Watch Mia LJ’s Sensual New Music Video “Ambiguous”

"Conforming to the masses' idea of labels can corrupt our individuality," the singer tells NNN.

Just 19, singer-songwriter Mia LJ writes and produces her own music, including all the instrumental tracks, and even co-directs her music videos.

In her sensual new single, “Ambiguous,” the New York-born songstress addresses the haziness and fluidity of teenage sexuality. While she’s attracted to both men and women, she says she isn’t one for categorization.

Courtesy of Mia LJ

“Conforming to the masses’ idea of labels can corrupt our individuality,” she tells NewNowNext. “Growing up, I never felt like [I belonged to] communities based around sexuality, race, or religion. We are human—not gay, not black, not Muslim or Christian.”

Mia (born Mia Louis Jeune) wrote “Ambiguous” when she was only 16, during a period of experimentation—with drugs, music styles, and sexuality. “I’m not here to be a role model,” she insists. “I’m here to deliver my truth [and] be unapologetic and accept all that comes along with vulnerability and honesty.”

Three years later, it still resonates—and Mia was thrilled to bring it to life with a conceptual music video she directed alongside cinematographer Bryan Nunez, a.k.a. A1 Vision. Drenched in shades of blue and red, it throws us into the middle of an erotic encounter.

“Visually, my approach was sensual, not sexual,” she says, “hence the concentration on touch in the majority of the shots. I also wanted to portray my attraction to both genders. Every detail has a double meaning, two interpretations.”

Watch the exclusive premiere of “Ambiguous” below.


Mia LJ’s next album, This Livin, is due out January 2018.

Samantha Manzella is a writer and copy editor based out of the Hudson Valley. You can find her writing in a coffeehouse or searching Insta for the latest tattoo artist to hit the scene.