Mia Talerico, Five-Year-Old Star Of “Good Luck Charlie,” Gets Death Threats After Show’s Lesbian Episode

good luck charlie

Mia Talerico

Disney Channel’s Good Luck Charlie broke new ground last month when it introduced viewers to the first gay family on the family-friendly network.

While we commend Disney for being inclusive—even if it was on one of the now-cancelled show’s final episodes—some people weren’t so happy about it: An anonymous poster  issued death threats against Mia Talerico, the 5-year-old who plays Charlie, on her Instagram account.

“Die Mia, Fucking Die in hell! Kill yourself, you deserve to die,” reads one of the messages. Another depicted Talerico’s head covered with a bloody fist and the caption, “Yes, kill you stupid bitch.” Authorities believe the threats are tied to the depiction of a lesbian couple on the show.

Mia’s mother, Claire, runs her Instagram site and notified the Los Angeles Police Department about the threats, and they are currently investigating. “Our threat analysis unit always keeps our threat investigations findings and recommendations confidential because often the people who make threats read the media coverage they receive,” LAPD Cmdr. Andrew Smith confirmed to People magazine.

Though not directly connected to the threats, both the Family Research Council and One Million Moms vilified the House of Mouse for including LGBT representations on the show.

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