Michael Jordan Turned To Magic Johnson For Advice On Gay Daughter

magic johnson michael jordan

Michael Jordan has asked Magic Johnson for advice on how to talk to his gay daughter, claims the National Enquirer.

It would make sense as both big-time ballers have openly gay children: Jordan’s college-aged daughter, Jasmine, came out on Instagram this month and Johnson’s son  EJ came out over the summer.

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Magic reportedly counseled the other MJ to “just love her and let her know that she owes it to herself to be 100 percent genuine and live her life to the fullest.”

jasmine jordan, michael jordanJasmine has recently posted adorable pictures of herself and rumored girlfriend Carmen Tyson-Thomas, saying: “This little closet is holding me back.”

But an insider claims Jordan is “having mixed emotions” about the situation: “Michael loves all of his kids unconditionally, but he was shocked to find out about Jasmine,” says the source. He never saw it coming. Michael and [ex-wife] Juanita are both at a loss, and they’re concerned about how this will affect Jasmine’s future.”

It’s 2013, and she’s the daughter of a multimillionaire—we kinda don’t think it will affect her future a whole lot. Certainly not as much as feeling alienated by her parents.