Men Of God Disrobe For Intensely Homoerotic “Orthodox Priests” Calendar (NSFW)

The calendar's creators hope it will make the church reflect on homophobia.

The makers of the increasingly controversial “Orthodox Priests” calendar are teasing images for their upcoming 2016 edition, which by all accounts will be their raciest to date.

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The annual calendar regularly features models dressed as Eastern Orthodox priests in compromising situations, for the purpose of highlighting the hypocrisy of homophobia in the church.

The 2016 edition will be titled “Sancta Paraphilia,” which creators told the Huffington Post translates to “holy desires, or sexual practices that differ from traditional.”

The calendar’s content has obviously been ramped up for the new year, including suggestive images of priests fully disrobed, engaged in sexual acts and in positions that make previous editions look PG-13.

In the image that’ll surely be most controversial, anti-gay leaders Vladimir Putin and Moscow’s Patriarch Kirill I stand hand-in hand whilst wearing lingerie:


“Art has long been one of the main channels for social change,” the calendar’s press representative Magdalena De Iona told HuffPo. She said she hopes the calendar will encourage the church “to take some time to reflect about its teachings.”

Check out the first images from the calendar below, as well as a new teaser video:



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