How Lin-Manuel Miranda Changed Michelle Visage’s Family Forever

She was in the room where it happened.

Anyone who follows Michelle Visage on social media knows that she loves Hamilton.

Okay, she’s OBSESSED with Hamilton.

Recently Visage’s dreams came true when she finally saw the musical in person during a recent family trip to New York. In the latest episode of her podcast with RuPaul, What’s the Tee, Visage recounts her New York adventure, and her life-changing night seeing Hamilton.

Not only did she get to see the show, but she was able to meet the creator and former star of the musical, Lin-Manuel Miranda. He had left the show just a few days prior to Visage’s visit, but he swung by the show that night to meet Michelle.


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“I just want you to live in this moment, to know that the art you created… you are changing lives whether you know it or not,” Visage told Miranda. The show is extra special to Michelle because it helped her daughter Lillie deal with her depression.

On the @hamiltonmusical set with John Laurens/Phillip. Un deux trois quatre CINQ!

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“This show was so important to her getting through this depression,” Visage told RuPaul on the podcast. She went onto gush about the experience and how the show was “everything she [Lillie] ever wanted it to be… it was amazing.”

Visage and her daughter were able to meet the cast backstage afterwards where they presented Lillie with a signed vinyl of the cast recording and a signed poster. “I’m so honored to have been able to do this for my child,” Visage added. “It was all about Lillie that night. I was living for that moment for her.”

Michelle’s Broadway adventure didn’t stop there. She also squeezed in Something Rotten and Book of Mormon during her trip.

The AMAZINGLY talented cast of @bookofmormon OMG. Such talent makes me weep

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During the podcast RuPaul also had a revelation when he came out of the closet as a Broadway fan. “I keep saying I’m not a Broadway queen, but I do see a lot of shows all the time,” Ru said laughing.

Visage also revealed that she’s dying to join the cast of Something Rotten.

Are you listening, Broadway producers?

Listen to the episode of the podcast below:

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