Meme: Tina Fey Producing Comedy Set On Fire Island, Matthew Mitcham Is a “Slave 4 U,” Liam Hemsworth Bonds Vomiting With Josh Hutcherson

Pat Buchanan side with Russia, FIFA demands information on gay laws before 2018 World Cup, Will Forte probably slobbered the flu on Jason Sudeikis

Tina FeyI wasn’t terribly interested in the new Tina Fey-produced workplace comedy about a young woman looking to reconnect with her father until I saw that it was set on Fire Island. This could potentially be the gayest show on television.

Proctor & Gamble has a 90% rating from the Human Rights Campaign. They’re also the biggest advertiser on Russian television, all of which has some state ownership. And they’re a major sponsor of the Sochi Olympics. Now there’s a petition asking them to dump their advertising and their sponsorship of the games over the gay propaganda law.

The head of Russian state television, who recently said that gay hearts shouldn’t be used in organ donations is doubling down on his anti-gay views. “Our [Russian] problem with homosexuals is that they behave in a provocative, victim-like way. They deliberately provoke situations, so that they become victims. Nobody prevents them from loving each other the way they want to. They are aggressively foisting minority’s values on the majority. It is likely that society would counteract this. Naturally, right? In various ways, including brutal ones. Since they are brutally foisting this [on others]. Wanna fight? Get it, then. So what?”

A company is making cups and straws that react with common date rape drugs and change color in their presence, potentially making you safer. I don’t know if you’ve ever been drugged in a bar, but I was once in Palm Springs. Never saw it happen. I managed to stumble out of the bar to the only safe space I could Stoli Guyfind, a bath house (stop judging me) next door, where I rented a room and threw up before passing out for several hours. Not elegant, but better than the alternative. A simple straw could have alerted me.

Gay Cities and Queerty have the awkward position of sponsoring the Stoli Guy promotion while much of the gay world is boycotting the company. They’ve convinced Stoli to donate $5 to gay causes for each person to RSVP and attend each event. Of course, the Human Rights Campaign, Equality California, and Equality Texas all deny they are participating in the fundraiser that names them, and wouldn’t accept the money from Stoli.

FIFA is asking the Russian government for clarification on the gay propaganda law in advance of Russia hosting the 2018 World Cup. “Russia has committed to provide all visitors and fans with a warm welcome and ensure their safety” during the month long tournament. FIFA trusts that the 2018 FIFA World Cup hosts will deliver on this promise.”Will Forte Jason Sudeikis

Will Forte made waves when he made out with Jason Sudeikis in the music video for Mumford & Sons. He also probably made Jason sick. “I had the flu that day and it was such a bummer cause it was such a fun experience and I had to in-between Nick Grubertakes go and lay down. Oh, we had to do tons of takes. When it comes to kissing, we are real perfectionists, Jason and I, so we really wanted to get it just right.”

Calvin Klein boytoy Nick Gruber is trying to become a serious model these days, and is rehabbing his image. And he wants us all to know he’s not gay. He and Calvin are just friends despite years long documentation of their relationship, not to mention dating John Luciano, who said “The most intimidating thing is having sex with your boyfriend and pulling down his pants and his ex-boyfriend’s name is staring you right in the face.”

Robert Griffin III, known as RGIII, is one of the hottest quarterbacks in the NFL. He said “ Think there are [gay players] right now, and if they’re looking for a window to just come out, I mean, now is the window. My view on it is, yes, I am a Christian, but to each his own. You do what you want to do.” Not exactly a welcome mat, but better than some.

Project Educate is a new initiative to bring information to the IOC and convince them to move the Sochi Games from Russia.

In more evidence that Nick GruberRussia is on the wrong side of history with their laws about gay propaganda, they have an ally in Pat Buchanan. “Our moral and cultural elites have put Putin on notice: Get in step with us on homosexual rights – or we may just boycott your Sochi games. What this reveals is the distance America has traveled, morally and culturally, in a few short years, and our amnesia about who we Americans once were, and what it is we once believed. Only yesterday, homosexual sodomy, which Thomas Jefferson said should be treated like rape, was outlawed in many states and same-sex marriage was regarded as an absurdity. Was that America we grew up in really like Nazi Germany? In the Catholic schools this writer attended, pornography – let alone homosexual propaganda – would get one expelled. Was this really just like Kristallnacht? If we seek to build a Good Society by traditional Catholic and Christian standards, why should not homosexual propaganda be treated the same as racist or anti-Semitic propaganda?”

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I’ll go ahead and admit it – Tyler Posey is my least favorite actor on Teen Wolf. He’s just so wooden. And I wondered if it was the character. But this trailer for The Giving Tree makes me believe that no, it’s just Tyler.

Matthew Mitcham is back with his ukulele, this time bringing us a cover of “Slave 4 U” that none of us knew we wanted, but now know our life wasn’t complete until this moment.

This is a little unusual to watch, but it’s absolutely gripping. Neil Hilborn has OCD, which is also the title of this poem he’s performing. It’s about love, and the power it can have over us. It’s totally worth the watch.

Amber Heard stars with Liam Hemsworth in Paranoia, and she says that Liam was terrified about their sex scene, so she decided to break the ice in a very NSFW way. If this doesn’t give a man about to have an onscreen sex scene performance anxiety, I’m not sure what would.

But Liam seems like a fun guy. Here he talks about being obsessed with Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle, and not even knowing if White Castle was a real thing until his Hunger Games costar Josh Hutcherson took him to one, which gave them an unusual bonding situation.

If you were wondering why Justin Bieber would serenade his grandmother naked on Canadian Thanksgiving, that just means that you don’t know the history of Canadian Thanksgiving, which Jimmy Kimmel is happy to have a talking moose explain to you.

I don’t even know what to say about this Burlesque performance from the bar mitzvah of Sam Horowitz in Dallas. How exactly do you come up with something like this at age 13? He totally rocks this performance, complete with his flapper girls and choreography. What did you do when you turned 13?
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