The One Thing Gay Men Hate Being Called

"That gets you dick? Wow, I'm not into it."

There are plenty of derogatory words that gay men have been called over the years, but when it comes to Michael Henry’s friends, you just better not call them “beautiful.”

The comedian’s latest video finds him asking Derek Kelly and Scott Evans if they like being described as beautiful, and they answer with a resounding “no.”

YouTube/ Michael Henry

The guys say the term is too “womanly,” and should be reserved for describing women on their wedding days or grandmothers at their wakes, adding that they prefer being called things like “piggy bottom” and “Load Depot” instead.

Since no Henry video is complete without biting commentary on the stereotypes within the gay community, he naturally calls the guys out for being “jaded and damaged homosexuals that can only gauge your self worth off of sexual experiences.” Spoiler alert: They still prefer it to being called beautiful.


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