Vogueing Teen Impresses Michelle Visage On “Ireland’s Got Talent”

"It's a very deep connection for me, it's a very deep meaning for me."

Last summer RuPaul’s Drag Race judge Michelle Visage was announced as one of the judges for the new series, Ireland’s Got Talent, the latest incarnation of the popular worldwide competition series.


Visage joins Denise Van Outen, Louis Walsh and Jason Byrne behind the judges table as they discover and critique Ireland’s most talented performers and singers.

“My favourite thing in the world are camp acts; the weirder they are, the better for me,” Visage said at TV3’s new season launch.

“Of course I love the kids, of course I love the animals – but I like when people think outside the box and just go for it, go crazy. That’s the stuff I love to see.”


But one contestant, Zacc Milne, and his talent, vogueing, touched Visage because it was a throwback to her days in the ballroom scene.

“It’s a very deep connection for me, it’s a very deep meaning for me,” Visage told Milne after he finished his routine.

“That’s how I entered the LGBT scene, through ballroom culture. You incorporated old ways and new ways, so that was very, very special for me. Thank you for that.”

Are the other judges impressed with Milne’s moves? Find out in the clip below.

Last year Visage told the Irish Mirror how excited she was to relocate to Ireland, which she calls her “second home.”

“I love Ireland. Clearly I’m from here – you look at me and I’ve Irish blood,” she said.

“I try to live as locals do when I work in a country,” Visage explained. “I was on RTE [Radio and Television of Ireland] with Dusty Rhodes years ago but I don’t think anyone here remembers. So I did a lot of sightseeing when I came over, I’m talking in the 1990s.”


She did reveal how her paycheck for Ireland’s Got Talent won’t be quite as much as the one she receives for judging Drag Race, but she thinks “sometimes things are worth more than money.”

“I love Ireland and if I can help someone achieve their dream, that to me is worth more than money… They are paying me in potatoes. But I get to work with Louis Walsh, who is a really good friend.”

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 3 airs Thursdays at 8/7c on VH1.

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