Michelle Visage, Jujubee And Bob The Drag Queen On Proper Breakup Etiquette

And their advice for the best revenge on an ex?

Love is in the air this time of the year!

Valentine’s Day is when you celebrate your significant other, but what about if you’re feeling that your current relationship has run its course?

jujubee love fest

Leave it to RuPaul’s Drag Race queens like Michelle Visage, Jujubee, Ginger Minj and Bob the Drag Queen to spill their secrets on what they think is the best way to break up with someone.

Hint: do NOT do it over text.

Aside from the Drag Race girls other Logo favorites like Lance Bass and Todrick Hall also offer up their advice on the most gracious way to end a relationship.

lance bass love fest

And what about if you were the one that got dumped? Don’t worry, they have some tips for the best revenge on an ex-lover too.

Check out the video below.

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