir Elton Falls Out of Chair, Lea DeLaria Loves Homoerotic Undertones of “Peter Pan Live!”

Nick Jonas bones another woman on Kingdom, Michigan inches towards legal right to discriminate, Pride is the best independent British film

Lea DeLariaOrange Is the New Black star Lea DeLaria thought that Peter Pan Live! was a “lesbian love song” when she was tweeting about it, and she followed up on that with “I do not understand how I have been a dyke comic for over 30 years — 33 years professionally — on television, everywhere and have never discussed the very thinly veiled homoerotic undertones of Peter Pan. And it wasn’t until I saw it that I went, How did I miss this?” I mean, Lost Boys is pretty much a premise for a gay porn parody, isn’t it? Or is there already a gay porn parody about the Lost Boys?

In news that will no doubt please Darrien, Pride has beaten out The Imitation Game as the  British Independent Film Awards. The Imitation Game was frozen out, while Pride also picked up awards for Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress for Andrew Scott and Imelda Staunton.

If you hadn’t been following, Target and Kmart in Australia (who are not owned by U.S. Target or Kmart) have refused to stock Grand Theft Auto V due to violence towards women, among other things it is violent towards. So a group launched a petition to get Target to stop selling the Bible, since it also promotes violence towards women. They forgot to check one detail, which the store’s official Twitter feed schooled them on: Target doesn’t sell the Bible to begin with.

Nick JonasNick Jonas is boning another women while naked in Kingdom again, and we still don’t have any questions about his sexuality or a decent view of his ass.

Nineteen people were hospitalized after a container containing a chlorine liquid was punctured at the tenth floor of a hotel. Police believe it was a deliberate attack, which makes it news in the first place. The fact that the hotel was hosting a Furry convention just makes it terrible news with really interesting photos.

A coalition of political parties in Panti BlissChile has moved to introduce an equal marriage bill which could come up for a vote as soon as this week. During her campaign, Michelle Bachelet, the head of the ruling party, said she supported equal marriage but has been silent since election.

Activist and drag queen extraordinaire Panti Bliss has been awarded with one of Ireland’s Peron of the Year Awards, presented to her by Stephen Fry. The Person of the Year Awards are in their 40th year, and are coveted. You may recall Panti’s epic monologue explaining homophobia after the Irish broadcaster decided to award a hate group money for Panti calling them a hate group on air.

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I’ve always love The Simpsons at Christmas. The family tries so hard. This year’s Christmas opening is just perfect, from Otto smoking the candy cane to Maggie gifting her mortal enemy at the grocery store. But because it can’t be ignored, there’s the perfect Frozen reference, down to Olaf.

This video is NSFW, but a biut mistitled. It’s all about the supposed benefits of what results from Happy Time, and it can save your mood, your skin, and is surprisingly nutritious. Just make sure that for any internal uses, you know the source is clear of any contaminates.

Also falling into the NSFW category, but pretty mild for an Andrew Christian video, is their annual holiday tribute, this time done to “Jingle Bells.” It’s mostly just just a bunch of bouncing packages, but that’s pretty mesmerizing. Personally, I just want those holiday tights. I’ve got them in green, but not red.

And for no reason that I can justify , here is Sir Elton John falling off a chair at the Statoil Masters Charity Tennis Tournament at Royal Albert Hall.

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