Meme: Zac Efron Is Down For Boning On First Dates, HBO Looking At “The Normal Heart” Sequel, the Twins School Scott On “Teen Wolf”

Chozen is more than an offensive stereotype, gay bosses make the best bosses, is Jesse Plemons Luke Skywalker’s son?

Zac EfronIn case you’re lucky enough to land a date with Zac Efron, the good news is that he’s totally down with sex on the first date. “Sex is a beautiful thing. I don’t object.” Which probably explains why he’s dropping condoms on the red carpet. Always be prepared!

Following through on a campaign promise with lightning speed, new Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe made his first order of business banning discrimination of GLBT employees in state government. It should be noted that while previous governors have done the same, McAuliffe is the first to include gender identity and gender expression in the executive order.

Shortly after declining to consolidate the three marriage equality lawsuits in Texas into one case as the state had requested, the judge has rejected an amicus brief from a group called Texas values that largely quotes from the discredited Regenerus study. According to the judge, “it cites no legal authority in its motion to this regard.”

Details has a story up that cites some studies we’ve talked about before which conclude that gay bosses are the best bosses. According to a five year study, “Gay male bosses produce 35 to 60 percent higher levels of employee engagement, satisfaction, and morale than straight bosses. This is no small achievement: According to human-resources consulting firm Towers Perrin, only a measly 14 percent of the global corporate workforce are fully engaged by their jobs.” I Jesse Plemonscurrently have two jobs, and two bosses, one gay (hi, Dennis!) and one straight, and I can report much higher job satisfaction with the gay boss.

The Mormon Church has had a rather tempered response to the marriage equality ruling in Utah. They’ve said that at this time they don’t have any plans to file a brief with the court on the appeal. But they have clarified in a letter to all their churches that no church facilities are to be used for same-sex ceremonies, be it temples or other properties, and not for ceremonies, receptions or other activities associated with same-sex marriages. I guess they don’t want glitter everywhere.

The latest Star Wars VII rumor has Breaking Bad’s Jesse Plemons going for a final audition for a major role. While no one is sure what that role is, they do note that he’d be about the right age for Luke Skywalker’s son.

We haven’t even seen a full trailer yet for The Normal Heart, but HBO has commissioned a script, by Larry Kramer, for a sequel to the movie which would cover events from 1987 into the mid-1990s.

Catching Fire has made history as the first film headlined by a woman to take the top spot at the box office for a year in 40 years. The last time this happened was The Exorcist.

Lee DanielsFresh off his success on The Butler, Lee Daniels is looking at tackling the long discussed Richard Pryor biopic, with Marlon Wayans, Eddie Murphy or even Michael B. Jordon in the title role.

A new bill in Colorado seeks to recognize out of state gay marriages for the purposes of tax returns only. The move is controversial with a ban on marriage equality in the state, but proponents say it’s about bringing people’s state returns in line with their federal returns.

The State Department has released a travel advisory warning people who intend to travel to Sochi for the Olympics that it may be unsafe due to terrorism, crime, medical facilities, and being gay. It’s the first such advisory for an Olympic Games to call out the human rights issues such as those posed by the gay propaganda law.

MTV has a new comedy called Faking It, and it sounds not unlike G.B.F., but with fake lesbians. “The storyline for the main characters – who are mistaken as lesbians and then pressured to keep up the charade to maintain their popularity – was partially inspired by his own revelations volunteering at a support hotline for troubled LGBT youth.” Based on my own long ago experiences, I remain amazed that being gay in high school is cause for popularity , but the show’s creator, Chace CrawfordCarter Covington says while working at a GLBT suicide hotline “I was shocked that some of the calls I got were from kids who were worried that their friends only liked them because they were gay.”

Chace Crawford is set to guest star in the 100th episode of Glee, where he figures into Diana Agron’s storyline. No word yet on if he’ll be singing.

Our own Dennis Ayers thinks FX’s Chozen is set to be a big hit, and Out seems to agree with him. Calling it more than an offensive stereotype, Stacey Lambe says “In the pilot, the rapper gets high and imagines himself rapping alongside two beefy men donning teddy bear masks in a dream sequence that ends up being Chozen dry humping a stuffed animal in a public fountain.Yet, he’s still lovable.Maybe it’s the doughy way he’s drawn but, at times, he displays shades of innocence and genuine sincerity. Without those characteristics (as fleeting as they might be), there’s no reason to watch the show each week. At least not what the creators insist is a character-driven show.”

Luxembourg is set to approve marriage equality after getting sidetracked by a change in government. Both the prime minister and deputy prime minister are openly gay.

The Russian Orthodox Church isn’t happy with the ban on gay propaganda, because it doesn’t go far enough. A spokesman for the church wants homosexuality outlawed. “There is no question that society should discuss this issue since we live in a democracy. For this reason, it is precisely the majority of our people and not some outside powers that should decide what should be a criminal offence and what should not. I am convinced that such sexual contacts should be completely excluded from the life of our society. If we manage to do this through moral pressure, all the better. But Michael Muhney Eric Braedenif we need to revert to assistance from the law, then let us ask the people if they are ready for this.”

Further developments in Michael Muhney’s firing from The Young and the Restless include the show’s patriarch Eric Braeden, who says that Muhney tried to get him fired from the show, and things got heated. “We did have our differences, but for anyone to say that I had him fired is a lie.” Braeden says that there was a shouting match, during which “all kinds of things were said… I don’t remember the specifics of who said what but what I do recall is that I was prompted to get into ‘fisticuffs’ with him because he wanted me off the show… It was a campaign to get me off the show. It was Muhney who wanted to get me off the show and he expressed that to various people.”

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Teen Wolf is back and the cast seems to be completely powerless against their own minds. Stiles is losing it, Allison is a hunter who can’t shoot, and Scott may be a True Alpha but he can’t control his transformation. But they all start taking control this week, and we see Scott get a brutal lesson from the twins.

The latest Couch Gag from The Simpsons is called “Married To the Blob,” and it’s another wild ride. After 25 years it’s amazing they still manage to come up with this stuff, and are still willing to invest in it.

Danger: Humans is a message from the Interstellar Safety Council, and it feels like it could be an entry in The Hitchhikers Guide To the Galaxy if only Douglas Adams had been more morose and less funny. Still, humans are a terrifying species.

It’s really difficult to parody The Real Housewives… series because it always seems like a parody of humanity to begin with. But Hulu is going to attempt it with Hotwives of Orlando, and one can’t help but think that this is just what the Interstellar Safety Council was warning the galaxy about.

Typically, you assume that people as rich as Ellen and Portia buy whatever they want without thinking about it, be it a pack of gum or a giant ranch. But I suppose at times something you want seems out of reach for a variety of reasons, maybe just because it’s rare. In Portia’s case, it was a Land Rover Defender, an uncommon beast of a vehicle that she always stopped and pointed at whenever they saw one. So Ellen tracked one down, had it shipped in, and surprised her wife much like she does with guests on the show, and Portia’s reaction doesn’t disappoint.

Riley Hackford is only twelve years old, but when standing in front of a crowd of hundreds at the Utah State House supporting marriage equality, that doesn’t show in the impassioned defense of his family. The future looks bright with kids like these.

Speaking of marriage, a vote on whether to have a referendum or not is coming up in Indiana, and Advance America wants to write discrimination into the constitution. But they don’t seem to have much of a budget judging by the commercial they’re airing, which has shades of early NOM’s Gathering Storm ad. I hope that Stephen Colbert gets his hands on this.

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