Are You a Member of the Gay Bottom Mafia?

They're on the hunt.

The gay bottom mafia is real, and they are on the hunt for a masc top—or at least that is what Michael Henry is warning.

In his latest video, “WOW, You Have a Beard,” the comedian runs into his friend Daniel (Clint Keller) in a local park and notices something different about him. Then it hits him: Daniel now has manly facial hair and it is attracting any bottom in a five-mile radius.


“They can smell your exhuming testosterone now,” Michael says about the “hungry, hungry bottoms” that make up the “gay bottom mafia.”

Even though Daniel has a beard now, he tries—and fails—to convince the bottoms that he’s not even a top, and that he still watches Bravo. “I can’t top all of these men, I have errands to run,” he professes.

Will anything throw the bottoms off his scent? Find out in the new video below.

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