This T-Shirt Is Made Completely Out Of People Arguing Whether “Metal Gear Solid” Is Gay

"It's a Russian taunt."

Metal Gear Solid may seem like a typical action-adventure game targeted to straight males at first glance, but clever fans know it’s dripping in homoerotic undertones. Some players, however, refuse to accept that fact.

The constant debate about the sexuality of the game’s inhabitants inspired Bay Area-artist Lukas to create a custom-made t-shirt featuring screenshots of “200 tender souls arguing over which Metal Gear character is gay.”

At the center of the shirt is the phrase “It’s a Russian taunt,” which became a running joke among LGBT players after someone used it to justify a kiss between Snake and Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid 3.

YouTube/Metal Gear Solid

With so many examples that point to the characters exhibiting a variety of sexual orientations, it’s hard to believe that some people still refuse to acknowledge that it’s so LGBT-inclusive. But luckily, the ongoing argument has now been turned into a hilarious shirt, so we all win.

Lukas put the shirt up for sale on Artscow, so you can buy one of your very own and take the ongoing argument to the streets.


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