Merriam-Webster Just Made the Dictionary More Trans-Inclusive

"Gender non-conforming," "top surgery," and "bottom surgery" were all added—we stan!

Merriam-Webster’s additions to the dictionary for 2019 just made it that much more trans-inclusive.

According to CNN News, the dictionary company has added some 640 words for #20BiTeen, including but not limited to “swole” (as in very fit and muscular), “on-brand” (in-line with one’s expected behavior), and “unplug” (the act of taking a social media sabbatical).

Tim Boyle/Getty Images

For trans and gender non-conforming English speakers, this year’s additions are especially meaningful. The terms “gender non-conforming” or “gender nonconforming” “top surgery” (as in gender-affirming surgery performed on the breasts, typically for trans men), and “bottom surgery” (gender-affirming surgery performed on the genitals) are all officially Merriam-Webster-certified.

We totally stan these new words. Oh, did we mention “stan” is officially a word, too? It is. Don’t worry, we’ve got the “receipts.”

This month’s add-ons come more than six months after Merriam-Webster added the term “Latinx”—a gender-neutral variant of the words “Latina” or “Latino”—to the dictionary. (In case you were wondering, it’s pronounced “luh-TEE-neks.” Merriam-Webster confirmed.)

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