Men in Tights: A tongue-in-cheek look at the hottest superhero costumes

Chris Evans and David Yost

Everyone is making a big deal about the costume (or lack thereof) of Dr. Manhattan in the Watchmen movie, but it’s nowhere near the most interesting superhero garb. Throughout the years, actors in movies and TV have sacrificed their dignity in order to bring us these heroes, so we thought we’d offer our own salute.

We’re definitely holding out for these heroes!

Chris Evans

As Johnny Storm in two Fantastic Four films, Chris Evans had us all … hot under the collar (sorry).

Brandon Routh

After seeing Brandon Routh in his Superman costume, we understand why he was chosen to be the new “man of steel” (again, sorry).

Gil Gerard

While not technically a superhero, we have to give Gil Gerard props for making his Buck Rogers silver lamé pants work.

John Wesley Shipp

As TV’s The Flash, John Wesley Shipp had us wishing we could use a pause button to better appreciate his costume.

Matt McColm

As TV’s Nightman, Matt McColm made us forget how crappy the show was.

Chuck Wagner

Chuck Wagner played TV’s Automan, who was an electrified hologram. As a boy who got a “special thrill” from putting my finger in a socket, you can imagine the fantasies I had about Automan.

Patrick Warburton

As TV’s The Tick, we were puddy in Patrick Warburton’s hands.

David Yost

When it comes to the Power Rangers, most people preferred the Red Ranger, but I always had my eye on the adorkable Billy.

Wesley Snipes

Finally, we have to give Wesley Snipes props for his Blade costume. It takes guts to try and pull off the “shirtless with armor” look.

Have any fave superhero costumes that we missed?

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