Michael Phelps Shirtless On ‘Details’ Olympic Issue

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Michael Phelps may have missed the chance to show his toned torso on the cover of Vogue’s June issue, that honor went to his swimming pal Ryan Lochte, but the Olympic swimmer seemed to have something better in mind as he covers Details August issue all alone.  Looking very nice.

In the issue, Michael talks about gaining weight after the Olympics and those photos of him enjoying some reefer. Michael says of the latter incident, “It was a learning experience. I’m the kind of person who has to go through the learning experiences myself. Somebody could tell me, “If you eat this much you’ll be fat,” and I’d be like, ‘Yeah, okay, let me try it.’ I’ll be the first to say I’ve made thousands of mistakes, but I’ve never made the same mistake twice.”

But enough of all that, a gallery of Mr. Phelps shirtless awaits you above. And get the rest of his interview, and some video, here.

Olympic Athletes Shirtless: A Photo History