Gay Cat Lover Creates Feline Web Series For A Good Claws

The stars of "Meowllennials" are available for adoption.

What if kittens acted like Millennials?

Evite project manager Julian Clark has teamed up with Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats, a homeless cat shelter in L.A., to create Meowllennials, a new web series aiming to prove that today’s rescued kitties are “so much more than glasses of rosé, weird trap music, and selfies.”


“Katie is now yelling, ’Yas, queen!’ for literally no reason,” says the Meowllennials narrator in the first episode, set in a douchey nightclub. “Tanya thinks Tricia’s hair is extra. Cat fight! ’Cat-ch me outside,’ says Tricia.”

Clark wasn’t even into cats until he moved in with his boyfriend, who’s a cat person. After rescuing little Napoleon from Kitty Bungalow, Clark surprised him with the kitten on Valentine’s Day, and they’ve been one happy family ever since.

“This cat has made me so happy and he’s taught more than anyone else could in a lifetime,” says Clark, who notes that his company, Evite, is focused on bringing people together. “A lot of people don’t realize the emotional powers that come from an animal’s love. They connect people, bond us to our friends, and become members of our family. I wanted to convey Evite’s core principle by doing a funny and heartwarming video series about kittens.”


All of the kittens featured in Meowllennials are available for adoption at Kitty Bungalow, which also accepts donations.

“I really hope Kitty Bungalow gets some recognition and funds,” Clark says. “But even more than that, I hope this video connects people. From those commenting on the videos to those sharing, I want people to be brought together for something good. And nothing is better than animals and animal adoption.”

Watch the first episode of Meowllennials below.

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