The 2014 Men Of Curling Calendar Makes A Clean Sweep: PHOTOS


Honestly, before this year  most of us thought of curling as the silliest sport in the Winter Olympics. But with Team Norway’s amazingly psychedelic trousers TK. If you’re as enamored of these guys as we are, pick up a copy of the 2014 Men of Curling calendar, featuring sexy sweepers from Canada, Sweden, Scotland and Scandinavia.

Proceeds benefit a variety of charities as well as help offset the cost of sending a team to the Olympics, but Curling News editor George Karrys mainly created the calendar to help improve the sport’s reputation.  “Despite what people might think, there are plenty of good-looking men with a great physique who are among the best curlers in the world,” Karrys tells Yahoo! Sports. “Once the sport started getting highly competitive, people started looking to fitness to gain an edge and the result was natural – better bodies.”

Speaking of better bodies: Above, Norwegian curler Thomas Ulsrud proves that these guys are just as athletic as their flashier counterparts. (Peep a pair of those crazy pants hanging from the shower door.)

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