Meme: Sacha Baron Cohen Won’t Play Freddie Mercury, One Direction Drags Out “Best Song Ever,” “The View” Rips Ken Cuccinelli

Nate Silver goes big for ESPN, UK blocking porn by default, your childhood dies with Scientifically Accurate Ducktales

Freddie MercurySacha Baron Cohen has exited the Freddie Mercury biopic over creative differences. Evidently Cohen wanted an honest R-rated tell all about Mercury, while Queen wanted a PG-rated movie about the band. I admit I was looking forward to something more like Cohen had in mind, even if I had misgivings about him playing Mercury.

Anti-gay protestors in Haiti have killed two men that they presumed to be gay, and threatened to burn parliament down if marriage equality comes to the nation.

Last week we told you the story of John Arthur, who has ALS, and James Obergefell flying to Maryland to get married on the tarmac. Now a federal judge has ordered that Ohio officials must recognize Arthur as a surviving spouse on Obergefell’s death certificate when he dies, stating that Ohio’s ban on same-sex marriage and the ban on recognizing a marriage likely violate the U.S. Constitution.

BBC America is co-producing a new series from the creators of Merlin and Misfits centered around Greek myths called Jack DonnellyAtlantis. Male cast members include Mark Addy, Robert Emms, and Jack Donnelly, so pick your ships now.

Nate Silver’s new role at ESPN is set to be an independent franchise, with Silver not only contributing to Keith Olbermann’s new show, but also ABC News election coverage and the Oscar race. He’ll be running an operation with many contributors, set to be announced soon.

Prime Minister David Cameron may have championed marriage equality, but some of his views on sex are pretty antiquated. He’s announced that all internet accounts will have adult filters turned on by default, and people will have to opt in to adult material explicitly. This is being done to protect the children of course. I hope the internet providers have enough customer service agents to take all the requests to drop the filters.David Cameron

Queer Nation is calling on gay bars to drop all Russian vodka in light on the new laws against homosexuality in the nation. This makes sense – why not give up Stoli if it might hurt Russia just the tiniest bit? Grey Goose and even Skye are infinitely superior.

Speaking of Russia, the first tourists have been arrested for violating the new gay propaganda laws. Three Dutch citizens were allegedly assisting rights activists to protest the new law when they were detained.

Proving he’s incapable of being an impartial judge, Justice Scalia gave a speech in which he invoked Hitler and said that the judiciary is unfit to decide many issues before it, like gay rights and a woman’s right to choose. I don’t know about the whole Justice Scaliajudiciary, but Scalia is certainly unfit.

SyFy is eyeing a post-apocalyptic take on The Wizard of Oz, with a modern day soldier transported to a dark land to vanquish a wizard with the help of fellow soldiers Brainless, Heartless and Coward, who don’t really sound like the most fierce companions.

In  Colombia, the high court has ordered the Inspector General stop blocking marriage equality in the country, but stopped short of clarifying their earlier ruling stating that “all rights’ of marriage must be extended to same-sex couples.

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Logo and Avenue Q have a new Puppet Service Announcement about protecting yourself from HIV, and this time they’ve got go-go boys and talk about Grindr and bareback culture. At least I think they did, the thighs on that dancer wiped out a lot of the message.

Could the secret to defeating HIV be in our gut? It’s possible.

I didn’t have high hopes for the limited event Dracula series on NBC. Frankly, I don’t think any of us have high hopes for anything with vampires these days. But this has an interesting style, kick-ass female characters, and an interesting period setting. I might have to give it a try.

One Direction has finally released the video for “Best Song Ever” and I have to admit, I’m amused. The guys do the costumes, and yes, that’s Zayn in drag flirting. The whole thing has a delightful gay sensibility to it.

Nutjob Cindy Jacobs thinks she’s a prophet, and that God spoke to her and told her he was going to punish the world for the sin of gay marriage, but first he was going to mark the faithful so that they didn’t get accidentally smited or something. I can’t believe people like this have followers. Isn’t what she’s saying a form of blasphemy?

The Scientifically Accurate Ducktales will ruin your childhood, and possibly get you fired if you watch this NSFW thing at work. You’ve been warned on both fronts.

snicks mentioned The View taking on Ken Cuccinelli, and while ABC has been slow getting the video up for some reason, Think Progress managed to snag it for us. While I love their attitude, does it strike anyone else odd that pious little Sherri so easily confesses to oral sex?

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